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    In a nutshell, I do dynamic stretches before excercise and static stretches afterwards.

    My static stretches are mostle aimed at adding flexibility to my ludicrously tight hamstrings. I'm finding that they are improving massively as a result. That is mostly running-related, but it does help me with my day-to-day work as well, which involves a lot of walking.

    My daily warmup routine is largely concerned with getting everything moving first thing on a morning. I reach up, I reach and bend to the side, I swing my arms around, lot's of stuff like that - mostly for my back.

    For my back AND my knees, I stand with my feet about shoulder width apart, then raise my arms above my head. Then I lean back as far as I can without risking toppling over backwards. Then I reach as far forwards as I can, while at the same time squatting as deeply as I can. (Normally that is a full squat, but when I have experienced knee pain in the past I have only squatted as deep as was comfortable.) I repeat that about ten times, and it seems to keep my knees and my back in reasonably good shape, while at the same time getting my thighs warmed up first thing on a morning, and getting my circulation going.

    I follow that by spiralling my hands several times in both directions from four different arm positions. (It's a variation on a chi gung excercise from Taiji class.) I find that doing that keeps my knuckles free from arthritic pain in the winter.

    Then I raise my thighs to ninety degress (one leg at a time!) and rotate my ankle several times in one direction, then several times the other way.

    I would never practise my form on a morning until I had run through my warm-up routine first.
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    Monday, March 9 2015

    4:50ish - Warm up and stretch

    5:30 - My Two person staff partner had a lesson with our instructor. I was called into it to work on that form.

    6:00 - TCC hand form. 40 form and 8 pieces of brocade.

    6:30 - Stick Fighting Class. Near the end of class, we sparred with much shorter sticks (padded) than our usual ones. Very interesting to do this. The shorter stick is more like what we would probably face in a self defense situation than our normal sticks.

    7:00 - Private lessons with my instructor. She said pretty much the perfect thing to me to boost my morale and confidence going into this test. Will keep exact words private, but my teacher really is beyond awesome. I am very fortunate.

    8:00 - TCC forms practice

    8:30 -
    Slow Motion Kicks
    3 rounds each side - put foot down twice on right side. Second time because I did not allow myself to reset properly after first time. Put foot down 1 time on left side. Even when I put my foot down, things are getting better. I am just more stable overall. But I really need to look back more on the rear kick. Very bad habit that I need to break.

    Stance Training

    Horse - 1 minute and 10 seconds
    Bow - 1 minute
    Cross - 40 seconds
    Slanted Horse - 50 seconds
    Crane - 45 seconds
    Horse - Round 2 - 45 seconds

    I was going to go lighter on stance training today, but my legs felt good and strong. My knee feels better, so I went for it!

    9:00 - school closes

    All in all, went well. Especially considering I was having some serious stomach troubles last night and earlier today. Still not 100%.

    I'll go ahead and put this in now, due to my work schedule as usual.

    Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - No workout

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - No workout
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    Thursday, March 12, 2015

    6:30 - Last half of TCC class

    7:00- I skipped Tai Sifu class because my instructor came in on her day off for an extra lesson. She said she didn't want to see my forms, as it is too late for corrections before tomorrow anyways. We did work on two person stuff. Went pretty good. I always see some things I could do better, but overall went well.

    My intention was to go through forms lightly one last time- mostly to calm my nerves and remind myself that I DO know this stuff. But it didn't go that way. I did a couple, but I spent a lot of time talking to my instructor after my lesson.

    Also, and this is unusual and I don't remember it happening before, but Tai Sifu mentioned my test tomorrow to all the other students in TCC class. I had only told a couple of students.

    During the night, a group of them came up to wish me well and support me and encourage me. Make me laugh to calm my nerves, alleviate my fears, tell me they would think good calming thoughts for me tomorrow during my test time (which is what I asked for.) I was really reminded that part of why I love my school is the atmosphere just attracts 99% really good quality people. They overwhelmed me with kindness, support and good will.

