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    You like Lord S's website? Have you seen it? If his website is anything to go by I wouldn't trust him to teach paint to dry.
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    Teaching Kids??

    Hi all,
    Quick question. I am a school teacher (only 'til I make my millions and am discovered as the next MA film star/world famous instructor) and am toying with the idea of opening my own club. I am just wondering if anyone teaches kids, and how??
    The prospect of it quite frankly scares the brown liquidy stuff straight out of me. Plus the fact that I spend about 6 hours a day teaching the little bugge- erms, angels anyway, would I really want to do it as a hobby too??
    So, any idea how or if to teach the little darlings TKD? What approaches do you use? how do you get them to focus? What sort of thing do you do? What is a 'typical' TKD kiddies class?
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    :cool: :Angel: Walking, I can not speak on "How to teach" TKD but I have been teaching children swimming since I was 16 years old (I am 44 now). I have a son, 9 years old, and I observed his classes long before I decided to join him. As a teacher I always want the kids to enjoy the hour or so they spend with me so my teaching method was relaxed. I want the kids to take it seriously so they will be safe, but not so seriously they worry they were not good enough. As an observer I have seen bad and good TKD instructors. My suggestion, stick to the tenets of TKD and demand the children show proper respect; to one another, their instructors, their teachers, their parents, and adults. Also, insist they take personal responsibility for what they do. I love it when my son meets an adult for the first time and answers with a 'Yes ma'am' or 'Yes sir'. You have to decide if teaching your hobby is worth dealing with the 'little ones'. Good luck.
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    HEY! i work in a school too, and have just started a new club, and also regularly teach the juniors where i train.
    i think that you need to first consider whether you really want to do this, because i know how it feels to be around kids constantly, and i can get very annoying in the end. i suggest you look at doing a seperate adult and junior class, so when you're in the adult class you can enjoy teaching adults and socialising with them (or just enjoy the social aspect more)
    as for teaching them, there are lots of threads around that may benefit you one is "little nijas/tigers" or something similar.
    you should ask 2sweet and sally, as they have a massively successful junior class, i think they have about 60, and only 3 of the kids who tried it out have quit in one year (thats like AMAZING)
    i wont divulge their secrets unless they want me to, so i suggest maybe pm'ing them?
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    I join in on my daughters class and use it as a warm up before the adults start, I was quite surprised at how well the children behave during class, admittedly there are a couple of monsters,who I am sure suffer with ADHD!! No matter how much my instructor tried to help them their behaviour didn't improve, in the end the childs mum joined and his lack of concentration has improved no end! I think on the whole it's a great idea, children need something like this, something they will enjoy and teach them respect and self control, saying that though, I think you have to remember that the standard will not be the same as an adult class, especially from the under 8's, so don't expect too much from the Korean terminology side if things, I am quite hard on my daughter and have her doing her terminology four times a week, but some parents won't, therefore they will only do as much as what they do in class. With their concentration lapsing every ten minutes be sure to keep the class varied. Its hard work,as my instructor has has me help out during some childrens classes, but if like you say you have already taught children in school it should be a synch!! Good luck. :)
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    I teach Tang Soo Do to kids and adults. Since you are a school teacher I imagine you are allready well versed in handeling kids, you will have it easyer than most.

    Kids at a MA club usually want to be there so are more likely to behave, if they dont you can punish them with exersises etc. If you get any serious troublemakers that just will not behave you can ban them.

    The format of kids classes at my school are generally the same as that for the adults. We will make exersises etc into games sometimes to make it more fun. We tend to do a larger veriety of activities and for shorter times so they dont loose focus.
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    hello, make sure to go through this thread. you'll find a lot of useful info on teaching kids.
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    Sorry to bump this right back to the top, but I just came across it now.

    Don't mind anyone who says that age specific programmes are the sign of McDojos/ McDojangs etc. That term has lost all meaning. I'm sure the "traditionalists" would quite like it to be like it was in the old days and have the kids line up military style and chant, or maybe have them in with the adults, but that's bullsh1t.

    Children are not little adults and by recognising that and putting a programme in place to cater for them the OP is being responsible and is looking after the best interests of the children. Best of luck with it mate. I teach Taekwondo to all ages and we incorporate fc martial arts like BJJ and boxing with no problems, no injuries and lots and lots of fun. The best programme I've come across for teaching kids martial arts is this

    Best of luck to the OP with the new classes. Kids are rewarding, fun, and great innovators!!! :)
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    i agree, kids can learn a lot but it has to be presented to them on a level aceptable to them.

    i also teach kids and they amaze me over and over with their creativeness, intelligence and they never ever forget to remind me if i promised them a game the following training session :D
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    something has to be done, that's for sure, because it should be pointed out to them that there are certain rules which they have to follow.
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    Looks like I'm waking a zombie thread here, but I'd like to add $0.02 worth.

    IMNSHO, a good Tiger (or whatever you call it) program is valuable and productive as long as two main things are kept in mind.

    1. It should be taught as an introduction to martial arts sort of class. The kids need to learn fundamentals of paying attention, answering up, courtesy, respect, etc. as well as good foundational martial arts techniques.

    2. Worth emphasizing: THE KIDS SHOULD NOT EARN RANK WHILE IN THE PROGRAM! They should be held at White Belt until they grow old enough to join the regular classes. Let them earn stars, headbands, colored stripes on the belt, whatever - they'll kill themselves to do a good job and earn them. By keeping them as White Belts, we eliminate the problem of having Black Belts who are just barely out of diapers.
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    I am hoping to get my bb and start a tkd class in October this year! I've been looking at all the programs ninjas/dragons/tigers, and was wondering firstly. How old do you think the youngest kids should be; and is there actual courses to learn the program(s)? Also, I am guessing that they are all much the same, but is there a preferred program?
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    I personally prefer to start kids with two qualifications: at least age 6 (preferably age 7) and in first grade. I personally don't like teaching Tiny Tiger classes and around age 6 is where the first growth spurt occurs. It's a mental growth spurt, with vocabulary increase, etc., but most importantly, kids start showing signs of rational thinking - step A leads to step B leads to step C, and so forth. That makes them much more able to memorize the sequence of movements in forms, one-steps, self-defense segments and the like.

    If you're going to start a club from scratch, I recommend that you start by using this guideline. Once your club is established and has a good student base, you can then look at expanding to afternoon classes and do your Tigers then. If you do, get some serious training on how to run classes like that, because the little ones will drive you batshit crazy if you don't know how to handle them.
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    fun activities for kids

    I am always looking for martial arts activities for kids to keep their interest. I found a great resource online under "martial arts activities unlimited " I got a pdf file for under $20, printed it and have a years worth of ideas now! Check it out. My classes are loving it.
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    Hmmm....that $20 I pay wouldn't end up in your pocket would it?

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