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  1. Knee Rider

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    Hello all,

    I have decided to shift my training focus away from no-gi and MMA towards Gi jujitsu and kickboxing/Thai boxing exclusively for the next year.

    I have trained in the GI in the past (about 7/8yrs ago) but will be beginning/restarting my journey as a stripless white belt. I have been kickboxing for a year and a bit.

    My schedule will be 3x Gi BJJ a week and 2x kickboxing a week.

    I aim to vastly improve my GI grappling and continue to grow my stand-up. This log will serve as a record of my training material, a space for reflection and detail analysis as well as a place to ask questions and maybe provide answers for others. Generally I will cover what we learned in class and what I'm specifically working on in rolling and standup sparring, as well as general observations on whatever else comes up.

    I might occasionally post videos of my form/technique if I can, for others to rip to bits and so people can gaze longingly at my totes amazing gunz and abz :simon: :mitch: what can I say: I'm a giver.

    First update on Monday night. I bet you can't wait [crickets chirping, distantly].
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    Awesome and we'd love to see more videos from MAP members.

    And you get a bonus point for the first use of the Call Simon/Mitch smiley.
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    I came here for pictures of body. You better not dissapoint KR.
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    Pics or masked profanity removed.

    Edit, oooops sorry!
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    Good stuff - you'll be a monster in no time!
  6. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Session 1: BJJ (Gi)

    Right just got back from Jitz. Might find a better format for this but here it is the prototype.

    Class material: scissor sweep to set up armbar, and transition to flower/pendulum sweep if/when opponent tries to stack.

    I like this technique. I already have good success with scissor sweep when rolling and like to get the knee solid and just under the armpit to break the opponent's posture and lift them on to me (shim diagonal). In this technique I needed to relax that pressure a little as the aim was to transition to the armbar rather than complete the sweep. The sweep is just a set up and a sell.

    Key notes: maintain deep collar grip throughout, heavy leg pressure, use hips and shield leg to create momentum and push opponents base off centre.

    I found the harder the opponent attempted to stack out of the lock the more compromised they were to the flower sweep counter.

    I won't breakdown the pendulum sweep as we all know what it is (or you can Google). I never used to like it but have been working it off of gift wrap recently in no gi with some success... I like it very much in combination with the armbar in this sequence.

    Rolling: 2x 10min rounds. Working on back mount defence - Escaped twice to guard, once to side control once to half guard, not subbed. Working on mount retention - solid but submission game is limited (work on that wednesday - armbar and mounted triangle). Rolling overall good. Gi specific grip fighting surprising good tonight at least.
  7. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Session 2: Kickboxing

    Class material: jab, cross, inside leg kick variations drilled with partner.

    Essentially training this combo in few variations trading one for one with light/medium contact. Trained off jab parry to out side check, off a push step away and back in, off a push kick counter and with a finish to clinch.

    Sparring: clinch sparring tonight. First time in a while I've clinch sparred with 16oz gloves rather than with 7oz or without any. Very different experience and found it tough to pummel and swim (read impossible). Felt like wrestling with wellies on my hands.

    Had good success with double unders and using upright posture to drive back when caught in plum. Used underhook and head in pocket a lot. Also had success using whizzer and forarm control with opposite (no whizzer arm) to control head/posture to land knees.

    Throws/trips need work... Lots of. I have good success getting position but having trouble loading opponents weight onto the leg I want/unbalancing. Settled for kneeing instead (light contact). Found it hard to drive opponent's weight without solid grips afforded by smaller gloves. Going to get researching common strategies to play with next time.

    Edit - nothing quite beats the sweet sensation of rubbing deep heat directly into your neck. Yummy.
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  8. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Session 3: BJJ Gi

    Class material: spider guard - sweep, armbar, triangle.

    Spider guard sweep using pushing leg to break posture and push balance over 'pulling leg' which drops to act as a barrier (similar to hip bump, lower leg function).

    If grip on lower leg not broken during sweep then cup elbow with same side arm and arm drag to set up armbar. I found omoplata a good option if arm extended with elbow outwards rather than against body/hips. Actually had more success with this during resistently drilling than the armbar.

    If posture too strong to sweep, kick up and transition to triangle.

    Key notes: one push one pull with arms/legs at all times, switch hips lateraly before sweep (butt towards extended leg) to create space to sweep into, lift with pushing leg and drop pulling leg to mat.

