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    Pak/Buk Sing has 3 hand forms.

    We now return you to aardia's regularly scheduled workout.
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    Tuesday, January 4, 2022 -

    I woke up still in a rather anxious funky state and did not want to work out tonight. Leftover from my mood and mental state last night. So, I figured maybe I needed a break and decided to give myself permission to NOT go. But I packed my uniform just in case I changed my mind.

    Sure enough, as the day wore on, I thought more and more that I WAS now in the mood to go.

    Again, my work schedule REALLY stinks right now. There is a class just for black to senior black on this night that we students begged for for years. And it is an awesome class! And my current work schedule makes me miss it. :(:mad: Lots of work politics, but I am rather ticked off about it. I won't get into it here more than that. But, trust me, it is messed up!

    So anyways, Tuesdays are now my Wall Bag and Wooden Dummy night. Until recently with the pandemic, I wouldn't go inside at all, even when it was allowed. And I wouldn't touch anything inside. Starting a couple of months ago, I decided I go inside on rare occasion. When the big room has not had anyone in it for awhile (i.e. not right after a group class) and with the ceiling fans, big and little door wide open, I will go in. Tuesday nights this late are such a "safer" time. And no one is around the equipment. I wear a KN95, and these sleeves I bought and that I am not touching the equipment. AND I wipe it down with my own wipes before and after.

    The thing is, :mad:(rant mode on) one thing I have noticed during the pandemic, is a lot of people give lip service to disinfecting, but they don't really do it properly. Wiping down with disinfecting cleaner or wipes is NOT good enough! If you read the directions, the surface has to stay wet for anywhere from 4 to 12 minutes, depending on the cleaner. So, while my school is good about cleaning and disinfecting, I still am not sure if they do the true length of disinfecting required. This is where my OCD has helped me from getting sick. Yeah, it made me pay attention to the directions, frankly, if you look around, you will see what I say is true. Most people everywhere don't really disinfect, they wipe down. (Rant mode off.):mad:

    Ok, so I use there bleach cleaner spray for the bags and pads, but my own wipes and disinfect.

    And with all that, I feel safe using the Wall Bag and wooden dummy! And it feels REALLY good to make contact!!!

    I also did some Seated form afterwards. I am doing seated form because it and the Kwan Dao are the two forms that are not quite test ready in my TCC curriculum. And I am close. So I am really focusing and prioritizing those right now.

    Also that leg exercise my CLF instructor gave me - Side version.

    I did end up wasting some of the very little time I have on this night chatting with my CLF instructor and Ms. R.

    So, school closed around 9:15.

    I will estimate.......

    30 Minutes.

    These are the sleeves I wear for this. Not a sales pitch. Just showing what I got.
    Kevlar-Sleeves Arm Protection Sleeves with Thumb Hole, MOKEYDOU [18" Inch Long, 9"-14" Wide] Safety Arm Guide Cut, Heat Resistant Protective Mechanic Sleeves
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    Wednesday, January 5, 2022 -

    Wednesdays are CLF format night. We format the forms for senior Black Sash. I do this with Ms. M and Ms. R. However, Ms. R was out today, so it was just Ms. M and I.

    6:30 - CLF Format. Ng Lun Ma & Ng Lun Choi, Wooden Dummy (in the air), Sup Ji Kau Da, Siu Moi Fa, Moi Fa Dahn Do (Broadsword), Staff, Butterfly Knives, Throat Locking Spear, Hung Sing Stick, 3 Section Staff, Formal exercise, Hand Breaking Fan, 9 Star (solo), wall bag (in the air), Sup Ji Jit Fu, Golden Leopard vs Tiger (both sides, solo), Small 5 Animal, Shaolin 5 Animal, Ping Kuen.

    Finished at 7:53. Pretty good time. The goal is to do all the forms in an hour and a half. Only forms we didn't do is the rest of the two person forms. (Plum Blossom vs. Cross Pattern, Broadsword vs Spear, and the two person staff form.)

    My right knee pain causes issues and holds me back in formatting. It is frustrating.

    I was tired after this. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be doing it right. :eek:

    Ms. M is learning the 18 Lohan, so we went through up to the point she learned. She is close to the end.

    Solo TCC practice after this. Some of this wasn't as intense as it could have been. Did I mention I was tired after formatting? :p Cane, Broadsword, Plum Blossom Jian, 5 element Yin-Yang Palm, Kwan-Yin seated, Kwan-Dao, Double Fan. Could have stayed longer, but I was too tired to.

