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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Van Zandt, May 8, 2016.

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    I'd be really surprised if no-one knew the result at the time of writing this, but here be spoiler tags as a courtesy :)

    Gutted for Khan. I have always admired his natural speed and cerebral boxing style, and my respect for him went through the roof after he took this fight. He is one of the few boxers in recent years who is trying really hard to be the best, and he backs up that talk with action (unlike a lot of big names who take easy fights and proclaim themselves to be the best).

    Khan boxed well throughout, and I genuinely thought he could grab a points win right up until the point Canelo sent his consciousness on a first-class train ride to Elysium. The knockout itself was nothing short if spectacular - KO of the year? - and Canelo was pure class the way he refused to celebrate until he knew Khan was ok. Got himself a new fan right there just for that act of sportsmanship. Khan took the loss on the chin too (pun not intended).

    I'm stoked at the prospect of Canelo vs Golovkin, hopefully later this year. As for Khan, I think if he drops back to welter he will clean up his division because he proved he has some of the best skill for that division. I'd like to see him smash Kell Brook at some point.
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    It was the first time I've seen Khan fight where he actually looked like a guy who could have taken out Mayweather, so maybe ducking Khan was a smart move after all.

    The fight was really fun and it was a much better performance than most people expected. But that's what happens when you fight up two weight classes - you're dealing with guys with a big power advantage.

    Smart fighting from Canelo though - if the guy is too quick to hit, punch him in the body and he'll be a little slower each time.
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    i have no idea about this
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