    Never play spider guard as its obviously tough to do without a GI. See it as a very Gi specific guard. Liked trying it and having an option from it. I especially liked it as an omoplata set up. Might experiment with it more in rolling but isn't very characteristic of my current game... Perhaps that's a good thing as it'll force me to branch out and end up in some fun scrambles and funky positions I wouldn't normally get into.

    Rolling: 2x 10min rounds.

    Ended up in dominant mount straight away in round one. Decided to practice subs from high mount after stabilising. Guy was a gymnast and rock climber so very strong. Kept losing position and having to stabilise from low mount and work way up - rinse repeat. Ended up getting bridged off and finishing with collar choke from guard. After that pulled guard and ended up with right hand pinned under my back by opponent's right hand... Totally flumoxed as couldn't break grip or slip out like I would in no Gi. Grabbed belt over back and just tried to off balance using legs. Felt very, very precarious on my didhy shoulder and saw round out in some kind of mental 50-50 guard with one hand each... Research needed!

    Second roll ended up with a guy who I know from no Gi and MMA. Spend 6mins in his guard before passing to half then mount. Bucked off attempting armbar then round ended.

    Spent time resident drilling back mount escapes, side control escapes and kesa gatame escapes with guy from last roll. Back mount escapes is working well. I'm using this...

    Side control escapes worked very well. Starting from worst case scenario smashed by cross face, flatted out, arm isolated. Managing to work by increments to get far side hand into collar without leaving myself open for Americana and bridging while choke punching from collar grip to create space. Finding very effective at enabling guard retention.

    Kesa is a whole heap of agony. Tried a few things nothing working under max resistance from a worst case deep kesa. Might be a case of pure prevention rather than cure here. Work in progress.
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    Re kesa- I've found this very useful indeed, hope it helps!
  10. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Rest day

    Day of rest, recovery and fried chicken.
  11. EdiSco

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    Fried Chicken is my way of recovering too! But not KFC. A good independent place :cool:
  12. Knee Rider

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    Session 4: kickboxing

    Class material: combinations -

    A) jab, outside roundhouse, check outside roundhouse, jab, cross, inside roundhouse

    B) jab, outside roundhouse, parry jab, cross, hook, outside roundhouse

    C) jab, outside roundhouse, parry cross, lead hook, cross, inside roundhouse.

    D) jab, outside roundhouse, elbow cover/parry kick and
    D1) if received on lead side - cross, hook, outside roundhouse
    D2) received on power side - lead hook, cross, inside roundhouse

    All kicks low line.

    Trading one for one with footwork and mixing up combos.

    Pads - same but kicks to mid section all shots full power for 2 rounds.

    Session felt good. Combos are a bit of a memory game but I felt they'd settled in and nested as session went on. Complimented on power when on pads by holder, "which was nice" (one for all those who remember The Fast Show).

    Cardio felt lower than it should. Breathing hard after 2,rounds of full power. Used to go 5x 5mins and feel solid.have been neglecting roadwork since Christmas and only doing bare minimum... Need to ramp that up sensibly to one 10k or 2 5K runs a week at least.

    Bought some Sandee Cooltec gloves and shinies and tried em out today: they feel fantastic. Recommend them!
  13. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Session 5: BJJ Gi

    Class material: collar choke and armbar combination from side control.

    Transition to north south from side control, underhook nearside arm and grab back of collar with palm up grip. Transition back to side control pinning elbow of under hooking arn to your own thigh and placing shin against opponent's body/hip. Feed hand into farside collar and sprawl leg nearest opponent's head to mat whilst bringing elbow down to choke.

    Key points: tight trap on arm, deep collar grip on underhook, heavy shoulder pressure.

    If defending the choke, pin defending hand to opponent's chest. Step over. Slide far knee up as sitting back to armbar.

    Key points: grab hand not wrist, keep shoulder pressure and body position same whilst stepping up, point stepped up knee towards opponent's feet, slide far knee along to hip and up on sit back for better base and control thus preventing the bridge and roll.

    Rolling: 2x5mins

    good roll with much larger guy with solid skills (4 stripe white). Spent most of roll in bottom side control survival posture. Escaped to side control and lost position. Escaped to half guard and then to full. Ended round in full guard after playing grip fighting.

    Rolled next with coach. Obviously he let me work. Hit some knee slide passes and half guard passes before being put on back foot and subbed.