    And instructors wished me well tomorrow too.

    They said just the sort of things I needed to hear. That, combined with things my instructor has said this last week has really helped put me in a really good mind set. Somehow, the nerves are more in the background. I am still really nervous, but I just feel like the positive attitude towards this test is what is in the forefront of my mind and what is in control right now. At just the right time too!

    I have a fantastic instructor and Sifu. They think I am ready and I trust them. I have studied and practiced many long hours over 10 years. I can do this. And if I make mistakes, it isn't the end of the world. I will learn from them and become stronger for it. I am going to get a chance to get personal input for improvement from the head of my Federation and the Head of my school. I welcome the chance to learn by feedback from my test.

    Anyone reading this, think good thoughts for me please! I will happily and gratefully accept any positive energy sent my way tomorrow from 11:00 to 1;00.

    Now I need to get some good food in me and not stay up late like usual! I need to be sleeping by midnight for once.

    p.s. I skipped Slow Motion Kicks and Stance Training because I want my legs to be fresh for tomorrow.
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    Due to the time difference, I'm not sure if it's 'tomorrow' yet over there (or even today or yesterday) but I hope I'm in time to wish you all the best with your test. And if I'm not, then to say that I hope that it went really well!
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    Good luck, and do your best.
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    Good Luck! I am sure you will do fine!
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    Friday, March 13, 2015

    10:20 - 11:00 - Stretching and warm up. (Mixed in with just getting ready by putting stuff in the right area etc.)

    11:00 - 1:00 - TCC Black Fringe Test (Advanced level TCC test in front of my instructor, my Sifu, our school head and founder, and the GM of the Federation we belong to)

    Well, I survived it and passed! That was one of the scariest things I have ever done. I wish I could say I nailed it perfectly, but I think I didn't do as well as I would have hoped. I am very self critical though. Some things I did pretty well on and was happy with, some things not so much. I don't think I aced it, but I didn't completely blow it either.

    There was a test after mine- advanced level CLF I think - for instructors. We were all taken out to an early dinner by Tai Sigung at 3:30. I always feel weird and awkward in groups. And I was the only non instructor there, so that was weird too. But after awhile GM and Tai Sigung got to saying some really interesting things on their perspective on various MA things and that was great to listen to.

    I went back to the school after this for more training. YAY! I get to do CLF more again!

    6:30 - Back at CLF weapons class. I missed this class! Dahn Do Broadsword! Wow, there is some rust to knock off my CLF. I kept mixing a few TCC type things in. hand positions and a bit of my footwork.

    7:00 - Practiced tournament weapon form Butterfly knives set. Now that I am back to CLF, test being over with- I can really focus on it instead of just a few minutes here and there for basic memorization. It is a long way from being tournament ready.

    7:30- I was feeling fine for working out, and then around this time my energy just drained out of me. I think the adrenaline and emotions of the day just wore out and nothing was left. Chatted with a fellow student for a bit while waiting to see if a rest would give me some energy back.

    Edit- I should add that originally the dinner was supposed to be later, so I had told my pattern and Da Lu practice partners that I could not join be there tonight. Then I made it in, but neither were at the school this evening.

    8:00 - No energy back, but forced myself to do stance training.

    Horse- 1 minute
    Bow- 35 seconds
    Bow- round two - 1 minute
    Cross - 45 seconds
    Cross step - 30 seconds
    Crane - 45 seconds
    Horse round two- I forget- maybe 30 seconds, but I think it was 45 seconds

    And then what little energy I had was just done! No slow motion kicks.

    I did something I rarely do and left before the school closed. I left at 8:20. I just had nothing left emotionally or physically.

    Students and instructors kept congratulating me and asking how I felt. Honestly, I had - and still do - have such a mix of emotions I can't really say what is dominant. Maybe relief it is over? Happy, disappointed, relieved, drained, spaced out...................

