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Discussion in 'Judo' started by stickgirl, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. stickgirl

    stickgirl Valued Member

    can anyone recommend a good club in the leeds area of yorkshire.
  2. kobudo_tob

    kobudo_tob Valued Member

    Check out "Eddie's" - Leeds Martial Arts.

    He has hundreds of posters in the shop, so I don't think it would be hard to find one Judo school.

    If you look closely on his wall, you might find a piccy of moi :)
  3. Posiview

    Posiview New Member

    If you've not found a judo school yet, why not pop up to John Smeaton school on Thursday evening 7-8 for ju jitsu??

    We do mainly ju jitsu but some judo as one of the instructors is also black belt in judo........
  4. stickgirl

    stickgirl Valued Member

    Sounds good, where abouts is the gym, costs etc?
  5. Posiview

    Posiview New Member

    Try this link: Directions

    Smeaton Approach, Barwick Road
    LS15 8TA

    You'll have to zoom out a bit. Basically, it's up York Road, past Asda on your left, past Burger King on your left, second left at roundabout, past Netto on your left, thought the roundabout, straight up past a new housing complex on your left and you should see the school on your right about 200 meters further up, take a right onto Barwick Road for about 100 meters and take a left into the school car park. Into school and up stairs, turn left at top, then right and you've arrived!!

    Thursday evenings from 6-7 for juniors and 7-8 for seniors (although some intermediates train for the full two hours). Cost £4.50.

    Sensei Patrick and Sensei Mike run the club; myself, my partner, Jackie Faz andare Assistant Instructors.

    There's usually about 35-40 junior/intermidiates and around 8-10 adults.

    It's a very welcoming and inclusive club. NO machismo or egos!

    Hope to see you there.......

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