Judo or BJJ for self defense?

Discussion in 'Judo' started by joeca, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. joeca

    joeca New Member

    Whats better for self defense judo or bjj?

    I've been taking judo for about 2 months and I love it. especially the groundwork, at my dojo we split it up 50/50 between throws and groundwork.

    The only things that bother me about judo are, lack of practice in self defense technique's like defense against punches or kicks. the atemi waza isn't taught until you are upper ranking, and the competition rules limit more and more technique's, such as flying sciscors and leg bars and any small joint manipulation.

    The other thing i was thinking of is how practical are the mat holdowns in say a real fight, say kesa gatama or kata gatame for example, ok sure they provide a transition hold for something else say an armbar but how effective they are by themselves for a period of time seems shaky. Both leave an arm free to punch you in the head back, ribs, take your pick.

    With bjj on the other hand, it seems they haven't neutered technique's so much on the ground. However there is zilch for standup fighting, except a few copied throws from judo. But it's not always best to bring it to the ground so..... Opinions welcome thanks.
  2. warren

    warren Valued Member

    i would go with the judo as the ground isn't the place where you want to fight
    and with judo you learn good ground work anyway.
    if you throw someone head first into the ground the chances of them getting up again are slim and you can always follow up with kicks,stamps or locks that don't involve going to the ground yourself where his mates can stick the boot in.regardless to what people imagine not many fights go to the ground anyway from my experience.
    you could try japanese ju jutsu plenty of self defence throws and locks where you don't have to go to the ground,however i'm biased because thats the art i practice.
  3. Adam

    Adam New Member

    I would say judo in general, but make sure that you get enough ground time as well as standing randori, as some judokas I've met have had sub-par newaza skills for somebody with their experience. But I believe judo throwing is more useful than BJJ subs for real fighting situations. Just my opinion....

    EDIT: If I however wanted to mess someone up really badly by attacking him, I'd go for the BJJ. Grounded joint snaps and chokes anyone?
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  4. TheMasterSword

    TheMasterSword Cunning Linguist

    as far as what is better for self-defense.. i would say judo because it teaches you stand-up throws and trips (nage waza), fundamentals of balance,and ground work (however, limited) as well....... bjj is an effective art but in terms of self defense, personallly i dont wanna be on the ground working a guillotine when i know his friends are coming at me with bottles, knives, etc. etc..

    if you're lucky enough take both... they compliment each especially in the fact that some techniques used in bjj are banned

    also warren had a good idea with a japanese ju jutsu.. if combines your judo training with atemi waza and kansetsu waza (striking and bone breaking)

    so if you're very very lucky try some judo, bjj, ju jutsu, and possibly thai boxing to further improve your striking

    side note... i feel that the gatame's are very effective for controlling your opponent without hurting them (jita kyoei)... if one of my friends or uncle bobby have a lil too much to drink i dont think i would want to put them in a choke, arm lock, etc. etc... when you hold someone down in a gatame their strikes are weak (more annoying than anything) which will give you the upper hand to counter their attack or jus continue the hold till they're outta breath
  5. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    both! both work! it'll work if you know how to work it.

    the problem with some judo dojos is that they emphasise the sport aspect too much. judo, as a martial art is great (my wife is a judoka. she scares me).

    bjj teaches vale tudo (or at least the program should include it).
  6. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    It is a bit of a myth to say that BJJ is only a ground based art, but I can understand where it comes from. From my perspective i would say both - it really doesn't matter. However, i much prefer BJJ as it fits with my fighting style and philosophy better. There is a greater emphasis on standing locks for example and if you do go down to the floor you stay there rather than stand up after 30 secs. BJJ also contains strikes (of sorts) and is more "complete" than Judo.

    Both are great arts with a lot to offer. try them both an enjoy!

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