    (My two person partner for tomorrow left a message that he can't make it due to injury. I think I will go in just before sparring and work out 4 hours tomorrow instead of 5 1/2.)
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    Saturday, March 14, 2015

    See last sentence in above post. No, I didn't even push myself for a full four hours. Went easy on myself today.

    I had some weird adrenaline dump or something last night. My drain wasn't only physical, it was emotional. From about 7:30 onwards through the night, and waking up today I was weirdly devoid of any emotion. It was strange.

    11:00 - Sparring class. Last half of class we had 8 two minute rounds- medium power. it woke me up from the weird emotional drain and I felt emotionally reinvigorated. I have been in a good mellow mood since then.

    Also happy that my cardio/ conditioning is better than I expected after months of less CLF. TCC works muscles and endurance great, but it isn't great for cardio. I was not nearly as behind as I expected to be. But it was still some tough going the last couple of rounds.

    12:00 - I chilled out, relaxed, recovered from the sparring rounds, chatted. Many people were surprised I didn't take last night and today off after testing. But I love being there and wanted to work out. However, I told myself it was ok to be a little more relaxed about working out today. I used the excuse of people not expecting me to be there at all as justification to go lighter later on. I admit it.:)

    12:45 - Stretching

    1:15 - CLF tournament material! Small five animal and Butterfly knives. Also relearned one of the four techniques I will need to know. Did not push the pace hard today, just trying to recall the patterns- particularly of the hand form. But I was working hard enough to sweat.

    Here is the hand form = Small Five Animals/Siu Ng Ying
    [ame=""]Choy Li Fut Small Five Animal Form - Siu Ng Ying Kuen - YouTube[/ame]

    Also, my two person sabre partner did not show up. He had said last week he was on vacation (staycation) and didn't know if he would make it. He had said he would E-mail me during the week and let me know. He did not notify me either way. Hey, I just did my test. He is the one trying to get ready for testing now. I am there if he wants. But it would be nice if he had the courtesy of letting me know what is going on.

    Stance Training
    Horse - 1 minute
    Slanted Horse - 1 minute
    Crane - 45 seconds
    Cross Step - 35 seconds
    Bow - 1 minute

    Legs were sore and tired, but I pushed through it. Not my full best times, but not too far back from that.

    2:40 - called in to work on pattern during Ms. R's lesson.

    3:00 - Slow Motion Kicks
    Right side - did not put foot down. Put foot down once on left side

    School closes
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    Sunday, March 15, 2015

    I told myself I was going to take today off, but I woke up thinking about practicing. Part of me is a tad burned out on TCC forms, but part of me isn't. The part that isn't won today. Plus, it was nice to practice them without "the test" looming over the practice. I just got to enjoy it for the sheer joy of doing it.

    7:05 - stretching and warm up

    7:35- TCC hand forms and 8 pieces of brocade. Worked on a couple of corrections I had gotten quickly after my test. Tomorrow's lesson I will get more of the corrections from my test to work on, but I had a couple to start with tonight.

    Also worked on the tournament version of the 48 combination form. We only do 1 minute and 30 seconds of a form in our tournament. So, it is a mix of the beginning and near the end of the form to show more variety of moves and some kicking in the tournament version.

    8:45 - decided I am going to experiment with doing a few weight exercises for building my legs. Because I am injury prone and have knee issues, I am going to build VERY slowly on this. I did Cybex leg presses. Started light and will raise it next week if I feel ok the next few days. I want to build up my knees- not blow them out.

    This machine. It is one I used to do per my Physical Therapist rehab exercises, so I thought it would be a good one to start back up on.
    60 pounds- 5 sets. Last set and a half I turned my toes out 45 degrees.

    Legs very sore. And I added the weight machine as stated above. So no slow motion kicks or stance training.

