karate belt ranking system in ur academy

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  1. magpie

    magpie Valued Member

    10th Kyu White Belt
    9th Kyu White Belt
    8th Kyu yellow Belt
    7th Kyu orange Belt
    6th Kyu Green Belt
    5th Kyu purple Belt
    4th Kyu purple Belt
    3rd Kyu Brown Belt
    2nd Kyu Brown Belt
    1st Kyu Brown Belt

    1st dan (shodan)
    2nd dan
    3rd dan
    4th dan
    5th dan
    6th dan
    7th dan
    8th dan
    9th dan
    10th dan - when you pass away into the next life.
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  2. SMMA

    SMMA Mind-Body-Sprit

    When i learnt Shotokan (which is the style that i am most highly ranked in) the grading was;

    I am currently a 4th dan.
  3. Mike Flanagan

    Mike Flanagan Valued Member

    Hi Nanook

    How delightful to see someone sticking to the old Wado belt system. I presume you have black stripes to show the different levels at green and brown?

    This is the system used when I first started training. I've adopted the same idea in my club now. We used to use the same colours as most Shotokan groups but I never warmed to the array of bright colours. So now I do:

    Kyu Colour
    9 Orange
    8 Orange (1 black stripe)
    7 Orange (2 black stripe)
    6 Green
    5 Green (1 black stripe)
    4 Green (2 black stripes)
    3 Brown
    2 Brown(1 black stripe)
    1 Brown(2 black stripes)

  4. Blade96

    Blade96 shotokan karateka

    i do shotokan in a class where they teach adults so the belt levels are different than it is for kids. ours go like this.

    White >>>> me (yeah im a noob)

    1st Dan
    2nd Dan
    3rd Dan
    4th Dan
    5th Dan
    6th Dan
  5. jbbasince84

    jbbasince84 Valued Member

    Belt Rank Progression (Shotokan)

    Brown 3rd
    Brown 2nd
    Brown 1st
    Black 1st thru 10th

    (My present Rank is Godan 5th Black)

    Note: all kyu obis' in our school have a black stripe in the middle to remind the students to train with a Black Belt attitude.
  6. miriamgoldman

    miriamgoldman Valued Member

    I like that, very nice. :) Kind of a nice subtle motivation.
  7. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Ours is very simple...

    Blue (5th kyu)
    Yellow (4th)
    Green (3th
    Brown (2nd)
    Brown (1st)
    Black (1st Dan - now called Sempai)
    3rd Dan (Sensei)
    5th Dan (Shihan)

    Grading fees go up each time but that's more to do with he fact that the sparring requirements go up with them so you spend more time grading and take up more time of the examiner.
  8. MissKarate

    MissKarate Sankukai Karate

    2nd White (Red stripe)
    Yellow <--- My ranking
    Brown 1
    Brown 2
    Brown 3
    1st Dan - ?
  9. GrappleorWrestle

    GrappleorWrestle Valued Member

    Isshinryu Karate at my dojo:

    10th Kyu White Belt
    9th Kyu White Belt
    8th Kyu Yellow Belt
    7th Kyu Orange Belt
    6th Kyu Blue Belt
    5th Kyu Green Belt
    4th Kyu Purple Belt
    3rd Kyu Brown Belt
    2nd Kyu Brown Belt
    1st Kyu Brown Belt

    1st dan (shodan) Black Belt <---- Where I am.
    2nd dan Black 2 stripes
    3rd dan Black 3 stripes
    4th dan Black 4 stripes
    5th dan Black 5 Stripes
    6th dan Pass Masters test you get Red and White
    7th dan More Red than White
    8th dan Even More Red
    9th dan Almost Completely Red
    10th dan - Full Red
  10. Fabianos

    Fabianos New Member

    Fabiano's Karate uses the following ranking system:

    White Belt
    Purple Belt (Children)
    10th KYU - Yellow White Stripe
    9th KYU - Yellow Solid
    8th KYU - Orange White Stripe
    7th KYU - Orange Solid
    6th KYU - Green White Stripe
    5th KYU - Green Solid
    4th KYU - Blue While Stripe
    3rd KYU - Blue Solid
    2nd KYU - Brown White Stripe
    1st KYU - Brown Solid

    As I read around, most places seem to charge for testing. This is something we do not believe in and all of our testing is done when the student chooses, and is done for free. The only cost is for the Black Belt (which pays for the belt to be embroidered ONLY, not to actually test).
  11. locust

    locust Like a biblical plague

    Beginner = White belt
    10th kyu = White belt yellow tip
    9th kyu = White belt orange tip
    8th kyu = Yellow belt
    7th kyu = Yellow belt orange tip
    6th kyu = Orange belt
    5th kyu = Green belt
    4th kyu = Blue belt
    3rd kyu = Brown belt
    2nd kyu = Brown belt black tip
    1st kyu = Brown belt 2 black tips

    Dont ask me why its set like that i have not asked sensei
  12. flo0d

    flo0d Dingo

    Black (1st > 10th degree)

    * Each from White to Brown has a probationary level between the full belt. This is shown with a white stripe through the middle of the belt.

