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    I think the term caveman is more to a specific person and not to mean a people of a period of time. When I said, "In other words, when I say caveman martial arts, I mean learning the stuff that would be primal for a caveman to learn if the caveman had a martial art."

    There is a reason I use the singular tense and not plural, cavemen.

    Of course people of long ago had ways to pass on martial knowledge from generation to generation as a whole. There were stories, dance, tradition (art) and martial training, which put together is "martial arts".

    My use of the term is more, if I lived in "X" environment, what are the things most important in the martial sense to learn.

    Anything that takes years to develop to be good at in the mechanical sense. The opposite is anything that you can get good at in less than a few weeks.

    Of course actually using it against a resisting opponent effectively still takes time and experience.

    Think of anything that relies on sensitivity as a possible example.
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    Highly variable.
    But given that there are people selling 'instructor' certification for a week's course and other things like 'Commando Krav Maga ' and 'Urban Krav Maga' about which I started a thread a couple of years ago which bear no more relation to fekm than wing chun does to shotokan or rugby to soccer, it is no surprise there is such confusion about what we do.

    And that's before we even get into legitimate discussion between informed individuals about what we SHOULD be doing.
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    Krav Maga

    What does a good Krav Maga class look like?

    How is it taught and why? what are the hallmarks of quality in terms of technical material, teaching methods and expected outcomes?

    What should new students look for?

    Videos welcome.
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    What is "Boxing + Judo" Alex? :D
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    I wouldn't want to put myself in jeapody but "cheap, widely available, practical and not Krav" would be my answer.
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    I'm sorry you needed to answer in the form of a question.

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    Combatives as taught to the Israel Defence Forces. :evil:

    As for any other use of Krav Maga, that is really going to depend on the quality of the teacher and other students.

    For example, would you know what a good Sambo class looks like? Did Sambo in sport come to mind? Sambo was originally developed for the military and became an official sport.

    So Krav Maga was for military and now is being taught for self-defense. So are you asking what a good Krav Maga class for SELF DEFENSE looks like?
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    Good Sambo is self apparent that's the difference
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    Ours follow a scheme.
    20-25 mins
    Warm-up and conditioning
    15-20 new technique (attack or defence)
    10 game or other exercise
    15-20 new technique/revision
    15 minute Warm down/stretching.

    Alternate striking and grappling exercises / fine and gross

    Techniques demonstrated mirror style.
    Attention to 4 principles (speed, effectiveness, simplicity and control) safety and application of force.
    Courtesy. Attention paid to the more timid and out of shape as well as the extroverted and athletes.
    Each encouraged to train within their physical limits while stretching those limits.

    It does not look like wannabe tough guts in combat fatigues smashing each other to bits.
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    Mod note - LFD you are absolutely correct! I should have taken care of this long ago. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I have moved this thread to the Other styles section and merged it with the new thread started today.

    Carry on.:)
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    Neanderthal 1st discovered in 1850,Cro-Magnon 1868.Don't forget that for a while many considered the Neanderthal skeleton to be just like us,but malformed. Both fall under the term "cavemen" as used commonly.

    No,that would be Paleolithic.Unlike Neolithic peoples they were required to practice some fad diet thing,resulting in the birth of agriculture in an attempt to get away from such a restrictive school of dietary thought.
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    :topic:That theory has long since been discarded. Put it in the same pile as things like them mixing up two different dinosaur remains and creating the "Brontosaurus."

    I believe Neanderthals are far more in the average persons consciousness than Cro-Magnon humans, which is why I only mentioned them.

    However, I agree, it is true that Cro-Magnon's also formed our common idea of "cavemen" to some extent.
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    Thanks remi.
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    Probably to a greater extent than Neanderthal-seen any massive painted caves displaying Neanderthal art lately?

    As an aside,below we see Neanderthal man at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.


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