Logitech cooling pad N100

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by weaponsplus, May 6, 2011.

  1. weaponsplus

    weaponsplus Valued Member

    Yesterday I picked up one of them cooling fans from JB Hi-FI it’s a Logitech N100 anyone have one of these cooling fans?

    Seems to be ok but the fan is very small so I don’t know if I should leave my laptop on for a long time with this cooling fan I’m thinking it still may overheat as my laptop is on all day.

    Any feedback would be nice.

  2. angrylarry

    angrylarry Valued Member

    We got one very similar when our laptop was suffering from over heating, was surprised by how much it helped, it crashed a lot less. (laptop is now in the bin)


    If you're really keen get this or a similar program and see what temps you get at idle with or without the cooling board.

    If the laptop is old you can open her up and apply some fresh thermal paste/clean out dust. But don't open her up if it's still under warranty.

  3. weaponsplus

    weaponsplus Valued Member

    Thanks no my laptop is new it’s just I’m running it all the time and it crashes sometimes I think it’s because it gets too hot.
    My old computer is in the bin from overheating and battery was running out very quick.

    So I hope this cooling fan helps.


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