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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Afro, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Afro

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    what is the type of strength traning that is done in other kyokushin clubs per week around the world im 6th kyu and my club dose abought 500 press ups/situps in a circuit each week along with squwats ,"burpys"and squwat kicks. is this more or less than the rest of you
    any other karate disiplins as well please i am curious that what i am doing each week is more or less than normal having spent christmas off training and i have begain to question the training regiem
    soz if this is full of spelling mistakes
  2. YODA

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    Sounds like endurance training to me.
  3. Goju

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    500 hundred a week!!! depending on whos teaching the class we would probably do 1-3 hundred a day on average. We start off with running. We throw recreation balls around, when one drops we do 10-20 pushups, situps, etc. We do that for a while. Then we stretch and do 25-30 pushups, then situps, then reverse crunches, and leg-lifts. During or after the class we do drills that involve running and pushups or situps or jumping jacks (lots of them). And then, there are some instructors who will make us do 2 to 3 times that! thats goju-ryu. As far as muscle building, Ive heard goju focuses on it a lot. The downside is goju doesnt focus on contact in sparring, youll have to become a higher belt before that, whereas in kyukushin there is lots of contact.

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