Lennox Lewis v Mike Tyson!

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Andy Murray, May 9, 2002.

  1. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    OK, short of further acts of Cannibilism by Mr Tyson, the fight is going ahead in Memphis soon!

    Anyone wanna stick their neck out with a prediction?

    Who wins?

    How Long?

    KO or not?

    Disqualified or not?

    Any other observations?

    I think it will be interesting to see what every one thinks, then review the data after the fight!

    Oh yeah........Anyone got a good spoof 'Title'. I was thinking of 'Rumble in the Tummy'.

  2. Melanie

    Melanie Bend the rules somewhat.. Supporter

    Who wins?

    How Long?

    Round 7

    KO or not?


    Disqualified or not?


    Any other observations?

    I reckon Lennox Lewis is going to win. He has picked up some weight and is need of a fantastic win at the moment. Just needs an old crook/man to beat his ears up daily and a Padre nearby. Could do with a run up some steps and a big statue of him at the top to bounce about with...

    Hmm...think I'm a bit confused. Nah Lennox will win. :)
  3. hongkongfuey

    hongkongfuey Kung Fu Geek

    Tyson. Round 4 at the latest. Technical KO.
  4. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    I think it could go either way depending ion how long it goes & how Lennox starts.

    If Lennox does his usual slow start then I think Mike will tear him a new butthole. But then again if Lennox comes out blazing I think Mike will tear him a new butthole.

    Hmmmm...... Mike by KO between rounds 4 & 6.

    ---- or if it goes longer Lennox by boring tappy tap points win.

    GO MIKE!!!! :D
  5. Greyghost

    Greyghost Alllll rrigghty then!

    Big fight

    I think George Foreman will win by clubbing them both with his
    "mean lean fat reducing machine " in round 4......

    he liked them so much he put his name on them!!!!!


    tyson.....5th round.



    fight stopped due to lewis running out of bodyparts for Tyson to eat with a nice chianti ....Slyth,slyth,slyth,slyth.....
  6. CyCloNe

    CyCloNe New Member

    I can see Lennox whipping him completely to be honest but, and this is a BIG but (no not mine!) Ive always been very sceptical about professional boxing considering how much money changes hands.

    Im not saying its a corrupt sport (not only would this be wrong but not in line with the thread) just that with such a high profile fight, it would be hard to think that it will JUST come down to boxing skill and heart.

    My prediction, early KO in favour of Lewis.
  7. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Hmm, tough to call. I think Tysons gonna come out all fast and hard wanting it over quick, so I'm gonna call Tyson to win in the third


    If Lewis and his lazy guard get past the third then Lewis with a TKO in the 7th.
  8. Silver_no2

    Silver_no2 Avenging Angel

    I'm going to go with Lewis. Holyfield beat Tyson by out boxing him. Lewis is a better technical boxer than Holyfield. Lewis will weather the storm that comes at him in the opening couple of rounds and then keep Tyson at the end of his jab. Tyson will either lose on points (most likely outcome) or he will get mad, lose control and then Lewis will finish him around about the 8th round.

    Tyson is no longer the invincible machine that he was in the nineties. He lost his best years to jail and his antics of late show that he is not 100% committed to the fight.

    The only way that Tyson is going to ring is if Lewis sticks his chin out and lets him hit it. He has already done that twice. I don't see him doing it again.
  9. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    The Crossroads.

    " I went down to the crossroads. Fell down on my knees.........."

    The Devil went to Tyson and said " What are your deepest desires"

    " I want to be more famous than Ali, more feared than Foreman, and richer than all of them. I want it now, and I want women too, cos I never had nuthin my whole life" lisped Tyson.

    " You got it son.....just mark this contract with a X "

    The Devil chuckled as Tyson strode away " Another soul for my collection " He pulled of his two horned mask and fluffed up his legendary grey hair.

    " Who wins tonite boss? " asked Rocky Marciano, resplendant in his Chauffeurs uniform.

    " Only me! " laughed the Devil. " Only me! "

  10. STASH

    STASH New Member

    Well, tommorow is the big fight...personnally I think Tyson is gonna mess up big and get disqualified.
  11. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Touch Gloves and come out biting!

    my own premonition is that of Stash's.
    I'd love to see this match purely as a contest fought to it's natural conclusion within the rules, but I can't help feeling that fight fans will be let down by yet more controversy.

    If Lewis manages to keep from looking at his mates outside the ring, then Tysons Clawhammer hook should never grace his chin.

    Knockout in ten by Lewis?

    I would have loved to have seen this fight ten years ago, when both fighters had the hunger!
  12. uglyelk

    uglyelk New Member

    Re: Touch Gloves and come out biting!

    Andy, I would have liked this bout sooner as well:)

    I must disagree about the hunger. Lewis hungers for Tyson.

    Remember Larry Holmes,he always hungered to be the peoples champ. He did not feel he was recognised as the champ because he had never taken out a great fighter who was in their prime.

    Larry was a good boxer but never full filled his dreams.

    Lennox is in the same boat. He's wanted to take out Tyson for years. When Lennox was climbing in the ranks Tyson was the man!

    The US justice system took Iron Mike out before Lewis got his shot. He must defeat Mike to fullfill his dreams. If he doesn't he will never honestly feel he was the champ.I'm sorry but Frank Bruno is just not the same.

    The only perdiction I will make is this has the potential to be a great fight. It could end suddenly as well, they both possess great power.

    Lewis must use his Jab, Tyson is prone to the uppercut , he likes to bull in head on the chest. Tyson is hard to hit with his deep bob and weave style.Head down and forward is a good target for Lennox if he can find it. pop the head up with the upper cut shear it off with the cross.

    Lennox must not go straight back! If he does he runs the risk of getting tagged by Tysons flailing overhand right or explosive left hook.

    If Lewis goes back he may find himself on his back looking at the lights.

    Lewis must tag Tyson on the way in and then step to the side and fire again. Lewis must dictate the distance the battle is fought.

    Tyson must get inside and take away Lennox's leverage on the punches. Tyson must bring the fight to Lewis.

    I think this will be a great fight if it doesn't end in a one punch knockout.


    Who will win?......the promotors and the network of course.:D
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  13. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Did you read in the papers that theirs not going to be a traditional 'touching of the gloves'!

    Has this ever happened before?

  14. STASH

    STASH New Member

    Thats garbage, but then again what can you expect?
  15. uglyelk

    uglyelk New Member

  16. uglyelk

    uglyelk New Member

  17. Greyghost

    Greyghost Alllll rrigghty then!

    Lets get ready to ruuuummmbbbllleee!

    Congratulations to Lennox Lewis .

    What a fight.....lennox kept Iron Mike at the end of his jab doing considerable damage with it and following it up with some really hard rights.

    Fair play award goes to Iron Mike who, even after being beaten( and beaten well) was a curtious and good loser.

    Need to go to bed now.........eyes closing....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    for anyone who missed it.......Mel and KY will be reinacting the entire fight 3pm this afternoon.
  18. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    OK, in that case, the prize goes to 'Silver_No2' for the most accurate prediction. Silver you have won..........

    A signed/used athletic support, worn by ironed Mike during the contest!

    Well done.

  19. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    WOW! Not waht expected at all.

    I was right that the fight would hang on Lennox's jab though :D
  20. Chazz

    Chazz Keepin it kickin TKD style

    Im not a Lennox fan bi cant stand Mike. Im glad to see him win but i want to see fight # 2

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