Kuk Sool - The state of the art "where is it"

Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by MikeNebgen, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. MikeNebgen

    MikeNebgen Valued Member

    ok the dust has settled from the WKSA franchise

    there are various factions EVERYWHERE

    there are rouge Masters ALL over the globe

    where is the ART of Kuk Sool ??

    is it even alive ? where are the beacons?
  2. Obewan

    Obewan "Hillbilly Jedi"

    Well, the next time you walk by a mirror, take a look. :cool:
  3. VegasMichelle

    VegasMichelle Valued Member

    Amon Din, Eilenach, Nardol, Erelas, Min-Rommon, Calenhad and Halifirien....oops wrong beacons.
  4. Dragon2

    Dragon2 Valued Member

    Nice one VM. D2
  5. MACA

    MACA Valued Member

    the art is right there
  6. Little Robin

    Little Robin Valued Member

    Is this what a "Rouge Master" would wear?:

  7. Little Robin

    Little Robin Valued Member

    But to get back to your point I think there are quite a few leaders (Rogue Masters if you must) promoting the art of Kuk Sool. Not to many are calling it that though.

    Hanminjok Hapkido, Mu Sool Won, Kong Shin Bup, Martial Science, Kuk Sool Kwan, and the more generic term Hapkido that some use, quickly come to mind.

    And people in the various groups mentioned and more are starting to get together to train and share. So lots of people are still practicing the art.
  8. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    You got a problem with pink???

  9. Obewan

    Obewan "Hillbilly Jedi"

    N...n...no, not any more! Runs away scared.
  10. Bruce W Sims

    Bruce W Sims Banned Banned

    Hi Mike:

    I thought I would suggest something that a number of KS people need to start warming-up to. That is, that the nature of the KMA is what you are carrying inside of you each and every day. If YOU are training, then KMA is still in training. If YOU are growing your knowledge base, then KMA is broadening. If you are allowing your skillset to diminish than KMA is shrinking. The reason I mention this is because I, personally, see WAY too much emphasis on the growth or decline of KMA based on how the organizations and networks are doing. Often, I go long periods without hearing how people are taking personal responsibility for the integrity of their art by making a personal commitment to its preservation. Not to put you on the spot, but may I ask what YOU have done today to assure the next generation that there will be a KMA for them to follow? Thoughts?

    Best Wishes,

  11. MikeNebgen

    MikeNebgen Valued Member

    ME? ok here goes

    Training and teaching Daily.

    Developing a generation of instructors, young and old, who will teach with the students best interest first in mind....

    Running a healthy Dojang that is a community pillar for positive development while maintaining the standards of proper training.

    Wow I think I just wrote part of a mission statement!!!


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