    9:00 - yeah, the weird statement - 24 hour fitness closes.;)
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    Monday, March 16, 2015

    6:30 - Stick fighting class. More sparring matches, less drills. Gearing up for tournament!

    7:00- Private lessons which for the first time in about nine months was both CLF and TCC! Discussed my test, and I feel a lot better about dealing with the parts where things didn't go as well as I hoped they would. She confirmed my impression. It wasn't an A+ test, but it wasn't a bad one either. We talked about how some things will be things we work on as I prepare for my next CLF test-which will also be going for black sash.

    Shoulders being relaxed and down. It isn't only a MA thing, I am just tense in my shoulders and have bad posture. I tell you, if it wasn't for MA, I know I would end up one of those hunched back little old ladies. Confidence..................

    Went over a couple of the corrections, but will be going over it a lot more the next few lessons.

    CLF! Went over the tournament techniques- two stick techniques and two single dagger techniques. I haven't done them in a long time and need to be reminded how they went.

    8:00- had a training related discussion with a fellow student. I think here I am realizing I need to make a distinction between "chatting" and "discussions" at the school. Chatting is when I am -well - goofing off- talking about the UFC fights and all. Discussions are some sort of training related discussion.

    8:35ish Stance training

    Horse - 1 minute 5 seconds
    Cross - 40 seconds
    Crane - 45 seconds
    Bow - 1 minute
    Slanted Horse- 1 minute
    Horse - second round - 45 seconds
    Bow - second round - 30 seconds? (maybe a bit more- I forget!)

    I should mention that Tai Sigung told me one positive from my test was that my stances stayed low the entire test- that most people get higher stances as the test goes on. I told him it was his seminar that really got me committed to stance training and slow motion kicks. I am convinced they are helping me in a big way and it inspires me to stay committed to doing them. It is too bad it took being embarrassed by how poorly I did in that seminar to make me serious about this aspect of training. I always knew from my instructor and Sifu that it was important, but I just didn't commit to them until that seminar and doing poorly in front of Tai Sigung. (Thereby not doing justice to my instructors teachings.)

    Slow Motion Kicks

    4 rounds on each side- did not put down foot on Right side. Put it down once on left side.

    9:00 - school closes

    I'll go ahead and put this in...........

    Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Work evening shift - day off of training

    Wednesday, March 18, 2015 Work evening shift - day off of training
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    Thursday, March 19, 2015

    6:30 - Last half of Tai Chi Chuan class

    7:00 - Tai Sifu Class (CLF)

    8:00 - Make up lesson with another instructor. In addition to one make up lesson from my instructor being sick, I will be having make up lessons due to the fact that some of the tournament preparation classes (mega group class) fall right when my lesson is supposed to be. Every instructor and student at the school drops everything else and does mega group class. My instructors schedule and mine make it hard to do make up lessons with her right now. I don't mind when this happens. It is a chance to get input and a different perspective on your stuff.

    We went over the new buttefly knives form I am learning. Past lessons were mostly just getting the form memorized. Now more focus on details and a bit of stylizing it.

    8:30ish- Well, my two person CLF partner for Golden Leopard vs Tiger did not show up tonight. So I did.............

    Stance training
    Horse - 1 minute 5 seconds
    Bow - 1 minute
    Crane - 45 seconds
    Cross - 40 seconds
    Slanted Horse - 1 minute
    Horse -second round - 45 seconds

    Slow motion kicks
    3 rounds each side. Put foot down once on each side. (I am thinking I need to start doing these before stance training instead of afterwards. My legs are pretty burned out right after stance training.)

    8:45 - CLF Tournament Techniques practice

    9:00 school closes
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    Friday, March 20, 2015

    6:30 - CLF Weapons class. This is a class where we study the weapon forms in our curriculum. This month and next, it is the Mui Fa Dahn Do (broadsword). I have known this form for a couple of years, but am rusty as with most of my CLF. This class is a good refresher.

