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  1. aaradia

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    Thursday, January 31, 2019 -

    6:40- got to school late due to rain. Made it take longer to get to work. Also, was going to skip TCC class anyways. I am still coughing from my cold and so partner work would be rude. I don't want to accidentally cough in my partner's face. Did part of Ng Lung Ma.

    7:00 - skipped most of Advanced CLF class to practice 54 exhibition Gim form with Ms. S and Ms. W. An instructor watched part of it and was happy with how it was looking. I must admit, I had serious concerns about whether we could get it looking decent in time after last weeks practice, but am feeling better about it. This practice made a LOT of progress!

    7:45- The instructor from Advanced CLF practice knew I was practicing for the exhibition, so he let me join the class late when my exhibition practice ended. Partner drills of techniques. Can't remember what sash level offhand, but one of the more beginning ones.

    8:00 - TCC private lesson. Review and corrections of 9 dragon spear, Buddha Palm, Small Circle Fast form and Wind Chasing Fan. My instructor thinks I will be ready to test in March, which is the next time our GM comes down for advanced testing.

    8:30 - Solo practice. TCC. For gods sake, it was only last night and I can't remember what specifically! I think I was working on the tournament version of the spear and Small Circle Fast Form.

    9:00 - School closes.

    2 hours and 15 minutes.
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  2. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Friday, February 1, 2019 -

    5:00- Well, a fellow student had set up this time to practice two person TCC material. But he didn't show up or contact me. He is supposed to be preparing this materials so he can test. So, solo practice. Worked on full version of Ping Kuen. I had only been doing tournament/ exhibition version, so I needed to get back to the full one.

    5:30 - Two person spear vs broadsword practice with Ms. M. Fitting in some time because we have exhibition practice today and next Friday during our normal two person practice time. It was a good productive session.

    6:00 - Weapon forms class - stick form. We also did some application two and three person drills at the end. This is a new thing that has been added the last few weeks to weapon forms class. I really like it and hope they keep doing this!

    6:30 - well a little after. I FORGOT the class had been moved to this time. I went to use the restroom and started to grab my stuff for techniques practice and then remembered "hey dummy- stick fighting class is going on!" Sheesh, I geared up, joined the class and apologized to the instuctor for being late. It actually wasn't stick fighting class today though. It was staff fighting class. TOTALLY new! They had talked about adding other weapons to this class, but hadn't until tonight. I loved it! Some beginning drills, but not totally new. Stuff from various forms, but applying it in drills. Then we did a little light staff sparring. I should add that it was single ended staff sparring techniques, not double ended. It was awesome!

    7:00 - Techniques practice with Ms. B and Ms. M. Did everything twice. I missed a few minutes though. I had to leave mid way through and go schedule a make up lesson with my CLF instructor. Then I rejoined them. I started to feel my cold, my energy still isn't up to full from the cold. Also, still coughing a lot!

    8:00 - Exhibition practice. The Chief instructor watched some of us students and gave us advice on improving for the exhibition.

    8:35ish? Did a little more exhibition practice with some of my partners. Not all my partners could be here for the practice session above. We were missing one of three in both my CLF and TCC exhibition form.

    Then, Ms. M and I practiced Plum Blossom vs Cross Pattern two person form.

    9:00 - school closes

    4 hours

    Saturday, February 2, 2019 - Work day/ Rest day

    Sunday, February 3, 2019 - rest day

    2018 Total Hours = 684 hours and 06 minutes

    2019 Week 5 = 10 hours and 30 minutes
    2019 Total Hours = 46 hours and 12 minutes
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    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Monday, February 4, 2019 - Got there later than usual. Rain storms making for alternative route to work that is longer. Plus, the rain conditions also make for more time to get there.

    6:50ish - Ng Lun Ma

    7:00 - Group CLF class. focus on a classic CLF combination. Wok - Dik -Yuk! (Tiger claw- front snap kick with throat chop - palm strike upper strike to chin)

    7:30 - Solo practice - More Ng Lun Ma and then Ng Lun Choi. Haven't done these in a few weeks and that isn't good. They are new and it doesn't take long to start to forget them. Sup Ji Kau Da, Tournament practice of Ping Kuen and dagger techniques. TCC - tournament practice of Small Circle Fast form. Exhibition practice of 54 Gim.

    9:00- feeling tired. Still not full energy from cold I had. So, I studied the script for the TCC spear form. Trying to solidify when I am supposed to do a upwards throat stab and when I do a straight out solar plexus stab.

