Looking for a real legit top Kung Fu school in Long Island of Nassau/Suffolk area

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by NewAge15, Oct 5, 2018.

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    Lama Pai? That is a style of Kung Fu. San Soo is another style of Kung Fu,. There are hundreds and hundreds of styles of Kung Fu. Listen, you want to study Kung Fu, go study Kung Fu. Don't let this forum talk you into something else. You are ultimately going to get better when it is doing something that you like/ love. That it is fun to practice and not a chore.

    Some people on this forum have a tendency to tell people to study their favorites sometimes rather than listen to what the person says they want to study. (This isn't directed as a knock on anyone in particular, just an overall observation after being on this forum for years.)

    1. If you want your style of Kung Fu - or anything else - to be effective, make sure you pick a school that does drills with resisting opponents. And one that spars. It isn't the style of Kung Fu so much as the school and HOW they teach their style. Stay away from any school that says their techniques are "too deadly" to spar. Just because sparring might not let you try certain techniques does not mean you can't do tons of other techniques in sparring. How are you going to land a basic punch? Basics first!

    If you do forms in your Kung Fu style, make sure they explain the martial application thoroughly of every move in the form. That they focus on that. If they are teaching forms without application, it sounds like that wont' be what you are looking for.

    2. It looks like no one here knows of a place right off the bat to suggest. So, do a basic google search of Kung Fu schools near your house. Do that, post a few links to the websites that look promising to you. Then we can take a look at it and the more experienced people here can look and see if we see warning signs of things to stay away from or things that some here think looks good/ legitimate.

    Also, make sure their hours mesh with your availability to work out. That it is close enough to get to regularly. That you can afford it. No point in us telling you about a school if their hours don't mesh with when you can go or you won't pay the price. So do a little searching and then we might be able to help better. :)
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    Do you mean hop gar?

    Like this?

    The guy in the link says he trained MMA fighters too, and was the original Hop Gar Sifu in the NY area.
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    Don't look at me, I recommended Sanda every time!
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    David Ross was one of the original sanda program runners in the states trained multiple national and world champions, and also local mma guys

    however during that time he didn't teach forms or weapons felt they were inefficient and there were better ways to get lama pai concepts over, namely the formula kano came up with for judo
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    Chinese kickboxing, Sanda, San Shou and Sanshou are all terms used to describe pretty much the same thing.

    As Xue Sheng said, “kung fu” is a generic term. Whilst many kung fu schools are as described by Icefield, there are exceptions to the rule.

    I’ve seen Tiger Crane and White Crane schools that trained as you described (decent sparring, complimented by grappling taken from Dog Style). So there may be Lama style schools with effective training too.
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    Lǎma pài?

    San Soo
  7. Xue Sheng

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    Ok so I did some research and I came across these Kung Fu schools of the long island area. I'm not too worried about distances as long as it's a good school like in the Nassau/Suffolk community areas, although I might consider ones further out by Queens or NYC but for now long Island helps.

    Ling Nam Siu Lum - Kung Fu Academy | 2570 Hempstead Turnpike, Suite #2, East Meadow, NY, 11554

    Xinyi-Dao Kung Fu

    Ten Tigers Kung Fu | Martial Arts | Self Defense | Huntington

    Shaolin Self Defense Centers | Karate Suffolk County

    I'll leave it at that for now. If you can help thanks so much.
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    Almost forgot this one.
  10. NewAge15

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    Yes kind of like this only no striking to the head, maybe very rarely and not staying on the ground for that long but still went to the ground and would do locks and submissions and throws.
  11. Dead_pool

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    If it's SD you want, Why would you not strike the head?
    Also never doing much time on the ground, means you won't be good enough to get any submissions or sweeps in anyway.

    There's a definite place for training standby ups etc from the ground, but only ever doing small amounts of groundwork means your skill level will be low.
    Imagine only ever doing striking 30 seconds at a time.
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    No no I meant the old school I tried out before from years ago, when MMA wasn't even a thing yet like almost 20 years ago? We sparred kind of like in that video actually hitting eachother but no hard punches to the head, we did kicks to the head though and we did grapple and stay on the ground and do whatever we wanted but we didn't mainly focus on the ground but ground game was there. Whereas other Kung Fu schools don't believe in hitting back, sparring, doing any take downs, etc, especially if they say their techniques and moves are too deadly to practice against and too deadly for the UFC then that's an indicator I probably should avoid...

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