    This week went well. Successfully knocking that rust off my CLF. Things are coming back quickly and I remembered things I was messing up on last week. Like not being in three lines in stances and tucking my thumb and not having space between my fingers - instead of having TCC hand positions.

    7:00 - stretching

    7:15 - Slow motion kicks
    3 rounds each side. Went very poorly today.:( Started over a couple of times on right side. yet still put foot down once on right side and twice on left side. Legs not particularly sore, but my ankles were very wobbly for some reason I cannot figure out. Worse than they have been in quite some time.

    Experimenting with my stance training. I purposefully skipped it today to see if I should continue pushing until they are too sore and then skipping a day, or skip a bit more instead of so many days in a row to keep them fresh. Seeing if different approaches to rest days ends with my progress being faster or slower.

    I already just don't feel right about skipping it though. My legs felt strong and I guess I have gotten in the habit of doing them. It just felt wrong not to do them with legs not very sore. Probably be a very short experiment.

    That only took a few minutes. Not sure what else I did? Simply don't remember- weird brain lapse.

    7:30 - Pattern push hand practice with Ms. R. (Our other partner could not make it.) Since she has a test hopefully coming up soon, we focused on a different style of switching that her newer instructor wants her doing. Her previous instructor preferred another way of switching. And we worked on circular pattern as that is what she will need to do in her next test. I haven't done that switch in ages, so it is a good (again) refresher for me too.

    8:40 - Butterfly knives practice.

    9:00 - School closes.
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    Saturday, March 21, 2015

    9:33 - was worried that I was 3 minutes late for two person practice, but my partner wasn't there. He showed up later. So, we started practice about 9:45 and he needs a couple of minutes to switch into grappling clothes. Only about 12 minutes of practice. It isn't enough. We aren't going to make progress with this little practice time.:( I certainly need more practice time for sure.

    10:00 - Stretching and warm up

    10:30 - Slow motion kicks
    Better than yesterday, but still not great. 3 rounds- put foot down once on right side and twice on left side.

    Stance training
    Horse - 1 minute and 15 seconds
    Bow - 1 minute
    Cross Step - 40 or 45 seconds- lean towards 40 seconds
    (Did more later in the day as I had to change and gear up for sparring class, but will just write it down here)
    Crane - 50 seconds
    Slanted horse - 1 minute
    Kneeling Horse - 10 seconds (Yeah, barely any time & too high up, but it is a start. My knee an ankle issues really wreak havoc on the quality of this stance, but I am going to see if stance training helps. gotta start somewhere.)
    Horse- second round - 45 seconds
    Bow- second round - Gods, I can't remember. Either 30 or 45 seconds. I need to start bringing paper and pen to track my times.

    Well, maybe my experiment with rest times will continue. Taking a day in between seems to have increased my times a bit. Plus, I talked to Tai Sifu and he said if I am going all out intensity, which I am, I need to not do that too many days in a row. So, Maybe I will play with doing lighter days, or I will just skip and go all out on the days I do it. This is a work in progress.

    11:00 - Sparring class

    12:00 - lazily chatted with a few students. Some rest time is o.k. after sparring class, but next week I think I will try and not make it this long. I have been going a bit lighter on myself after my test. And that is ok. but it has been 8 days now. I think it is time to kick back in high gear now.

    12:45 Practicing CLF Buttefly knives and tournament techniques

    1:25ish - TCC Two person Sabre practice with Mr. M. We made good progress figuring out distance and timing today. Still needs work, but I was happy with the progress.

    2:00 - TCC weapon forms practice. Also a bit more CLF tournament technique practice.

    2:45ish - Called into Ms. R's private lesson to work on pattern with her.

    3:00 - school closes

    I am still really working out my new routine. Shifting towards CLF from TCC, but still needing to keep up on my TCC - even if I am not focusing on it. Don't want to forget what I have worked so hard on! That would be pointless,. yet still I need to cut back as I prepare to gear up for testing in CLF.

