Li Jia/Gar kuen obscure?

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    Ok so question regarding something I was told on a seminar recently, probably best aimed at any 5 family fist practitioners. I met a practitioner briefly on a capoiera seminar I attended a little while ago. I know its got parts of other systems like Hung, Fut etc but something he mentioned was that one of the family styles, the Li/Lee family, is apparently very obscure and not widely taught. Just out of a history point I'm curious on this, but haven't dug up anything from any reading material when I tried looking around, except for a 'Hakka Li Ga Kuen' video on youtube:

    [ame=""]Hakka Li Gar Kuen.wmv - YouTube[/ame]

    Funnily I couldn't find much other than it is apparently seldom taught and then things about similarities to Hung Ga (not sure if true) . Is there anyone who teaches Purely Li Ga or is it one of those styles that's sort of faded into obscurity for some reason?
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    The big issue with Li Gar is that Li Yau San's most famous student was Chan Heung.
    Apart from Hung none of the 5 family styles are especially common, and are perhaps better known now for the arts they influenced, so Li Gar went into Choy Li Fut and Choy Gar went into Jow Gar. I certainly don't know of any 5 families Lau or Li Gar schools outside of Guangdong, and I only know of a smattering of Choy Gar and Mok Gar schools.
    There are a couple of "5 families" schools. Ark Y Wong's descendants are certainly legit Kung Fu peeps, but I'm unsure how much their families material resembles the original systems. There's a group out of Calgary who teach 5 family styles in a way that they maintain is authentic, and from what I've learned about their stuff I'm inclined to believe them, although it's a village 5 animals Hung system, not WFH Hung.
    The other confusion with Li Gar is there are 3 separate styles (at least) called Li Gar. The Hakka Li Gar you showed is not the Li Gar of Li Yau San but is one of the parent arts of Bak Mei.
  3. furinkazan

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    Funny you mention that, now that I think about it it does seem to be Hung thats the one I have heard the most about.

    Thanks Sifu Ben, as always, the knowledge is appreciated :)
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    Hakka martial art is not from the 5 family martial arts, has a look at the following link might help.

    [ame=""]朱家教系列10--朱亞å—å‰å¾ŒéšŽæ®µçš„三步驚å‹ï¼ˆé³³çˆªï¼Œå››é€é©šå‹ï¼‰ï¼Œä¸‰æ­¥ç®­ - YouTube[/ame]
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    We have a form very similar to the second one in the vid above. I Had to give it up as I kept getting massive headaches.

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