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    After seeing the movie Enough with Jlo, I was wondering is it at all realisitic? Could she really learn enough Krav Maga in 3 weeks to kick the ass of a man twice her size who has a history of abusing her? Or would say six months of training be more realistic?
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    It's a film, therefore make believe.

    What everyone forgets about defending yourself is, "what am I fighting for?"

    As an example let's assume I can beat you every day of the week.

    One day I break into your house and threaten your son. All of a sudden I have an entirely different vampyregirld to deal with. probably one prepared to defend her son's life with her own.
    This makes you a completely different animal, and the amount of training you have or haven't done, doesn't enter the equation.

    In terms of spousal abuse we have a victim, probably the weaker of the two (mentally) in the relationship. This person is used to being a victim, but one day they snap. They decide one day not to be a victim. This is where we read of wifes who have stabbed husbands after years of abuse.

    A little martial training will often land you in a heap of trouble, even if a guy is trying to defend himself against another guy.

    Learning to defend yourself is often a commitment, rather than a few lessons in the gym.
    Outside of the gym you can run, in the house you cannot. What do you do if the training doesn't work?

    Moral of the story. It is a film, no more.

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