    I need to work out a kicking practice routine and some bag workouts into my week.

    I practice a lot, but I still feel like I don't have enough time!
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    Sunday, March 22, 2015

    7:10 - Stretching and warm up

    7:35 - TCC hand forms (and Buddha Palm) Still working on the couple of corrections I know from my test.

    Slow Motion Kicks
    3 rounds - did not put foot down on either side. Looked in the mirror and side and rear kicks might be getting a bit higher. They still have a ways to go to be ideal height though. Snap kick- not much progress in height- very frustrating.

    Purposfully skipped Stance Training - per previously mentioned experimentation with rest days

    Cybex Leg Presses
    70 Pounds. 1 set of 15 reps and 4 sets of 12 reps. turned toes/ foot out at angle for 3 of the sets.

    9:00 - 24 Hour Fitness Closes
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    Monday, March 23. 2015

    6:30 - Stick fighting class

    7:00 - Second Mega Group Class! And the first one I have gotten to go to this tournament season! (First one conflicted with my work schedule.) Mega group class is where everyone is supposed to attend (well the little kids have a separate mega group class). First half of the class, you divide by sash rank and work with an instructor on detailing out tournament techniques and forms for your level. Second half of class, we meet in the big room and have three rings. Ideally, you go up and perform in front of others as much as possible to get used to the stress of doing so. And again, instructors give you feedback. There are usually a couple of instructor demo's too.

    This year for the first time, they separated the TCC people to do their performances away from the big group. Which, honestly, I don't really like. It makes it harder on people who do both, and I think the TCC people should perform in front of the big group, not a much smaller one. I am sure Tai Sifu has a good reason for trying this out though. I am going to ask him abut it. I found out from Tai Sifu afterwards that I can still practice my TCC performance in the big CLF room though.

    Anyways, I could have played it safe and easier and gone with the TCC group. It is what I have been doing the last 9 months with great intensity, and my CLF has been a very minor focus, with hardly any private lessons during this time. But I decided I need more work on the CLF and pushed myself. I have only been back into CLF for 10 days. My instructor always encourages us to do performances of the material we feel least confident in first.

    It was a good decision. My techniques were ok, but I remembered them! Not tournament ready, but not too shabby. I did the new butterfly knives form too. And I was pleased. I remembered most of it- just got slightly stuck in one part. Mixed up one small part that I faked through. Yes, the details I got during last Thursdays lesson went out the window doing it full speed. But I was happy with where I am at and how I pushed myself. I expected to completely forget huge chunks of the form. That is actually the first time I have gone through it full speed like that with no major stoppages.

    The first part of class went a little weird/ was confusing at first. I had the old curriculum sash (no stripes) and so I was put in a group doing something different than what I am doing for tournament. They put me in with 1st degree brown, but I am 3rd degree brown.

    This is the first tournament with our schools's recent curriculum changes. Brown sash for adults used to just be brown sash- now it is three degrees and you test for each one. (Kids always had three degrees with tests.) It took me talking to an instructor a little over halfway through to get one to work with me on my level material. I should have spoken up earlier.

    8:00 -
    So, after class, I talked to my instructor. I told her of the confusion, but that Tai Sifu had previously told me to not put stripes on my sash. My instructor talked to Tai Sifu and he said to put the new curriculum stripes on my sash now. That should avoid any further confusion in future mega group classes.

    So after the talk I did this. It takes time to put the stripes on neatly. So it took awhile. But my OCD brain HATES stripes that are bunched up or not evenly spaced! I am now officially new curriculum. :hat:

    8:30 - Stance training
    Horse - 1 minute 20 seconds
    Bow - 1 minute 5 seconds
    Crane - 45 seconds
    Cross - 40 seconds (but definitely lower!)
    Slanted Horse - 1 minute
    Kneeling horse - 15 seconds
    Horse - second round - 45 seconds
    Bow - second round - 40 seconds

    Yeah, this having a rest day between stance training is definitely working better than pushing several days in a row. I am seeing quicker progress in time. Tai Sifu gave me some other ideas for stance training too. Doing some every 30 minutes all day at work. Not sure if I can do that at my work, but I may try it on some weekend day.

