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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Renegade80, Aug 19, 2014.

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    typical karate kumite is an abomination.

    also, @rne: going by what you quoted, funakoshi didn't say that, he said "here" the hikite is a pulling motion. hardly translates to "all hikite everywhere is a pull"
  2. belltoller

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    Your take on why the use of elbows didn't take root at that time? Other than it seems counter-intuitive/awkward.
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    What Ap Oweyn said.

    MMA may not have nut shots, eye pokes and the like, but those are rainy day stuff, MMA teaches you valuable stuff about applying and stopping other people applying things that you 100 percent WILL encounter in a fight. (punch to the head, grab, etc) and does it against someone who doesnt want you doing them on him and wants to do them to you. why....its pretty much a real fight when you think about it. Sure there are no multiple opponents, but when you think about it, is knowing eye pokes etc REALLY going to help if three angry drunks rush at you go nuts?
  4. Hannibal

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    They were used, but infrequently. Probably because they were just considered tactically akward to land. I belive Bob Fitzsimmons used to deliver a lot of elbow strikes in his pre-Marquis fighting days

    It's also worth mentioning that hammerfist was also common, targetting to the nape being a favourite
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    I love this statement so much that I'd marry it if I could.
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    This quote should be presented every time someone decries MMA.
  7. Smitfire

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    If I was inventing a competition format to test ability in "self defence" or a real encounter I'd include all sorts of different things.
    100 metres sprint. No point advocating "escape" as a primary self defence aim if you are a fatass that can't do a decent 100 metres.
    Probably add in a 1k too. No point running 100 metres and then collapsing. Your attacker might able to run 110 metres. :)
    Some sort of assault course. Again...there's no point advocating escape and survival for self defence if, in trying to escape, you can't dodge, shimmy, get over a 6 foot wall, vault a fence or duck under a bush in short order.
    Scenario situations like what jwt does. Formats where your goal isn't to "win" per se but escape. Scenarios where you have to help a third party. Scenarios where you have to restrain without hurting someone (drunk uncle situation).
    AND I'd include MMA sparring for those situations where, for whatever reason, you can't escape and have to actually fight someone to some sort of finish (or not get finished).
    Someone that can be functional in all those situations I think would be displaying the kind of skills needed for self defence.
    It'd be like a mix of decathlon, parkour and martial arts. :)
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    Not by all TMA folk. Not all TMA guys dislike "sport". TMA had "sport" long before the birth of MMA.

    One thing that people may ignore is that competition is "fun". Sometime even money cannot buy that kind of fun. When your opponent tries very hard to knock/take you down and you are still standing, you will smile in your dream for many nights. If you can use your "single leg" to take down 7 guys in a single tournament, you will smile in your dreams for many months.



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  9. belltoller

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    This sounds about right.

    Sign me up.
  10. FunnyBadger

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    Sounds a lot like basic military training to me that , just a lot less ironing and cleaning involved : )
    Oh and there's no guns involved in that . . . Probably for the best lol
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  11. itf-taekwondo

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    But even that's disputable. Machida moves fantastic, but in which part of a dojo training in Karate do you learn movements like that?

    Maybe just enough point fighting competition in Shotokan makes you fast, and that's that.
  12. Hannibal

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    He cross trains so you see a base modified to fit within a competitive ruleset

    I fail to see why you find this concept so bloody hard to grasp
  13. itf-taekwondo

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    So does everybody else. Yet no one comes close to him in this regard.

    I mean to specifically point to here's his karate background"/I] Of course you do have "kumite" in dojos, but I have been told different schools emphazies it differently. And I am not sure it's as fast paced as a regular point fighting tournament.
  14. Hannibal

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    Because their base isn't karate - whatever base they have you will see modified to fit within a competitive ruleset

    Seriously, what part of this is confusing you?
  15. itf-taekwondo

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    I am objecting to the base of karate having anything to do with superior movement, judging only from karate training.

    But I do believe a background in point fighting karate could be the answer.
  16. Hannibal

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    Your experience in karate is what again...?

    This isn't about art it's about training methodology - end of
  17. itf-taekwondo

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    Well my father is shihan, and I have seen them train in a dojo. Seen other dojos.. nothing emphazies lyotos profiency in movement.
  18. Hannibal

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    Lets try again


    Does that look any clearer or do you need dancing pixies too?
  19. Simon

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    Your father, your father, your father.

    You've seen then train in A dojo.

    You've heard...

    I do believe...

    Stop acting the troll and go train.

    The answers are in to be found in the gym, not from hearsay, not from hand me down information and not from You Tube.
  20. itf-taekwondo

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    Yes, and that training methodology is not karate. It's not innate in any karate philosophy of training - past or present. It's something they incorporated themselves, using lyotos streights and expanding on it.

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