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    jump rope
    running drills mixed with bodyweight exercises
    25 right teep, 2 laps, 25 left teep, 2 laps, 25 alternating teeps, 2 laps

    we alternated between doing the combos with a partner, on a bag and shadowboxing, Im unsure of how long we did them for each time:
    right round
    left round
    1-right round
    2- left round
    1-right round-2-left round (did this one the most, probably 3 times as much)
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    6 rounds shadowboxing

    did 10 bodyweight squats between rounds and a gentle standing split stretch for the remainder of the rest. First 2 rounds all boxing, next round all jab-right round with just a few teeps. next all cross-left round. Last 2 rounds was free form but I worked with the combos from the previous two rounds for example 1-2-1-right round or 1-2-left round and did some same side combos.

    As far as technique is concerned I was reading muay thai guys tips for the right round and picked 1 tip to work on which is keeping on the balls of my post foot. Only problem is with less friction on the floor and me shadowkicking I spin around more often. But whatever cuz all these kicks feel awkward until I spar anyways and then it somehow just feels alot more natural. Almost wish I had stayed at the other gym where I was sparring just so I could spar but I feel like you need to earn it more here which i can totally respect.
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    I did the class today, it was ok...found out they dont spar at this gym even though it says on their schedule they have a sparring day...this is RUBBISH and Im VERY mad as NOPE . I just deleted a post with a hyuuuge rant in here and Im replacing it with this. I think Ill just take my training into my own hands and not throw money into this pit...this gym is not what Im looking for and I wish I hadnt thrown money at it without knowing all the facts. Im going to just go back to the old gym I used to go to where you can actually get sparring. A total lack of sparring is RUBBISH. At least it got my enthusiasm back up for training. Now Ill spend my night figuring out how to train around what will be the new schedule at the other gym. It wasnt the greatest schedule but I used to go in on the weekends and get a couple extra rounds of sparring in or actually had the ability to train like I did at the oldschool boxing gyms I used to go to. Just kinda do my own thing without some clunky class and work on what "I" need to work on, not what is in the curriculum. I feel like its going backwards need sparring...and some things that really annoyed me in class today would have been fixed with sparring (my pads partner has very bad newb habits and i was forced to work with it, as a result my hand feels half asleep right now and typing is difficult). Im totally bummed and furious at the same time right now. You should have seen the rant in the post I just deleted lol half of it was asterisked out.
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    Well that's a real shame! I would, in you your situation feel the exact same and most likely do the exact same.

    Did they give a reason why sparring has been removed? It seems unfathomable that a kickboxing/Thai boxing gym would not spar.
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    That sucks, mate. Just a reminder, we don't allow masked profanity, so I've edited your post :)
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    I'd be fuming also if I found that out, especially if it's advertised.

    I'm surprised a Muay Thai gym doesn't have sparring, I hope you can find something else to fit your schedule.
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    If they advertised sparring, but don't offer it, I would say you should ask for any money spent to be refunded.

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