    I will talk about my learning this form in more detail soon. Here is part of the Kwan-Yin Seated form. Shortened Exhibition version. (Done with beginning and end made up for exhibition. It is usually ALL seated. Also done faster than normal. But still....)

    Finished at 9:05

    2 Hours and 35 Minutes
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    Thursday, January 6, 2022 -

    6:30 - Solo TCC practice. There is the class I used to go to, the last half of TCC group class. But it is usually inside now. I don't like to go inside much. So........Focused on my test materials . Double cudgels, 5 Element Yin-Yang Palm, 5 element Broadsword. Had started Seated form, but it was time for the next class.

    7:00 - Tai Sifu CLF class. He really detailed out basic foundational moves for the staff. Then same with forms 1 & 2. (Tsop Choi and Poon Kiu). Then we went through Gung Ji, with less detail.

    8:00 - Solo TCC practice. My right knee is still sore and painful after formatting last night. Lohan Taming Tiger, Plum Blossom Gim, Double Fan. Part of small circle fast form. I am stuck on remembering how to do this one part, but I keep forgetting to ask for help either during my TCC lesson, or whenever I see an instructor that can help.

    8:30 - TCC Private lesson. Well, it looks like I started formatting for my test. I thought I would have another observation or two with Tai-Sifu first. Apparently, I won't need another observation this level. So, my instructor said the goal is 4 good formats in a row and then I will be test ready.

    I don't think tonight counted. I didn't do bad, but I did have some clarification questions on recent corrections for the Kwan-Dao and to a lesser extent, the Seated form. Other forms for the format were double cudgels, broadsword, and 5 Element Yin-Yang Palm.

    5 Element Yin-Yang palm is a weird form, but I like it. It is one my GM developed. Like the name implies, it focuses on various martial applications of palm strikes and moves. I wish I could show a video clip, but none exist that I have been able to find.

    So instead I will show the broadsword form. As any of my friends at the school know ad nauseum, the broadsword is my least favorite weapon. I didn't want to learn it, but frankly, there are not a lot of forms left and I needed a short weapon for my current curriculum.

    To be fair, I resisted this, but it HAS, like it always does, helped to learn a weapon from both a TCC and a CLF perspective. It isn't too bad I guess, for a broadsword form. Probably will NOT be a form I keep up on once I test. We will see. I said that about the cane form, but I ended up really liking to do it and still practice that one regularly. (The cane is a very useful form, but I still think it is a pretty darn ugly form.)

    9:00 School closes

    I meant to do some kettlebell when I got home. But I forgot until I was all settled in. And I didn't want to go outside in the cold. So, I wimped out.

    2 hours and 30 minutes
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    I stil can't wrap my head around how many form you learn and practice. I understand it is possible, since you seem to be training A LOT. How is it for other students in your school, though? What is, like, approximately the average number of forms one person knows or practices?

    And one more question. I don't think I've ever heard the word "format" in this sense. What does it mean to "format" for the test? What is the difference from "practice"? I don't think a dictionary would help me here...

    Unofortunately, the video says:
    Video unavailable
    Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.
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    You can click in the "watch on youtube part below that to see the video. I wish our GM didn't disable the embedding to watch directly. But the link is there. I trust I am well enough established on MAP for people to know I am not trying to pimp my GM's channel. I just want to show what I am working on.

    Format is the final stage before being deemed ready to test. You have learned the moves, gotten the corrections down for the most part. I mean, instructors will always be suggesting improvements, but at this point you should be able to demonstrate the details, low stances, eye focus, power, specific details, etc. Also, it means you have had all your observations. An observation is where your instructor calls in the head of our school- our Sifu (in our school locations case our Tai Sifu) and he has given HIS corrections. Tai Sifu also has to let the instructor know what needs to be corrected before being test ready. In some cases, Tai Sifu has to see you again to verify the corrections have been made. However, my two instructors are Senior level, and Tai Sifu trusts them to know when the corrections are done and the student is test ready.

    Format is when you basically run through your entire test format in your lesson (or on your own) as if you are testing. Same intensity as if testing. The instructor largely will not comment in detail until the end of the test. It is a "dress rehearsal" basically. One will have to do this multiple lessons in a row to demonstrate that there is consistency in performing the material to a certain standard.

    Let me know if that explanation is clear or not. I just started my coffee! :D

    Most students do not get to the level to know so many forms. We only have I think 11 or 12 Black Sashes or higher in Choy Li Fut in a school of approximately 250 students. I think we have around a half dozen black fringe or higher. I don't know how many Tai Chi students total, but the number is much smaller than the CLF students.

