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Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by Dao, Sep 7, 2010.

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    I noitice the jujutsu section has become a bit stale of late so I thought I would post this up to see who lurks around these parts.
    If you read this please take the time to contribute and describe your style.*
    Jujutsu comes in all shapes and sizes do I will nominate the following categories for describing your style:
    Koryu (traditional)
    Gendai (psuedo-traditional, or a modern style with a traditional base)
    Modern (post WWII, possibly from a judo base)
    Western (modern style with no historical connection to Japan)
    Ecclectic (pieced together from other arts eg. Aikido crossed with judo crossed with karatedo)

    Please describe your style using one or more of the above categories or nominate a new category. Most styles will fit close to one of these but may need qualifying statement eg. "post WWII but not judo based"*

    Jujutsu can have a number of aims so I will nominate the following aims:
    Self defence
    Health & fitness

    Please describe the focus of your style using one or more of these or nominate a new one.*

    Finally, what inspires you to study Jujutsu as opposed to any of the other arts out there? (please don't use this to rubbish other arts as this is not the spirit of this thread)

    I will post soon with my own answers as this post us getting a bit long.

  2. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    Ok, to get the ball rolling,

    My style is modern/ gendai style with no real relationship to judo.
    It is based on Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu but it is difficult to say how similar/different it is to how it was 100 years ago. I would guess it is significantly different given the modern influences.

    As for the focus of training, it is self defence based. Certainly has applicability to the LE/military fields but as it is taught it is a practical self defence system. Obviously there are some very modest health and fitness aspects but certainly this is not a focus.

    Your turn!

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