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    I wouldn't doubt that. But i am wondering if he trained in ksw at all prior to '74. his bio on his own HMD website makes no mention of him being directly exposed to KSN or kuk sool until '74, so it seems he achieved 8th dan in 17 years. ????? Wow??? i guess?
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    From the "bio"
    My reference to his 8th dan in KSW (1991) can be found in his Hapkido book, pp. 766-767

    According to his book Han Mu Do Self Defense For TAEKWONDO Instructors and Students (Andrew Jackson College Press: 1994), p.30, he has studied the following arts under the following teachers:
    Yudo and Bi Sool - Song Kwang-sub and Yoon Yong-jo
    Taekwondo - Kang Suh-jong (Kang Seo-Chong)
    Hapkido - Won Kwang-wha and Ji Han-jae
    Kuk Sool - Suh In Hyuk
    Taik Kyun - Son Duk-ki
    Kumdo - Cho Seung-yong
    Ship Phal Gi - Kim Kwang-suk
    Zen - Sung Soo Dae Sa

    Who knows... maybe his previous training in various Korean Martial Arts (Kuk Sool) helped him get a leg up in understanding Kuk Sool Won material.
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    Ah cool. So just an informal thing. Still, an interesting bit of history.

    If you can digitize the whole thing, I know I'd be interested in seeing it all.
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    Tignes, France, March 2008



    bit of fun in the Alpes
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    wow, looks very "cool"!
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    Cool. Evidence the Generals Uniforms are as warm as a snow suit!
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    Obscure links of the day...
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    what do you think of this vids?

    [ame="http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=SC4EKmrdAsI"]YouTube - KUK SOOL WON of WORMS, GERMANY[/ame]
    [ame="http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=EgcsKeqBhak"]YouTube - KUK SOOL WON of WORMS, GERMANY[/ame]
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    I have been looking for exactly this in some other places.

    Now if I could just find DVD 1....
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    DVD 1

    ******links deleted
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    Awwww... that's too bad.
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    Shibby, are you sure it was a fault with your car, and you didn't get carried away jumping all over it? Good effort with the photos :cool:
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    Cheers! :)

    Wow thats some old photos!

    I almost forgot about them!

    I have loads, but none from KS in the past few years. Im planning on taking a few new ones soon. So will probably throw a few up along with a video or 2...... i have a few ideas!!! Just need a volunteer to trust me not to hit them!! :)
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    Since this section nearly died i figured i would post some stuff.

    Some of it is old, some of it fairly new.






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    Kuk Sool Won HanJa Cursive Script

    Here's a little something for those that want it. Its 국술원 in Cursive HanJa characters.

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    That's pretty nifty!


    You could copy these characters (国术院) and paste them into the entry field located here:


    Be sure to select the last option in section #3, having set the parameters for vertical alignment, and you should be rewarded with something like this:


    If you want to try out some of the other fonts listed there, you will need the traditional characters instead of the simplified ones, which would be these (國術院).

    Have fun, everyone!

    Rats! The image link above failed, so I uploaded the resulting image (it should appear below).

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    new video

    Just a compilation video of me over the past year and a half...nothing fancy, just basics. enjoy!


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    Did I see that correctly? It looked as if all the judges at that one particular tournament were wearing jeans & yellow/green hawaiian shirts as their identifying uniform (and is it just me or do those hawaiian shirts make you think of camo?).
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