    Slow motion kicks
    3 rounds - put foot down once on each side, but really trying for better height.

    9:00 - school closes

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Night Shift - No workout/ rest day
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    Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    Night Shift- mostly a day off. But I decided to try some stance training on my breaks at work. The following stances were done throughout the day. This seemed to up my times as they weren't one after the other. At least it shakes up the routine.

    Stance Training
    Horse - 1 minute 25 seconds
    Bow - 1 minute 15 seconds
    Cross Step - 50 seconds
    Slanted Horse - 1 minute 10 seconds
    Horse - second round - 55 seconds
    Crane - 55 seconds
    Bow - second round - 1 minute
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    Thursday, March 26, 2015

    6:30 - Last half of TCC class

    7:00 - (CLF) Tai Sifu Class
    In Class we did Slow motion kicks

    5 rounds, but I can't even tell you how many times I put my foot down. Frankly, they were a disaster. Sadly, no exaggeration. It looked like I hadn't been practicing them so diligently the last couple of months. :cry: I was trying to push harder to raise the level and my balance just went out the window. And they weren't starting off good even before I was trying to raise the height.
    One day, I feel like I am making progress, then another day I feel completely frustrated with these like I am making no progress at all. I am happy with the stance training progress I have been making. Slow motion kicks are frustrating me really badly right now. :bang: I will still keep at it though. I think I need to talk to my instructor about them and get her input. But, with mega group classes often falling during my lesson time, I have very limited lessons before the tournament. So I think working with her on my slow motion kicks will have to wait until after tournament. (Which is May 2nd.)

    8:00 - Make up lesson with another instructor- Still working on Butterfly knives form. It's coming along.

    8:30 - My two person partner that I normally practice with during this time is testing next week, so he isn't doing any contact stuff for the few days leading up to the test. So I worked on tournament weapon techniques, and my TCC hand and weapon forms for tournament.

    9:00 - school closes.

    Note- Rest day from Stance Training
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    Friday, March 27, 2015

    6;30 - CLF Weapons Class. Still Mui Fa Dahn Do

    7:00 - Practice of tournament material.

    TCC Tournament version of 48 combination and Wind Chasing Fan form. Can't remember end of tournament fan form. Have to ask my instructor to go over it again with me during my lesson next Monday.

    CLF - Weapon Techniques, Butterfly Knives and Small Five Animal Form. Extra focus on Small Five Animal form tonight as I have been focusing more on the Butterfly knives previously.

    Note: When I think about it, I find I can sink lower into my stances than I have been doing. Maybe from the stance training? But I have to make a conscious effort or my default position is higher. So, obviously, I am trying to remember to lower my stances during my techniques and forms training.

    Also, one pattern push hands/ Da Lu partner was sick tonight. The other one I hadn't expected to show up as she has been working Friday nights lately. She was working on other stuff when I saw her. We talked and agreed to not do pattern tonight. I really need more time to focus on tournament. Still behind in my tournament material due to focusing on my TCC test the last few months.

    Slow Motion Kicks 3 rounds on each side. Did not put foot down on Left side. Put down once or twice on Right side. Note: Lower back is really sore from trying to raise height of slow motion kicks yesterday. That makes me think that lower back flexibility may be part of my problem getting these kicks higher. I need to research some more lower back stretches.

    Stance Training I did some stances on my breaks at work and some once I was at the school.
    At work
    Horse - 1 minute and 25 seconds
    Bow - 1 minute and 20 seconds
    Slanted Horse - 1 minute and 10 seconds
    Cross Step - 45 seconds
    Horse - 2nd round - 1 minute

    At School
    Crane - 55 seconds
    Kneeling Horse - 15 seconds
    Horse - 3rd round - 30 seconds

    8:45 - TCC Plum Blossom Fan form - Left and Right Sides

    9:00 - School closes

    Also, I signed up for and paid for tournament tonight! I am officially signed up for 8 events.

