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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by prowla, Aug 20, 2016.

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    I'd rather like to try out Escrima, but I'm not familiar with the organisations/governing bodies and general structure of training - could anybody give an overview?

    I'd also like to see if there are any classes near me (I'm in Bracknell, near the Sports Centre, where MAP Meets have been run in the past). I've found a place in Maidenhead, but it looks a bit business-orientated and there's a set monthly DD twice a week fee, which is a bit too rigid for me at this stage.

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    I've put this out to our Twitter and Facebook followers and will let you know if I get any feedback.
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    You can try and get a hold of a couple of fellow arnisadors by the name of Pat Omalley who runs rapid arnis.. He is one of the head shakers and movers of arnis in the Uk.. You can also get a hold of the British council of kali, eskrima and arnis, they are one of the major organizations of the fma in the UK.. For silat training, You can get a hold of Glenn Lobo who also teaches eskrima as well as malaysian silat
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  5. prowla

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    Thanks for those comments - appreciated.
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    This one?


    The club is part of Krishna Godhania's Warriors Eskrima group. Krishna is pretty well respected in the martial arts world, so I would suggest you at least check out the gym.

    Just remember that a martial arts gym that is "business orientated" is not necessarily a bad thing. The instruction is highly important (obviously) but nothing wrong with good facilities and a well run gym, even if it means paying the extra for.

    Training for free with an grumpy, drunk and aging master in a cave is not as good as the films make it out to be. :p
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    It's all lies - I'm not always drunk and that's where I do most of my best work. Definitely grumpy though, definitely grumpy.

    Seconded on the Maidenhead place though - definitely worth a look and a decent price for 2 sessions a week.
  8. prowla

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    Yes - that's it.

    I popped across during a lunch break to take a look; there was a general fitness class going on.

    Unfortunately, though, the particular class times don't suit me (Friday evening & Sunday afternoon), so that one will probably not do.

    I didn't mean anything negative in the "business orientated" comment, but just that the monthly DD fees approach is a bit rigid.

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