    Only a small percentage of us students study BOTH Tai Chi Chuan AND the Choy Li Fut. Of the students who reach advanced levels, many don't try to keep up on the older forms very much. I try to keep up on them for several reasons. They are my mental challenge to use my brain as I get older. My "crossword puzzles" so to speak. Also, I am very into the history and geek out on keeping up on them.

    With Omicron running rampant, the plan to add sparring classes is apparently being pulled back. I think they will still have the class, but it will be limited to solo socially distant drills. I still don't trust it as it is indoors. Looks like Push hands won't be happening anytime soon either. I don't see grappling classes starting up soon either. I am not sure if they are planning on going ahead with re-opening stick fighting.

    I am seriously going to look into getting a heavy bag installed at home. I thought I would trust using the school bags soon. But with Omicron, no...........:( So, again, this frees up time I would not have to stay up on more than usual. Someday, combatives will be fully reopen and safe enough for me to feel ok returning to them. I will have to let some forms go at that point.
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    Friday, 1/7/2022 -

    6:30 - Tai Sifu advanced TCC class - This used to be a 1/2 hour class once a month, but Tai Sifu expanded it greatly. It is now a full hour every week! This was the first class under this new format! Mostly we focused on the 48 combination. Which is great because I am rusty on that one. It is one of the forms I let slide. We also did just the very beginning of the flute form.

    Super happy about this class, but it really put my routine in chaos though. I am working on new private CLF lesson times so I can go to all of this class. It also is making my two person partner practice session have to be moved around. It's hard because of my aforementioned lame work schedule. And what practice time I have is pretty booked and hard to move around. It's going to take some time to sort it out.

    7:30 - Two person practice with Ms. B and Ms. M. We started with doing the two person stuff solo style. It is something we did only for a long time due to Covid. Basically, we didn't want to lose the memory of the forms when we couldn't make contact. The idea was when we could make contact, we wouldn't have to start from scratch. It largely worked. We decided it is still very useful to run through them solo before doing them two person style. So we have kept up the practice. We did both sides of Golden Leopard vs Tiger and the Plum Blossom vs Cross Pattern forms.

    Then Ms. B and I did some contact practice of the Plum Blossom vs Cross Pattern form.

    8:00 Ms. Banks leaves at 8. Normally Ms. M and I continue to practice. But I cancelled it because of my right knee bothering me. I did TCC instead. TCC still bothers my knee, but not as much. I mostly focused on my test materials. (Kwan-Dao, 5 Element Yin-Yang Palm, double cudgels, broadsword and Kwan Yin Seated.) Little bit of Plum Blossom Gim and Lohan Taming tiger, but mostly the test curriculum stuff.

    9:20 Went home.

    2 hours and 50 Minutes
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    Aaaah i totally overlooked that XD Sorry.
    Now that I look at it, it's interesting. I called this weapon sabre before (at least that's what we call it in Czech), but we do have a form with this weapon, too. I have only seen it a few times, but it looks to me like the techniques are fairly similar (which isn'T very surprising), but with very different footwork and stances. The form we have in our style is also rather fast and explosive, so it it interesting to see it done slow.

    Thanks for the explanation, I understand now :) So it really does seem your grading is getting closer! Will the grading be only for TCC? Or do you grade for both arts at the same time?

    It sounds to me like a good idea to try to review the old forms, at least those you like. It is a pity to forget them. But I do get why people are moving on with such a wide curiculum.
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    No, not as close with my CLF. My goal is to test in CLF sometime this year. But I am not officially formatting with my instructor yet. (I run through a format with a couple of others every Wednesday though.)
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    Saturday, January 8, 2022 -

    Weird day where I broke up my training in several parts throughout the day.

    10:00 - TCC practice with Ms. S. Ms. S was an experienced advanced student when I was a newbie. I have great respect and affection towards her. She is the only other student at my school learning the Kwan-Dao. She is newer to it than I. So we got together to practice it. We also did just a touch of the Lohan taming tiger. We did some practice, but a lot of catching up talking. I have barely seen her since the pandemic started. Was there with her for about an hour and a half, but I would estimate our practice time as about.....

    30 Minutes.

    Then I went home, fixed some food. Hung out a bit and then went back to the school.

    1:00 - Solo practice. CLF Hung Sing stick, Siu Moi Fa. TCC Broadsword. Lohan Taming Tiger, Plum Blossom Gim.