    * Black has 3 probationary levels, Black-White, Black-Green and Black-Red. When you go for your Full Black belt grading, you would be wearing the Black-Red belt.

    * The first 3 stripes on a black belt are Yellow (Gold), after that they are White.

    I am currently Black belt, first degree.

  13. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    white yellow orange green blue purple brown brown brown black black black black black red and white checkered thing.

    my goju ryu class had some funky belts but that is my current system
  14. lexmark

    lexmark Valued Member

    This is what it says on my school's website and it's translated from French if some of it doens't seem to make sense. Also, at least to go from from white to orange you need at least 3 months and 35hrs of training. I could have my 35hrs in another 6 weeks if I went to every available class but that wouldn't give me 3 months.

    "Kyokushin karate has a belt system similar to other own karate schools. The colors vary according to the federations, but according to the scheme adopted in Japan they appear in the following order:

    11th kyu - white;
    10th KYU - red or orange;
    9th KYU - red or orange with a bar;
    8th KYU - Blue;
    7th KYU - Blue with a bar;
    6th KYU - Yellow
    5th KYU - yellow with a bar;
    4th KYU - Green;
    3rd KYU - Green with a bar;
    2nd KYU - Brown;
    1st KYU - Brown;
    1 st dan - black with the name and surname of the person who succeeds his rank sent by the Honbu dojo (headquarters) in Japan;

    Once the student has reached the 1 st Kyu, which is the highest rank beginners, it can present the 1st dan. To reach the black belt 1 dan, shodan or he must master the kihon (basics), the ido geiko (basic movements), the goshinjitsu (self-defense), and the sanbon ippon kumite (fighting), the kata and their bunkai (understanding of the movements), the Tameshiwari (breaking of bricks and wood) and defeat the final kumite (combat).

    Examinations in Kyokushin are very difficult and from 8 th Kyu, each grade has the fighting increased in number gradually grade.

    The pretender to the rank must face during the fighting opponents in higher grade (or the same level in case of lack) and take the fight convincingly. The fighting in competitions are conducted as in competition - a commitment and strength to the maximum.
    Kyokushin allows obtaining a dan 1, after about 5 years of practice."
  15. Blade96

    Blade96 shotokan karateka

    Haha, nice to see this thread again, i also read my post where i was just a little white belt when i last posted in this!
  16. querist

    querist MAP Resident Linguist?

    Just for the record, not ALL Wing Chun schools use such a confusing system. It is nice, however, to have a clear list of the exact requirements.
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  17. kitkatninja

    kitkatninja Valued Member

    In my first association it was:

    Blue Belt (for Beginners) - 10th KYU
    Red Belt - 9th KYU
    Orange Belt - 8th KYU
    Yellow Belt - 7th KYU
    Green Belt - 6th KYU
    Purple Belt - 5th KYU
    Purple with White Stripe - 4th KYU
    Brown Belt - 3rd KYU
    Brown with White stripe - 2nd KYU
    Brown with Red stripe - 1st KYU
    Black Belt Intermediate (this is a new grade that they introduced recently - after I left), not sure if this is for everyone or just for kids
    Shodan - Black Belt - 1st Dan
    Nidan - Black Belt - 2nd Dan
    Sandan - Black Belt - 3rd Dan

    Not sure on the belt order of the association that I'm joining next week. Won't list the other ones :)
  18. 6footgeek

    6footgeek Meow

    we keep it simple. =D


    Takes at least 6 months to get to blue. i'm at blue =P
  19. Ives

    Ives Mokuteki o motte hajimeru

    Rather basic (traditional) at our school of karate:

    9th - 7th kyu: white belt;
    6th - 4th kyu: green belt;
    3rd - 1st kyu: brown belt;
    yudansha: black belt.

    (No stripes on the different belts.)
  20. 3percentmilk

    3percentmilk New Member

    I'm told that we use a traditional style of belts, but I'm just barely approaching my 9th kyu, so I'm no expert or anything.

    Anywho, I study Okinawan Shorin-ryu karate, and my specific branches belt style goes thusly (Stripes are horizonal, and sewn on to the end of the belt opposite of the manufacturer's logo):

    One starts with a white belt. The next rank, you get a green stripe. After you rank up to 3 stripes, you get a green belt. This is replicated with 3 brown stipes, brown belt, three black stripes, Shodan.

    I might be a little off for the brown belt though, as I don't think there's enough kyu's for 3 black stripes. Forgive me, hahah.

    Anywho, in terms of black belts, it's essentially the same looking belt up until 7th Dan, at which point you would get a belt that alternates red and white segments.

    Next time I'm in the dojo, I'll look into it more closely. I'm mostly just focusing on Katas, not belts, lol.

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