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Discussion in 'Judo' started by WebbMonk, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. WebbMonk

    WebbMonk New Member

    I'm currently studying Karate and my dojo, and for the same price I can attend a Judo class as well. My question: is Judo helpfull for self defence or is it just for competitions? I saw a similar topic a page back or so, but after about 3 posts you guys were talken in the Japanese names wich are hard for me do figure out. I feel like I would be safe in a close fight, ie if someone grabbed me and whatnot with just Karate. Would Judo be a help for real fighting?

    - DarkMonk
  2. Hybrid_Killer

    Hybrid_Killer New Member

    Judo is very good for SD and fighting and its grappling and groundwork would go well with karate.Id say judo is much better for close fighting and scenarios where people grab you then karate is.
  3. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Based on my own limited experience with judo, I'd say it depends on the mindset with which you train. Judoka seem to get all too caught up in tournament rules and ineffective throws not doing any damage as well as not following up on your moves with submissions. I also think that the easiest thing in the world would be to smack a judoka in the face, as they don't have any kind of striking defense (in sporting judo at least). Still, judo has brilliant techniques for taking people down and injuring at the same time and has submission moves and chokes galore, although they're not trained a lot in most judo. Problem with judo as a self-defense art is the rules and the very great focus on tournaments IMO.
  4. DAT

    DAT Valued Member

    Why wouldn't armbars, chokes and devastating throws add to your self defense prowess :confused:
  5. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Because judoka usually train them in a tournament fashion, not for real fighting. For instance, you train a lot of tripping moves, but when the opponent is down, you DON'T follow up with strikes or submissions. Tripping somebody isn't going to win you any fight, is it?
  6. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    It will if the trip knocks them out or worse, when their head collides with Mother Earth....
  7. Hybrid_Killer

    Hybrid_Killer New Member

    Umm if you are stupid enough not to follow thru with punches,kicks or knees to the head after you tripped him...you just have no idea how to fight.

    Its called instinct.
  8. Adam

    Adam New Member

    And how are your punches, kicks and knees to the head after you trip him going to be effective if you don't train to do them?

    Instinct or not, you still need proper training in using those techs appropriately.
  9. Hybrid_Killer

    Hybrid_Killer New Member

    Well thats why i do Muay Thai with my bjj so i can train with those techs.

    But kicking,kneeing or punching a fellow whos stunned on the ground is not hard at all.

    Or are you saying that if an an average man kneed you in the face full on it wouldnt hurt?
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  10. Adam

    Adam New Member

    I'm saying that he might not know how to get maximum effect out of his attacks with just judo training, such nasty attacks not being part of mainstream judo.

    That being said, judo techniques are brilliant for real fighting, provided you know how and when to use them. And a combination of karate and judo would be a good mix.
  11. SamuraiFire

    SamuraiFire Banned Banned

    Yes do judo

    With most martial arts INCLUDING KARATE you'd have to adapt it for self defence (in karate's case you'd actually have to start training properly, dispense with katas and do some hard realistic sparring) but judo is much more hardcore than karate and i'd definately advise it. To be the honest the only karate i've seen i like the look of is kyokushinkai and some of those other full contact ones.
  12. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Yes, it will definately help with SD if you keep your 'fight' head on. The problem being the lack of integration between the styles, there is very little inbetween to float in.

  13. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Judo class for free?

    Bite his hand off!
  14. DAT

    DAT Valued Member

    A legitimate black belt in Judo who doesn't understand how to apply his art in a self defense application...I'd have to see it to believe it. I think the young martial artist being indoctrinated in this mma era lose perspective on the big picture and everthing that has proceeded the explosion of mma/K-1, UFC, etc. Boxing/MT/wrestling/are "tournament sports". You don't think a seasoned veteran of any of these "sports" wouldn't know how to take care of himself?

    I don't see much difference between an accomplished BJJ/Judo practioner. There is little to choose between Gracie's orginal BJJ and Kodokan Judo. Let's not make this rocket science. There's four limbs, height and weight to consider. A "fighter" who hones his skill in the ring or the mat has a big advantage over the average martial artist who never/rarely pits his skills against another in a "real" all out situation. As in any fight between trained or skilled fighters, the one who can impose his skill advantage over the other will be victorious. Period.
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  15. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    judo + karate = good times!

    gotta post on this thread!

    a few years back, at the adventof mma/ nhb, i met a guy from so-cal. he's a pinoy that grew up there and was here to visit his relatives. a couple of guys i knew set up a sparring + cocktails over at a friend's house and he was there.

    he asked us if we were impressed by the ufc. we said yes. and he proceeded to show us how mixed martial arts worked in combination. it was impressive (please remember that back in the early 90s, to stand-up fighters, this combination stuff seemed awesome).

    we asked about his background and said that all he had learned was judo and karate. his judo came from judo gene labell and his karate was ukidokan karate (from benny "the jet" urquidez).

    i always dreamed of taking up judo gene labell and ukidokan after that.
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  16. Osu

    Osu New Member

    I practise karate too (kyokushin) and I too am considering taking judo lessons to learn some techniques that karate doesn't have. The idea behind this being that IMO karate is for longer distance (striking) and judo for shorter distance (clinch/throw and ground). I've read some things about judo and seen some tournament vids about it and I actually got the impression that judo does have good groundwork concerning subs/chokes, although tournaments seem to focus mainly on throwing. The post I quoted above suggests, however, that groundwork is not extensively trained in judo. So my question is: does judo train much for groundwork and self-defence or not? What are your experiences?
  17. WebbMonk

    WebbMonk New Member


    Sounds good to me... as I said its the same price as I am paying now.. and I didnt know that you actually practice submissions in Judo. I can't wait to get started, I'll feel a heck of alot more well rounded with some throws and submissions under my belt. Thanks all.

    - DarkMonk
  18. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Osu, that depends on the dojo. The instructor at my dojo is very groundwork-happy, so we spend most of our time rolling around on the floor submitting each other. Our ratio is about 70% ground, 30% standing. As for self defense, I suppose you can find judo dojos that teach self-defense orientated judo, but most appear to be more about winning tournaments. Still, go for judo. Follow in the footsteps of Oyama, mixing kyokushin and judo :D
  19. Mr_Massacre

    Mr_Massacre New Member

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  20. redbull

    redbull New Member

    I take it u've never been thrown by a judoka. One good throw in a soft mat will knock you wind out, one good throw in a concrete sidewalk will knock u out. to say that judokas train mainly on tripping throws is just ignorant.

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