    1:30 - CLF private lesson. Ping Kuen. Meh. I was doing much better on remembering the pattern, but regressed during my lesson. Oh well. Moi Fa Dahn Do (broadsword). This has never been one of my stronger forms, but I actually think it has been improving a lot lately. After all these years! My instructor thinks it has come a long way lately too. Main thing I need to work on is a little more definition between moves. I have the mechanics down well, but now I need to fine tune the energy of the moves. And the overall flow.

    2:00 - Solo practice. CLF More Ping Kuen to work on the corrections given in my lesson. Same with Moi Fa Dahn Do (Broadsword) . TCC - Kwan Yin Seated, Yin-Yang Palm, Double cudgels,

    I would have done more CLF today, but my knee is still bugging me.

    I took a lot of breaks and had a very leisurely pace today. A bit lazy I guess. So I left at 3:20. But I would estimate my workout time as..........

    1 hour and 30 minutes (estimate)

    Kettlebell workout
    Kettlebell Swings - 4 sets
    Rows - 3 sets each side
    Halo's - 4 sets

    Experimented with a couple other moves, but not enough to say I really did them.

    Ended at 7:45

    35 Minutes

    2 Hours and 35 Minutes Total

    2022 -Week 2 = 13 Hours & 44 Minutes
    2022 Total Hours = 15 Hours & 44 Minutes
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    Sunday, January 9, 2022 - Rest Day

    Monday, January 10, 2022 -

    8:25 p.m.
    Solo practice. Did my TCC test format. Kwan Yin Seated, 5 Element Yin-Yang Palm, 5 Element Broadsword, Dragon & Tiger Double Cudgels, Tai Chi Plum Blossom Kwan-Dao. I was happy with everything but the Kwan-Dao. I forgot a whole chunk and had to re-do it.

    CLF - Small 5 Animal. Well, this is a common issue. I switched to Sup Ji Jit Fu in the form. Stopped and had to do it again. This is an issue with these two. The solution is I am focusing on doing these two back to back more often. Although I didn't do both tonight. Ng Lun Ma and Ng Lun Choi. Shaolin 5 Animal.

    I was fighting some major anxiety working out. Someone at work tested positive for Covid. Sort of this affiliated program, so not really my co-worker? But someone who works in some tables inside the Library. But not close to me. Still, between that and the unprecedented rates of Covid hitting my city right now, even though we have a very high rate of vaccination, it is causing my OCD anxiety issues to spike. And I am having to work hard to keep it manageable. It doesn't help that my weird chronic allergy type cough is worse right now too. But it ALWAYS gets worse this time of year, has for ages before Covid existed. It is hard to explain how it affects me, but I start obsessing's on every little thing in my body, psyching myself out. It isn't exactly hypochondria, because I KNOW I am psyching myself out. It is the O in OCD kicking into overdrive.

    I am seriously considering putting a pause on the contact two person practice I have with two people. Until this surge settles down. Both vaxxed. One boosted, I am not sure about the other one. Both very safe. Well, one has a career that puts them in contact with the public. But the same is true of me. I need to think about it.

    9:25 - School closes

    1 Hour
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    I've never really had any anxiety disorder or any similar issues, but it does sound quite tough having to deal with that.
    I suppose if all of this stresses you out this much, stopping the two person practice for the time being might be reasonable. Well at least if it helps your anxiety (do you think it is more risky than your work at the library?). Either way there's not much point to training martial arts if you are having seconds thought about it and feeling stressed due to this. If you can't properly focus on what you're practicing with the other person, there's not much of a point in practicing that at all anyway.
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    Well, the decision about two person practice has been made for me. School upped their Covid protocols back to what they were a while ago. Things back in place that had eased up over the last few months include no person to person contact for two person practice. We can still do weapon two person, as long as we don't connect on the person to person bits at the end of some two person sets. I am relieved that the decision was made. I think it is the right call.

    We are also back to outdoor only classes. With one seminar exception and one group class, I had been only doing outdoor classes anyways.

    Tuesday, Janurary 11, 2022 - had pre-approved leave time to leave work early. :)

    6:00 - TCC group class with Mr. K teaching. He really is an awesome instructor. Also happens to be my CLF instructor. His TCC classes are the best! Today's focus was on footwork in TCC. Went over a lot of information and practice on footwork. Then put it into practice with parts of the 40 form and the Plum Blossom Fan form.

    7:00 - Senior Black Sash class. Also with Mr. K teaching. Staff concepts, then Chau Sot staff form. Ng Lun Choi. Hand Breaking Fan form.

