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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by Wolf, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Following are "Large Seal", "Small Seal", and "Large Seal Bronze Vessel" font examples.

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  2. Loader6669

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    I see a lot of pics from the 2005 4th of July demo at RAF Feltwell.
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    AirNick, i'm pretty sure everyone who trains with Master D gets wasted at point or other. I know he has made me see stars (and worse) on several occasions.
  4. Loader6669

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    How I miss the English country-side! Great pics!
  5. hwarang cl

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    Here's an oldie for ya'll.
  6. unknown-KJN

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    Wow! That IS an old photo...

    Let's see, it looks to be master Jay Lee & master Marlin Sims standing behind KukSaNym, and to his left, master Allen Sharpe (who currently runs a MA school on the north side of Houston). But who's that little creep sitting beside the guy with the framed 1st dan certificate? :D :jester:
  7. Obewan

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    To the right or left? Master Cheryl M. on Master Sims left, Master Dickson Kuntz I beleive on the far left in the back row (with hair lol) and Texas Joe RIP sitting to the right of Kuk Sa Nim, and Master Alex Suh to the right of Kuk Sa Nim.
  8. unknown-KJN

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    If you're gonna mention all those people (José Hernandez, etc.) then don't leave out the Yoo's (Freddie, Carolyn, Eddie) sitting at lower right of the picture, or master Terry Heaps on the far right in the back row (with hair LOL). :banana:
  9. BarnziKsw

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    video from our latest demo

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDlaKoFlEEE"]Huyton Kuk Sool Won - OurPlace - YouTube[/ame]
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    Nice compilation Barnzi. :cool:
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    the guy between Dickson and Mike Shrum is Ted Routson, He was Master Allen Sharpes student also, with me in '87-91 in Huntsville TX. He was a nice guy, good at TKD also. I was training Kuk Sool (unofficially) With Master Sharpe at that time simultaneously along with TSD. At that time Master Sharpe was training ks under J. Lee.
    Also there is Lee Martin, Keith Carpenter, and the Tres Amigos and that were transplanted to Clear Lake in '91 medina, ayalya, & martinez..and debbie montgomery. Most People don't realize that the men BEHIND KSN in the pic are responsible for much of the TX/Houston success....
  12. unknown-KJN

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    Well, I think your decision to locate in the SW portion of Houston certainly didn't suffer as a result of master Lee's prior influence (as I understand it, the first few school locations he operated were in that same area, and "old" students of his that had retired from practicing MA may have been inspired to start up again once you showed up). I'm not suggesting that you wouldn't be so successful if you had chosen a different location, just that you may have benefitted (perhaps just a little).

    I don't doubt for a second that Jay Lee & Marlin Sims put a ton of effort into helping WKSA relocate from SF-CA, but GM IHS seems to have a knack for attracting people who will bend over backwards to do his bidding, so I wouldn't be so quick to say "if it hadn't been for these 2 guys, then the amount of success might not be so great." I do find it odd that some of the least-inspiring people crawled out of the woodwork once WKSA-HQ moved to Houston (Ann Avila, Chris Arnspiger, etc.). Granted, there were some benign students who also turned up, such as that videographer guy from Katy (Ron Michaels ??), but most of the more questionable KSW folk who were resurrected seemed to gravitate to the HQ school (whereas you lucked out with doctors & lawyers & such - a much more stable lot, wouldn't you say?).
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  13. C.D. Arnspiger

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    Really classy, Nebgen. I left KSW-HQ, because I took care of a terminal family member so they could die with dignity. As for being uninspiring, I was honored and personally-asked by KSN-IHS to do "coke bottle breaking" at my first degree ceremony demonstration.
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    Respectfully sir, you are replying to a post that was made 6 years ago. :)

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