Little Black Belts?????

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by tkd_princess78, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. prowla

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    A few weeks back our sensei had us paired up: kid with adult.
    The little sod with me spotted that I was turning on my heel (actually I was recovering from a bent toe, and couldn't put my weight on it), but he knew!
    He's now a black belt.
  2. MartialJac

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    I got my first B/B in TKD at 9 it is a full grade and is mine for good. My 2nd B/B is a junior one in Jujitsu which I got when I was 11. I will have to regrade as an adult but after all that time training - whats the problem. I am currently training for a 3rd in Muay Thai and hopefully get this next year at 13, this will also be a full grade as the next youngest to have earned a B/B with my examiner was 21 and is reigning British and Commonwealth Champion and a junior B/B has never come up before. The way I see it I train with adults, I spar with adults I'm just smaller.
  3. Sedvan

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    Rofl. Buddy, there are kids that are 6 that have a black belt. I don't think us 16-21 year olds are the problem. I'd gladly defend my belt any day of the week. I don't even care if i hail from a McDojang. Their all about money now days. It's the student who has to make the choice to train hard, and listen to instructions and demand more.
    Don't BS everyone with this, im 50 and you can't get a BB til' 30. Thats just soar grapes. Don't get me wrong, i'd love to see the looks some of those little punks when they have to retest for somthing they barely deserved the first time around, but now days people want to see progression. Let them fool themselves, deep down you'll know if your a black belt or not. Deep down you know if you can handle yourself if you really can.
    TKD isn't perfect, money ruined it. The end.

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