    8:00 - Well, Mr. K wasn't sure if the new (or new old) Covid protocols allowed me to use the Wooden Dummy and Wall Bag. So I didn't do my usual Tuesday practice with these. I will find out soon.

    Ended up not doing much after that. Chatted about adjustments in practicing together with various other things happening to people's schedules. Then ended up discussing Covid situation in the school, peoples workplaces, and general stupidity in society regarding Covid.

    Did do a little bit of TCC. Was going to format, but didn't end up doing so. Kwan-Dao and Broadsword.

    Speaking of which, I took one of my home Covid tests today. It is so rampant, I think I mentioned the person at work, and my allergy cough has acted up lately. It always does this time of year, but just to make sure it wasn't Covid disguised as my allergies, I decided to check. It was negative.:)

    Covid tests are in very short supply right now. I debated whether to use one right now without any real new symptoms. But I decided to use one. I am glad I did.

    2 Hours and 10 Minutes
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    No, working at the library is definitely more risky. They do what precautions they can. Our Union insisted upon it. I am extra cautious. But we deal with the public. Many of which have to be reminded wearing a mask means covering the mouth AND nose. And I am sure we have patrons coming in who have symptoms, but don't isolate.
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    We are seeing the same thing up here, and we live in an area with a fairly robust anti-vax, anti-mask attitude. It is pretty frustrating, but the mission of the library includes a lot of outreach and serving the disadvantaged populations, ours was open as a warming shelter for the homeless last week after all the snow that we got.

    We went down to San Francisco last weekend, attitudes are much different. It was so calming to go into a store and see that everyone is wearing a mask, and nobody is complaining about it.
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    Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - Well, damn. Starting late last night, I distinctly got the sniffles. Very mild, but I know that is a prime symptom of Omicron. Then today I also think I felt fatigued. Just not quite right. It is hard to say, because I always feel fatigued with chronic insomnia. But I think this was above that. In the old days, I would have just called it "maybe fighting off a bit of a cold." Would have gone to work. but with Covid protocols I am quarantining myself. No work, no school. Cancelling a hang out with my former instructor, who has become my friend.

    I had taken an at home test yesterday that was negative too. For other reasons. Also found out someone close to me tested positive. Won't say who for privacy reasons. But this person is vaxxed, but not boosted.

    No work out. Rest day.

    Thursday, January 13, 2022 - (at home) Well, I felt about the same, sniffles, mild fatigue. Took an at home test and it is negative. But I know Omicron sometimes takes longer to show up on those. I did work out in the evening.

    TCC Format - Kwan-Yin Seated, 5 Element Yin-Yang Palm, Dragon and Tiger Double Cudgels, 5 Element Broadsword and Kwan-Dao. As usual, I would say the seated and Kwan-Dao are not quite test ready.

    CLF - I can't remember exactly. Sup Ji Kau Da, Small 5 Animal, some other hand forms.

    1 hour and 30 Minutes

    Friday, January 14, 2022 - (at home)

    6:49 TCC format (Order this time Kwan-Yin Seated, Kwan-Dao, 5 Element Broadsword, Dragon and Tiger Double Cudgels & 5 Element Yin-Yang Palm)

    CLF - Ng Lun Ma and Ng Lun Choi, Small 5 Animal, Formal Exercise, Siu Moi Fa, Hung Sing Stick/ Flute, Sup Ji Jit Fu. The stick form took a lot of adjusting to do in my smaller space in my yard.

    TCC - Fajing form, 18 Lohan, Lohan Taming Tiger.

    Kettlebell - Kettlebell swings 3 sets
    Arm Rows - 3 Sets each side
    Halo's - 2 sets

    Misc - Leg exercise my instructor gave me - front. Some stretching. Holy Cow! There is one stretch I haven't one since before the pandemic. The left side is BAD! No wonder I am having flexibility issues!

    Ended at 9:20, but took some breaks. I have a little trouble focusing and not getting distracted working out at home. Gotta work on that!

    2 Hours

    I went for a PCR test. Won't get the results for a few days. I am pretty sure I do NOT have Covid at this point. If I do, I am one of the fortunate ones where the vaccine kept it super super mild. I have always been so terrified I would get it really bad, mostly due to being overweight. It is RAMPANT right now.

    Found out another person I love dearly has it. Someone who lives far away and I haven't seen in years. But still someone near and dear to my heart.