    9:25ish- school closes

    2 hours and 35 minutes
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    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Tuesday, February 5, 2019-

    6:30 - Two person practice with Ms. B. All two person stuff she needs for her next test. 9 star, 2 person staff, Golden Leopard vs tiger. Both sides.

    7:00 - Ms. R had a private lesson. Ms. M and I can't do our usual two person practice this coming Friday, so we did some Broadsword vs Spear two person practice. We got through the sequence without any major hesitations or stops! That is progress!

    7:30 - Exhibition practice of Ping Kuen with Ms. M and Ms. R.

    8:00 - My private CLF lesson got moved to Saturday. Because this time we had an exhibiton practice session. Our Chief Instructor (my TCC instructor) reviewed the adult students exhibition stuff and gave corrections.

    8:30 - Practiced corrections with partners for exhibition. I think I did some other solo practice after that too, but I can't remember what.

    9:00 - School closes

    2 hours and 30 minutes

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - Evening shift/ rest day
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    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Thursday, February 7, 2019 -

    (Tai Sifu is back from paternity time off! Yay!)

    6:30 - last half of TCC class. Tai Sifu teaching it. But I am writing this on Sunday, and I can't remember what we did. I have been so focused on the exhibition all week.

    7:00 - skipped some of Tai Sifu class, because of TCC exhibition practice with my partners. Practiced exhibtion 54 gim with Ms. S and Ms. W. Chief instructor reviewed and gave corrections at the beginning of this practice.

    7:35-7:40ish? - joined Tai Sifu Class late. Partner drills for applications. Tai Sifu left and the usual other instructor took over at one point.

    8:00 - TCC private lesson. Went over Tourament versions of Small Circle Fast form and 9 dragon spear. Then, review and corrections of full version of Small Circle Fast form and Buddha Palm. We got about halfway through double gim.

    8:30 - practice of corrections learned in private lesson. Particularly double gim. Particularly one section that I am struggling with.

    9:00 - school closes

    2 hours and 30 minutes

    Friday, February 8, 2019 -

    6:30 - Stick fighting class. We had a brand new student tonight, so no staff practice. I was a little bummed, as the staff was new and really fun. Also, I love the staff as a weapon! But I am also fine with stick fighting. Lots of footwork drills, which I still really need. So, all was good.

    7:00 - Tai Sifu TCC class for those of us with a particular membership. Just me and Ms. M tonight. The other usual person in the class forgot! (I found this out later.) But it was kind of cool because we requested and got Tai Sifu to show Ms. M square and circle pattern. So now we can practice it on our own, which we both really wanted. I knew them already, but our school policy is that one can't practice something with a partner until an instructor teaches them first. So, now we can practice all the pattern forms our school has in the curriculum!

    Also, in the lesson, I asked about some sticking points I have always had with circular pattern and got some really good clarifications that helped me a lot. Stuff about changing directions. So, I was really happy about that. :)

    7:38ish - Techniques practice with Ms. M and Ms. B. Ms. B knew we had this lesson for TCC, and would have a shorter session. This was because this class was a make up class at an unusual time- due to Tai Sifu being out on paternity leave. So, we went through each teqnique one time. We got through all the hand techniques and the stick ones. Stopped about halfway through the dagger ones. So, we only didn't get through one level and a little less than half of another level. Pretty good!

    8:00 - Dress rehearsal with all the adults - instructors and students - for exhibition tomorrow!

    9:00 - school closes

    2 hours and 30 minutes
  6. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Saturday, February 9, 2019 -

    10:00 - advanced push hands/ moving step class. various drills and a a few stationary matches. No moving step matches as most of us were doing the exhibition later this day.

    11:00 - Sparring class. We got some new students showing up! Yay! New adult serious students! Started with some heavy bag workout drills. I really love this instructors bag workout drills! Then some partner drills. Followed by a few light power matches. My mind is remembering the exhibition later more than the specifics of the drills right now.............

    12:00 - a little rest and then some solo practice. I know I did both full and tournament versions of 3 section staff. I did the over and under flowers 3 times- 4 rotations each time without hitting myself!!! Yay!!! They are slowly, but surely getting better! This was about half an hour of practice. Then I did some Sup Ji Kau Da. Maybe something else? Again, my mind is on exhibition, so my memory is more caught up on that.