    I feel my GI game is improving and I'm getting a better sense of grips and anchoring using the GI material. Good day overall.
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  14. Knee Rider

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    Rest day

    Rest day today.

    Had a nature walk around a lake and woodland to get some air. Nature didn't want me there. Girlfriend and I spent 20mins huddled in a bird spotting hut with six or seven quivering octogenarian's, whilst the rain and sleet pelted us through the slats to the blinding flash of sheet lightening, before legging it past the soaked out children's fun fair - containing the world's most pathetic miniature railway seen by human eyes - and into the womb-like, sanctuary of the car.

  15. Knee Rider

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    Session 1: BJJ Gi

    Class material: kimura, armbar and triangle defence from guard top.

    Kimura def - step up knee on kimura side then place to mat to bring opponent's hip to an unfavourable angle for finish. Post opposing hand on opponent's armpit to posture up.

    Armbar def - bring chest to arm, under hook head, step leg on trapped arm side to opponent's hips to prevent spin. Heavy pressure. Maintain pressure and loosen arm in isolation without raising chest. Spin to side control.

    Triangle def - pin triangles arm's elbow to own hip, reinforce with opposing hand. Posture up strong in good base (butt on heels). Shake shoulders to break legs open and transition to double understand pass or to both arms inside guard top.

    Rolling 3x 5mins round. Rolling felt good. Still working mounted subs and managed to hit collar choke from Saturday. Good solid rounds of good defence against two large set purple belts today. Transitions between saftey to escapes and guard recovery felt tight. Grip fighting in guard really improving in the GI.

    Side note: coach handed me my belt back with two stripes on when I was changing in locker room. Not massively into chasing rank but felt really pleased to get that feedback for my game progression! Not bad for the first week of Gi training!! Think it's testament to how much nogi crosses over but also the virtue of keeping a log for training motivation and focus. I really feel it's helping massively to keep me on track... So big thanks to the admin and members here who provide the space to log it and the community to get feedback. Good training to you all :)
  16. Dead_pool

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    Congrates bro, sounds like your on the right track!
  17. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Session 2: kickboxing

    Class material: combinations -

    A) jab, cross, hook outside leg kick.
    B) jab, cross, hook outside leg kick, teep.
    1) outside check, parry teep with lead hand to own left: outside leg kick, hook, cross.
    2) outside check, parry teep with power hand to own right: inside leg kick, cross, hook.

    All combos one for one medium contact.

    Pad work: 2x 5min rounds - working combos on thai pads and countering teep when thrown.

    Good session. Need to work on keeping my face covered on the teep parry, on distancing (landing too close on some punches) and on keeping my balance centred during some transitions such as lead hook to outside leg kick. Might try not turning over on the hook so much.
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  18. Knee Rider

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    Rest Day

    Got pressured into a family meal with girlfriend's dad and stepmum. Had to miss training but did get smashed and stuffed with pizza on her dad's dollar - every cloud! ;)
  19. Knee Rider

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    Sessions 3 + 4: kickboxing and no gi

    Pulled a double session tonight as I had to miss yesterday and have to work Saturday so will miss that too.

    Session 3

    Class material: combinations off the quarter turn.

    A) jab, quarter turn, jab
    B) jab, quarter turn, cross, hook

    One for one medium contact

    Padwork: combinations off the 1,2 and 1,2,3 ending in a quarter turn and following up with a 1,2 inside leg kick or 1,2,3 outside leg kick.

    2 x 5min rounds

    Sparring: hands

    Free sparring in the pocket hands only focusing on footwork.

    I have good power, I have OK head movement andxmy footwork is great... As long as I'm going back, forwards of laterally - I can't cut an angle in order to follow up and stay in the pocket to save my life. This isn't an issue against low level opponent's but I obviously want to be bloody great not just average/below average. I intend to work the hell out of the quarter turn in shadow boxing till I'm doing it when I take my morning slash. End of.

    Session 4

    Class material: reverse butterfly sweep from half guard kimura attempt.

    Love this technique. Sits perfectly into my game. Hit it three times in rolling and just love it.

    Key notes: shallow with the hook, knee on hook outside to prevent smash, hips tight under opponent.

    Rolling 3 x 5mins

    Rolling felt great. Felt fluid and was hitting good top positions and serving well against better guys. Mount escapes working very well now when I end up there. Happy happy joy joy.
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  20. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Session 5: flat pack

    Looks like I will be spending the evening putting up flatvpack.


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