Kosen Judo What Can U tell me about it??

Discussion in 'Judo' started by Acekicken, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Some cut & paste jobs from several sources....

    What is Kosen Judo? A number of things. Kosen Judo is a form of Judo practiced in many of the universities in Japan which is very newaza (groundwork) oriented. They practice throws and takedowns like all Judoka, but in both training and shiai (competition) they spend about 90% of the time in newaza, and standups are much less frequent.

    In 1914, the All Japan Special High School championships were started at Kyoto Imperial University. These championships emphasized the trend toward newaza or grappling techniques, and the schools that participated became so proficient at this approach that they earned for it the name "Kosen Judo" or grappling Judo. This form of Judo was becoming so predominant that by 1925 Kano began to see throwing techniques as disappearing from the syllabus of effective Judo skills. Judo rules were changed to specifically require that all techniques had to begin from a tachi waza or standing throwing technique, and that further, if a competitor pulled his opponent down without such an effort, the opponent would be declared the automatic winner. However, Kano understood the proficiency of Kosen Judo, and saw a need for specialists to be encouraged in its development, and so the Seven Universities Tournament, which continues in Japan to this day, has been exempt from this 1925 Kodokan rule change. The Kosen Judo students represented an elite, and it was considered shameful to tap or declare maitta, surrender. A choke or an armbar would have to continue to its inevitable conclusion. (3) Those modern derivatives of Judo, Gracie Ju Jitsu and Sambo, show the effect of both this technical approach and attitude, which is not remarkable since the founding instructors of both styles learned Judo during this pre-1925 period.

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    Some cut & paste jobs from several sources....

    Don't quote some "expert" - Tell me what YOU think!

    Class Yoda - class....Hahahaha

    Oi wait a minute...I'm supposed to be doing these sort of searches :(


    On a more serious note. I have never heard of this art before, how did you hear about it Acekicken?
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    LOL! Hey Mel - he asked what I could tell him - not what my opinion of it was :D
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    True i did ask that i have read this artical as well.

    So the new ? is What do U think of it.

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    From what I've read it sounds very similar in concept to BJJ.

    If this is "parallel evolution" it would be very interesting to see how the two compare.
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    kosen doesnt have leg locks.
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    no leg locks? hmm... so does that mean that only elbow joints locks, stangles, and chokes are the only legal techniques for kosen judo?

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