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    With all the masters and instructors everywhere, I was wondering if anyone has put together a KS family tree. I think it would cool to see how people are "related" to each other. Related meaning whose instructors where taught by the same person. And which masters have the most students/instructors still training. I think it would reinforce that we all are just brothers & sisters in the same huge family.
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  2. davefly76

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    its funny you have brought this up as i was having a conversation with one of my instructors about this the other week. it turns out we are cousins, which is quite scary!!! :p
  3. Bahng Uh Ki

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    That would be really neat. I'm afraid that the names we all want to see there are the names of people who couldn't be bothered to participate in the project.
  4. Silentmonk

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    Alternatively the names that matter to the individuals development might not give bragging rights, so people who don't want to live of someone elses reputation wouldn't even bother posting. :D
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    I asked Master Lee one time who his teachers were. He kind of told me, but wasn't really specific, mostly referencing "the temple".

    It's a little hard to have an extensive conversation with him when you're not entirely sure of the direction and when you wander of into topics not often covered. Perhaps I'll bring it up again some time.
  6. ImaJayhawk

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    I started one a little while back. It's still pretty incomplete though... Feel free to add to it or update it.

  7. Bahng Uh Ki

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    Pretty neat. Was it harder than you thought it would be?
  8. ImaJayhawk

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    Harder how? The publisher file got rather large to work with and was a pain till I figured out how to keep it from saving every 10 min. Finding the info wasn't too bad, I pulled a lot of it from old magazine articles. There is still a long way to go with it though.
  9. KSN GT

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    I'm a Graphic Designer, I can help if you like?
    If people post the details, pics and stuff, I'd help lay it out.


    JKN Graeme

    or PM me the stuff?!?!?!
  10. ember

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    Many of the pics Imajayhawk used look to be from the WKSA website, the Master's page.

    From the March Texas Tournament / promotion, both KJN Foster and KJN Quarles studied under the Harmons. I don't know if there's other influences or not.
  11. jjk

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    Ya send that to the graphic artist. Kind of hard to make out. Lots of colors mean what? Why are the lines crossing? It's a good start though.
  12. ImaJayhawk

    ImaJayhawk Valued Member

    I’m definitely not a graphics designer as you can see. :D I can post the pictures if JKN GT wants to have a go at it.

    The colors don't mean anything just trying to keep everything straight. Neither do the crossings....
  13. ImaJayhawk

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    Does anyone know much about Master Kwon's teachers? On his website he says

    "The most famous among his teachers were the late Park, Jangh-Ho and Grandmaster Choi, Dea-Sik."
  14. Bahng Uh Ki

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    Not just getting the information, the pictures, but organizing it, deciding what goes where. I'm not saying it would have been difficult or easy, just was it the job you expected it to be?

    It sounds like you have offers of assistance on making it better, more complete. I look forward to seeing the results. You can post it in the article section if you like. Maybe you can make a sort of Wiki so people could add stuff, not that I'd have any idea how to do it. You want to include everyone down to 5th degree?
  15. ImaJayhawk

    ImaJayhawk Valued Member

    It was pretty much what I expected so far. Not much info aside from a few obscure references that I've seen. Organizing it; I just went with the first thing that made sense to me. I just posted it to maybe get the project moving a little.

    I was thinking about everyone down to 5th. The problem I keep coming up with is the Korean Masters. I don't know much info about them and there have been so many that it's hard to get a handle on them. For a starting point I was thinking of listing everyone in ISS's book down to Jung, Yi Won and then switching over to the current Master's, but ...I don't even know if this makes sense or if it's a mute point since I don't know any info about them . It would be nice to at least have pictures of the Masters that trained other Masters.

    Are you thinking like a biography format? Similar to here?

    Or a family tree that people can add pictures and connections to? I'm not sure how to do this. Most likely we'd just have to post all info in one thread and have someone (JKN GT? :D ) put it together.

    Does any one else have suggestions on organization or format?
  16. Bahng Uh Ki

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  17. ImaJayhawk

    ImaJayhawk Valued Member

    Nothing recently.
  18. ImaJayhawk

    ImaJayhawk Valued Member

    KJN Jack Harvey started Kuk Sool in 1974 in Galesburg, ILL. Anyone know who the instructor was?
  19. ImaJayhawk

    ImaJayhawk Valued Member

    From http://www.nkmaa.com/nkmaa site/rudy_files/tree.html

    Sabum Nim Jonathan Simonds:
    Master Simonds was trained to fourth degree Black Belt by Master Timmerman over a span of nearly twenty-two years and became the second Black Belt to be certified by him. When Master Timmerman changed his schools from Kong Shin Bup Hap Ki Do to Kuk Sool Won™, Mr. Simonds stopped training, and Master Timmerman purchased a WKSA license agreement for the Michigan school and marketed the school with great results. After SBN Simonds returned to training, he bought out Master Timmerman's interest in the Michigan school in 1997. As a WKSA policy to take charge of all schools, Mr. Simonds decided to train directly under Grandmaster Suh, In Hyuk and no longer trains with Master Timmerman.

    Sabum Nim Normand Larocque:
    Sabum Nim Larocque, like Master Timmerman, was a student of Grandmaster Pak, In Shyuk and has a very successful school in Rouyn Noranda, Quebec. After Grandmaster Pak left the area, Mr. Larocque ran his school as an independent just as Master Timmerman had done. Knowing of this situation, Master Timmerman spoke to Mr. Larocque about joining the WKSA. When Mr. Larocque showed an interest, Master Timmerman traveled to Rouyn in order to work with him on the Kuk Sool curriculum and prepare him for 4th dahn certification in WKSA.

    If you know French or want to use an online translator you can also look here at KJN' Larocque's page.

  20. ImaJayhawk

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