Karate + Judo ?

Discussion in 'Judo' started by WebbMonk, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Adam

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    I have. Many times. My beef is with the ineffective sweeps being taught, the ones that don't do any damage. I took a sissy sweep the other day that made me float and winded me like nobody's business, and my back still hurts from it. I just think you shouldn't be awarded an ippon for doing sweeps that do NO damage.
  2. Freeform

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    I've just finished reading Gene Lebell's autobiography, no mention of karate there. LeBell was a Judoka/wrestler who also did a bit of boxing.

  3. shootodog

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    yes. the karate that i mentioned is ukidokan a style made by gene labell's good friend benny "the jet" urquidez. benny urquidez sometimes practices at and with judo gene's place in so cal.
  4. redbull

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    I agree with regarding the sweeps, most of them will not serious injure someone in a real fight since u will not get enough elevation for a really hard fall. Some like deashi harai u might be able to get some elevation if but i doubt it's enough to cause serious injury. However throws like uchi mata, seo nage or osoto gari or tai otochi are sure to knock the fight out of anyone.
  5. FortuneFaded

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    For self defense i think Judo is pretty good, generally in a scrap up whent he person falls down they sorta give in, well in school fights which dont last long, and if its someone drunk...

    If you leg swipes, there good enough to get someone down and its well easy to do a hiop throw when people begin to grapple, you know pushing around before a fight starts, as in a tao-toshi, you just pull the person towards you and put your leg out, teaches the person a lesson.. :D

    anyway, yeah judo doesnt have striking but in a real situation i'm sure once you've thrown someone to the ground you could kick their head in...
  6. SamuraiFire

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    Well said buddy!

    And remember, the damage those throws are going to do will be greatly amplified by concrete. Once you get good at the technique of these throws then you can start to control the hardness with which you throw people.
  7. Furikuchan

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    I've trained for an equal amount of time in both arts, so I think I can handle this question.
    You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff from your karate training that will carry over into judo. Stances, punches, blocks, kicks, and movmement all apply to judo. I am totally serious on this. Hear me out.
    The strikes of karate, or at least the force behind them, should carry over into your judo. Take a grip with the force of a punch. Throw a sweep with the force of a kick. The same body dynamics required to do karate are required to do judo. After a while, you will find that the two arts are not that different at all.
  8. SamuraiFire

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    That may be true (i don't know but i wont argue with someone who has more experience in both than me :) )

    But the conditioning and training for supremacy in these arts will be a bit different. Grappling is very different to striking...apparently the design of the human body is more geared towards grappling than striking.

    I have a Geoff Thompson book "Weight Training for the Martial Artist" and there are two different routines for strikers and grapplers, you can mix them though.
  9. Freeform

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    Geoff's books are generally good, but I don't like his Weight training one. Its not very good.

  10. FortuneFaded

    FortuneFaded Feel my Squirrely wrath!

    If i'm getting attacked by someone, i don't think i will care for letting them go down easy, i think if anything, i'd do a move and let go of them. It would be amusing to do a tomoenage, then launch the person on to some heavy duty concrete...
  11. aml01_ph

    aml01_ph Urrgggh...

    Judo is good for a karateka as karate is good for a judoka. When I first started judo, others in my class were mazed at how quick I was to learn most of the throws, the rolls and the falls (also happened when I partcipated in aikido but that is another story). Take advantage of the oppurtunity. It would be good for you as a martial artist.

    The only problem I can see with your setup is the integration of training and skills learning.

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