    So, I wondered if I overreacted to the sniffles. But deep down I know I did the right thing. That old style work ethic in the USA has really conditioned us to go to work and risk others. It is deeply ingrained. It is something that needs to change out of this mess. But I am not hopeful it will.
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    Nachi, for comparison of our styles similarities and differences, here is an edited clip of the Tai Chi spear form I know. Well, I have forgotten it as I haven't done it in awhile. But I will pick it up again someday. It is actually one of my favorite forms and weapons.

    Done By Sifu Lau of the Mira Mesa location of my school. Remember to click on the part where you can watch it.

    Here is the Choy Li Fut Spear form I know. Well, mostly - this is an exhibition version. Done by an instructor at another location of my school.

    We have lots of spear forms in CLF. I will dig up the other one I know. That is the spear vs Broadsword two person set. There are others I do not know. There are more advanced ones for sure than these.

    There is just the one spear form I know of in Tai Chi Chuan in our Federation.
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    Thank you for posting these. The first one looks quite similar in some movements and stances to the one I am learning!

    The Choi Li Fut one seems fairly different already. I can see how it is an exhibition version :)
    I like both of them.
    You mentioned before there were some forms created by your school's founder, right? How old are these? Are they traditional forms or a bit newer additions?
  19. aaradia

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    The TCC spear form is created by our GM. Based on techniques and moves taught to him by his TCC teacher, Hu Yuen-Chou. GGM Hu Yuen-Chou taught the spear, but not in a form.
    Here is an article my GM wrote. Feel free to skip if too boring. ;) I will also add that he is handing down lineage legends, which I always respectfully take with a grain of salt.
    The Tai Chi Spear - Plum Blossom International Federation

    The CLF spear is traditional CLF handed down through the lineage of GGM Wong-Gong.

    By exhibition version, I mean they left a few moves out. And added a couple of flowers (spins) more than are in the form as traditionally done. Also, I don't know how he fit that form in that small space. I think he took some smaller steps to make it work.

    I am going to geek out on you here. Warning: May be boring. Again, feel free to skip. :D Our Grand Master is the one who has created a bunch of forms. He also spends many long hours deciphering into English traditional scripts entrusted to him.
    Our Federations founder created the forms . The head of our schools has created two that I know of. Keep in mind our Federation is a much looser group than governing bodies of other styles like BJJ or Tai Kwon Do. There are plenty of other CLF federations and many more loose schools not belonging to a Federation. CLF in general has no one governing body. And ranking systems are not the same for the different schools within the Federation. Although our GM did come for passing of advanced tests.
    My lineage is like this :
    Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong- Head and founder of the Plum Blossom International Federation Who taught,
    Tai-Sigung Nathan Fisher - Founder and head of White Dragon Schools (part of the Plum Blossom International Federation)
    Tai Sifu Don Tittle - Head of my school Location. Each of our 8 locations has a Sifu, some have two.
    My two instructors - One for CLF and one for TCC (They aren't listed on Web sites, so I will not post their names.
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    Thanks for the clarification and the link :) It is always nice to know the history of what you're learning. I heard my teacher talk about TCC history on a few occassions, but I always gorget the chinese names, so in the end, I don't remember much at all. Only bits here and there... I should do some self-study, I suppose.
    Oh, I thought that some of the "tricks" were what made it an exhibition version - like that thrust behind the back where the performer let go of the spear with one hand or the spinning the spear over his head on his palm. Are these techniques a part of the regular version as well? I can't imagine there being an application for those, but on the other hand they could improve one's skill with manipulating the spear in general. It just made me think this could be for the exhibition part.

    No, not boring. I don't feel well enough to train too much, so at least reading about MA is good :D
    Since you are mentioning the lineages, let me ask a few questions, if you don't mind, so that I can understand better :)

    1. The Grandmaster/Founder seems to still be active, is that correct? How old is he (roughly)? If I remember well you mentioned he comes to your school's location from time to time to give seminars? So you've been able to learn from him also?
    2. The Tai Sifu is the main teacher in your school for both TCC and CLF?
    3. And the two instructors of yours, I suppose they are the instructors you take personal classes with, right? So you mostly work with them. But is it common for other instructors to come give you corrections if you aren't their student? I suppose the question is - does everyone in your school have one instructor in particular that they learn from, or is it only for those like you, for example, who've been there for a long time and do private classes for example?
    4. How many instructors are there in your school? Are they all specialized for TCC or CLF, or do some teach both? I imagine your school is a rather big one with quite a lot of students, so I wonder :)

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