    1:00 - Stretching class

    1:30 - Make up CLF private lesson. Went over tournament materials. Discussed a few mental hiccups I was having about the exhibition. Finished with review of some of Sup Ji Kau Da.

    2:00 - a little rest and then some more solo practice this hour. Some tournament and full practice of TCC Small Circle Fast form. Mind really on performance and can't remember what else I did this hour.

    3:00 - school officially closes. but performers for exhibition stayed or showed up. I spent some time stressing out. Ms. R texted Ms. M and said she was hung up in traffic. Ms. M said she might not make it in time, although Ms. R later said she didn't say that, just that she wouldn't be there by 3:00. Ms. R had another commitment far away and was caught up in in traffic. I was very anxious about not having our lead person there. Ms M has a much more relaxed attitude and had us practice just the two of us a few times and I felt somewhat better after that. Anyways, Ms. R showed up and all was well! Then we ran through our form with the three of us a few times. Also ran through the 54 gim with Ms. S and Ms. W once.

    4:00 - Chinese New Year exhibition! I felt good about both performances! It went better than I expected. I will get video of it later, and I am going to practice breaking down my performances. Write up what I see and then present it to both my instructors and have them critique my critique, so to speak. I am trying to develop my eye for seeing things, and they will tell me how well I did with that.

    I am also happy to get that video because I could only watch part of the exhibition, and it wasn't the best view. So I am excited to get to see the whole thing clearly.

    4:50ish???? - Exhibition is done! Hung out a bit, ordered some food from the local Mediterranean place. Went home and had an adult beverage, ate my food and was a bum, playing World of Warcraft and just goofing around on my computer. (Pretty much my idea of a perfect day!)

    4 hours and 50 minutes or so. Kind of hard to estimate this day. Wasn't working out the whole time, but was there for about 7 hours. It was a long day!

    Sunday, February 10, 2019 - rest day

    2018 Total Hours = 684 hours and 06 minutes

    2019 Week 6 = 14 hours and 55 minutes
    2019 Total Hours = 61 hours and 07 minutes
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    Monday, February 11, 2019 -

    6:40ish - I am kind of lagging getting started promptly the last few weeks. Solo practice. TCC Double Gim, 9 dragon spear, and Buddha Palm.

    7:00 - CLF group class. Lots of drills and details and discussions of leopard fist strikes.

    7:30 - Solo practice. CLF - full version of Ping Kuen. Full version of 3 section staff. Did over and under flowers 3 separate times without hitting myself in the head! I spent lots of time on these because I have been doing a lot of tournament version, but was forgetting the full version. Sup Ji Kau Da. Shaolin Five animal. Been forgetting this one as I haven't practiced in in awhile. Too busy with tournament an exhibition stuff. But it is annoying as I had just gotten the whole thing memorized and now I am forgetting it! Worked on just some moves at the beginning. Going to add a bit more each week. Just like before, but hopefully parts will come back to me faster now?

    9:30ish - School closes

    2 hours and 50 minutes

    Tuesday, February 12, 2019 -

    6:30 - Two person practice with Ms. B. All two person stuff for her level and next test.

    7:00 - Forms practice. We have new people asking to join us! Go figure! So, normally it is Ms. R and Ms. M and I. Ms. T joined us two weeks ago. She joined us again. Now Ms. P asked to join. Ok! So, because Ms. P is brown 2nd degree, we did all the stuff at her curriculum level first, so she didn't have to wait around while we did stuff she doesn't know yet. Then we did the same for Ms. T's level. She is brown 3rd degree. Then Ms. M and Ms. R and I did some black to Senior black level forms. Overall, Formal exercise, Siu Moi Fa, Sup Ji Jit Fu, Small Five Animal, Ping Kuen, stick, staff, broadsword spear. We did part of Ng Lun Ma, but that is when my instructor came up for my lesson, so we didn't finish it. We also did part of the Hand Breaking Fan form. Ms. M is starting to learn it, so we went up to what she knows.

    It's kind of weird that people want to join us, but it is cool!

    8:00 - CLF private lesson. As usual lately, Ms. M stayed for details and corrections of our broadsword vs spear two person form. Then we went over my tournament stuff. Hey! This makes 3 days in a row I have done the over and under flowers without hitting myself in the head!:D Finished with working on Sup Ji Kau Da. I was taught more moves.

    8:30 - spent some time chatting. Practiced the new part I just learned of Sup Ji Kau Da.

    9:00 - School closes

    2 hours and 15 minutes

    Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - Evening shift/ Rest day

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