Karate by Kung Fu guys???

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Tai Sabaki, Mar 19, 2016.

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    I just didn't even bother trying to make it rhyme.....
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    I knew one style/art that did this
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  5. Tom bayley

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    Just watched video [​IMG]
  6. Tom bayley

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    To expand a little. It makes me sad that the individual in the video has clearly spent time and effort learning and perfecting what he is doing. It is likely that he cares about what he does to be motivated to put in this time. Its a pity that so much time and investment should go in to an art that appears on to be sub par in form and mechanics.

    And as a traditional martial artist the video made my mind puke. The horror, the horror.

    Although as an aside - snails can quite happily walk along or across razor blades as the slime on their foot prevents the blade from cutting. so not only hammy acting by Brando but also inaccurate natural history.

    Note please do not experiment on your own snails. They do not need to suffer if I happen to be wrong.
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  7. BklynJames

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    My Take

    Ok if this is a Karate I see a few things slightly off. The persons blocks go past his body causing him to open himself up. Then there is the stance itself, its just a little too wide. There is no way you would be able to get off a kick no less a fast kick. Other than hopping back and forth there is really no other foot work I can see or tell. For being a multiple stripe dan he really doesnt seem powerful or fast. But then again a decent portion of schools here are of slightly less than good caliber. Aka McDojo...

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone..
  8. El Medico

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    You missed "There is absolutely no power in his kicks", and "He only arm punches and doesn't use hips OR stance shift,so no power there,either."

    I'm w/Tom,it's such a sorry thing to see someone who obviously has spent a lot of time developing and polishing......garbage.

    I was disappointed there wasn't a vid of their T'ai Chi.Really wanted to see what that looked like.

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