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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by tulsa, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Lol! Based on the options you give me, I choose "or what". I am simply pointing out that in the past Kuk Sool practitioners competed against other arts with great success and judged in open tournaments as officals with competence. How do I know this? I was there. :)
  2. tulsa

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    This sounds like the Vidal Sassoon Martial Arts Competition.
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    how can you possibly asked such a ridiculous question? you could never judge an open tournament unless you were of high rank in various different martial arts and understood the art itself. i personally could never sit and judge anyone doing a martial arts i myself didnt do and wouldnt want someone to do the same for myself.
  4. tulsa

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    Then once again when an open tournament is held and you go to it who judges you? This is a statement is so far off, WE all know that there will never be enough High Level Instructors in Multiple Arts that can judge at an tournament. When these tournaments are held I guarantee that most of the judges are just 1st dans in there arts. You have school owners that come and they help out for free and they are only trained in one art. So what world do you live in?
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    Dear Tulsa:

    The following are Attributes----and their descriptions----that we use in the YEON MU KWAN to assess the execution of a given method whether with or without a weapon.
    Perhaps these might be of some use. I know they have served me well and I have just finished discussing these on another thread when I noticed your request.

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    As hard as it might be these open tournaments rely on the willingness of people to judge. Many would not run at all without such cooperation - would that be a better outcome?
  7. Bruce W Sims

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    Will do.

    Best Wishes,


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