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    I posted these links in the Helpful TKD Resources thread which is stickied some time ago

    TKD Terminology/Glossary (direct excerpts from General Choi's encycopedia)
    (You may be redirected, if so click on "Encyclopedia" and then scroll down to "Terminology" )

    TKD Theory
    http://www.turtletaekwondo.com/Taekwon-do web1.htm

    Korean Language/Terminology/Counting with audio clips (Capt Ann already posted ;) )

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    Thanks for those, you wouldn't happen to have Ko Dang aswell by any chance.

  3. Thomas

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    Kodang - 고당

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    Cheers Sir, you're a gentleman :)
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    Here is a link to my Korean spreadsheet/quiz device. It is a very limited list for now. I'll update it as my own vocabulary builds.

    In the meantime, have at it! Changes and suggestions are always welcome.

    I tried to make the quiz intuitive to use, but I am an excel geek, so if there's a question on how it works, just ask.

    When I click on the link, it makes me download it. I can't figure out how to make it open from there, but it works.

    TKD Korean Quiz
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    As my black belt test draws ever nearer, here is the latest expression of martial artism meets excel-spreadsheet geekism. :p There are now tabs for TAGB pattern meanings, 2 and 3-step sparring, and for the history and members of the TAGB council.

    TKD study sheet
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    I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the the stationary forms that practice punches and blocks. I name how to say them, but not how to spell I'll try my best but it may be extremely horrible. Yamsa Kumbaki, or Yamza Kumbaki, or Chumbaki. I've learned two so far, they both practice punches and blocks so far, but I dont think the later ones partice kicks.
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    I am looking for the translation to the term:

    "chunbi chun."

    I understand that Chunbi = ready.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Momtung Momtung everywhere

    I noticed the list does the same thing my TKD instructor would do.

    Is to say call pretty much anything to the middle Mom-tung.

    Instead of Momtung chiragi, or momtung maki, he would be like, just say Momtung.

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