    CLF- Weapon Techniques, Hand form, Weapon form

    TCC - Hand form, Weapon Form

    Combatives - Sparring (CLF), Stick Fighting (CLF), Push Hands (TCC)

    I want to add one event- Two person Staff. But my troubles with getting enough practice with a partner have held back this goal. Will see how things go with my current partner and if we get it together enough in time for tournament. It really bothers me that I might not get to do this at tournament this year. I believe in pushing yourself to do everything you possibly can at tournament.

    I can't do grappling, which we have at the tournament, because of my knee issues. We have an Open form division too. But you have to do a form from our GM's last seminar. And I didn't go last year because I was focusing on my test.

    8 events isn't too bad though.
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  19. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Saturday, March 28, 2015

    9:30 - Two person Staff practice with Mr. M. Made good progress today. It was a good practice session.:)

    10:00 - Warm up and Stretching

    10:30 - Joined last half of TCC class, which is push hands. Thursday class is run by Tai Sifu and what is covered is less clearly defined within a specific time frame. Most TCC classes run by other instructors have the first half be forms and drills based on the forms. (Simplified explanation, but mostly/ roughly correct.) Second half push hands and push hands drills. There is a break in the Saturday class at 10:30 and it is quite o.k. to join in here. I need more push hands practice.

    11:00 - Sparring class

    12:00 - Moving step practice with Ms. R. We were both feeling pretty beat from sparring class, so it wasn't the most gung ho all out practice we have had. Still, it is always good to get in practice with her.

    12:30ish. Self defense against weapons informal lesson with Mr. V. I mentioned before, Mr. V is generously just working with me when he has some extra time. It is REALLY nice of him to do so as I am not even his student. It is awesome! :cool:

    1:00 - Practice.
    Tournament hand form, weapon form and weapon techniques.

    (Augh! Writing this I just realized I forgot to practice TCC tournament style forms!)

    TCC weapon forms.

    CLF Seminar form from a couple of years ago - Bodhidharma Gim Form.

    Helped out for a few minutes as pattern partner for Ms. R's private lesson.

    Slow motion kicks 3 rounds each side. did not put foot down on either side. Still - not too happy with the quality of them right now. Need to hold them out longer and make them higher.

    Two person Sabre partner cancelled practicing today.

    stopped practicing at 2:55 - five minutes before school closes.

    Note: felt really beat and a bit sick at the end. I think I need to bring a nutrition bar or something to eat in the middle of my Saturday workouts. This isn't the first time I felt weird and a bit bad after my long session on Saturday.

    Stance Training - rest day
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  20. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Sunday, March 29, 2015

    I had one of those rare (for me) days where I really had trouble motivating myself to go work out.

    7:13 - warm up and stretching

    7:45 - TCC hand forms. 108 Long form and 40. Tournament version of 48 combination.

    Stance Training
    Horse - 1 minute
    Bow - 1 minute
    Crane - 50 seconds
    Cross step - 40 seconds
    Slanted Horse - 45 seconds
    Kneeling Horse - 15 seconds
    Horse - 2nd round - 45 seconds
    Bow - 2nd round - 1 minute

    Not my top times, my legs feel a bit burned out. Oh well, I was still pushing them - I wasn't being lazy - they just didn't have as much in them today.

    My left crane was actually level some of the time! I couldn't get it quite level before, so this means I am making progress! Feeling very happy about this tangible progress. :banana:

    No slow motion kicks today.

    9:00 - 24 hour fitness closes

    Note- the leg presses last week really aggravated my ankle problem, so I didn't do them today. Not sure if I will try again.
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