Karate vs Judo

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Which martial art is better?

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  1. Karate

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  2. Judo

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  3. Elitex is gay Do

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  1. UrAsJ

    UrAsJ New Member

    Again, Karate for striking and Judo for grappling..
    In a fight.. the better fighter would win. nuff said. :p
  2. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    So... the Judo guy then?
  3. Jaae

    Jaae Valued Member

    Obviously, this thread has been posted by an 8 year old yellow belt in karate and by and large shouldn't be taken too seriously. Karate has, with one or two possible exceptions and even then to some degree, has been found to be totally useless as a fighting / combat art. In fact, Taebo has more health redeeming aspects than karate. Judo, on the other hand can, with a few tweaks here and there be tranformed into a devastating fighting art, just look at Karo Paryisian. If you want to learn to punch - box, if you want to learn to kick - Thai box and if you want to learn to grapple then train judo / bjj / wrestling. If you want to be an all round pro fighter or recreational combat athlete then you'll need to train in all spheres. Karate !? about as useful as Taebo....................ha ha ha.
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  4. Satsui_No_Hadou

    Satsui_No_Hadou Ultra Valued Member

    Judo is so much harder than karate from a technical standpoint. An opponent doesnt need to do anything for you to punch him in the face, whereas you must control your opponent to throw them.
  5. Moosey

    Moosey invariably, a moose Supporter

    Welcome back Jaae, we've missed you. :D
  6. Atharel

    Atharel Errant

    If you can use Karo Parisyan as an example, don't forget Ryoto Machida.
  7. Jaae

    Jaae Valued Member

    Ha ha, I just knew someone would mention him. I saw him fight in Manchester...............................never threw a gyakazuki all night !!!?
  8. Jaae

    Jaae Valued Member

    Machida :- Patron Saint of all Shotokan stylists..........................not ! Like every other MMA fighter, he trains boxing, kick boxing and bjj or variants. I'm actually a big fan of Machida, he's very technical but to the casual fan, boring to watch because he isn't an out and out action fighter. He's very defensive. Strangely enough, he had his hands up like a Kykushin fighter. Take a fighter like Filho who fights in K1. You see two attributes, a.) His Kyokushin influence and b. ) His boxing. Likewise with Aerts, Thai boxing and boxing skills. Before Pride became defunct, several promininent judo players went on to compete, many successfully. Do you think in order to become more rounded and deal with strikers like Fedor and Crocop, they a.) Did additional training in Shotokan karate or b.) Learnt to box ?
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  9. rsobrien

    rsobrien Valued Member

    Jaae wins the thread.

    Edit: Except for the whole proper grammar spelling thing.
  10. Jaae

    Jaae Valued Member

    My grammar is well rounded.................
  11. Jaae

    Jaae Valued Member

    In all seriousness, Judo, BJJ and Wrestling all more or less revolve around the twin foundations of the pin, ( Maybe bjj less so ), and position, although all have subtle differences, i.e. Judo and Greco are stronger in the vertical range, generally. Many MMA fighters will use their striking to set up their take downs and grappling set - ups. I've been hit in the head ' hard ' by karate fighters and dumped on my head by grapplers', guess which hurt me most !? The karate strikes affronted my dignity, the take downs knocked me into next week. When someone locks your arms and German suplexes' you, even on a mat it can knock you for six. There are no absolutes, however: If you train a guy in grappling and boxing with good coaches for one year then pit him against a Karate third or fourth dan, it's % 99.99999 ad infinitum that the karateka will wake up with with his head up his harris !
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  12. rsobrien

    rsobrien Valued Member

    Last edited by Jaae : Today at 01:59 PM. Reason: spelling


    Unless of course the karate guy is a 1st dan in kyokushin and has a wrestling/jiu jitsu background (GSP vs Hughes)

    I agree with you though. Its surprising how many don't. Its friggin 2007 and there are people still signing up for krotty and ATA TKD and thinking they are learning real self defense.
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  13. Moosey

    Moosey invariably, a moose Supporter

    Frustrating isn't it, that regardless of how many people post long polemics on the internet about how what you do is no way as good as what I do, some people continue to make up their own mind.

    Those crazy cats.
  14. Jaae

    Jaae Valued Member

    I'm a karateka and Jujutsuka with nearly 30 years training, ( It's a bad habit I can't give up, but I'm no longer proud of it.... ), who a few years back transistioned to MMA, wrestling and Thai.............there is just no contest. I have competed, WUKO, Semi and Knockdown but only MMA has all the answers, is realistic ( As near as dammit ) and has a pedigree far older than any Japanese ' art ' re: Ancient Grecian Pankration, yet you still get Shotokan / GKR diehards saying Karate has ALL the answers and Funakoshi was instrumental in the developement of ' this ' effective and ' traditional ' art of Karate..................guffaw, guffaw. I'd recommend serious students of combat read Steve Morris's Noholdsbarred dissertation on his webpages on how the Japanese ostensibly removed the ' essence ' out of Karate and left just a hollow shell. He is of course, correct.

    I trained with him a few months back..............................he is still the business !!!
  15. Jaae

    Jaae Valued Member

    He leg kicked me in such a way, the shock stayed in my thigh muscle for what seemed an eternity and it didn't bruise in the normal way. I limped for a week................ouch !
  16. Jaae

    Jaae Valued Member

    Is a polemic a Polish / Irishman or an Irish / Polishman............ ?
  17. rsobrien

    rsobrien Valued Member

    Right? Seriously, WTF are they doing?!
  18. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Not all young Jedi! Some ITF TKD, Karate or Judo are they doing!

    Mitch :D
  19. UrAsJ

    UrAsJ New Member

    Are we talking about Judo vs Traditional Karate or Karate in general?
    I noticed all the bashing of Shotokan, which from what I have heard is a "Kata karate". Are we also talking about knockdown karate in general?
    Saying Kyokushin, Enshin, Ashihara, and daido juku karate is useless is kinda stupid.

    Having bad experience with crappy TMA and then starting some real fullcontact fighting art does not give any reason to bash knockdown karate.
  20. Oversoul

    Oversoul Valued Member

    Right, except it's usually only spelled with that extraneous "i" by BJJ'ers. It makes more sense to spell it "jujutsu" or "jujitsu."
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