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  1. aaradia

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    I think I told you all in another thread about what happened in a seminar with our school's founder. Out of that came the realization I need to focus on "eating bitter." That is I need to work on stance training and slow motion kicks. I figure if I track it, I won't have excuses to skip it.

    I have to drop my ego and admit my leg strength needs serious work. So I know my stance training is starting at a low point. But the first step in overcoming any problem is an honest admission of the issue. Because of knee issues, I am starting at a low point and building slowly. But if I am consistent, I should see progress.

    Also, note that when I say TCC Class, that usually includes push hands. But I am going to be lazy and just say TCC class. CLF classes are more divided (sparring is a separate class) than our TCC classes, which integrate things like push hands.

    Another weird thing is we have one CLF internal form in our TCC curriculum. So I list it with my TCC practice, but yes, I know it is not actually TCC.

    Slow motion kicks are snap, knife edge and rear. When I say I do 3 rounds- 1 round is doing these three kicks.

    When I mention pattern push hands practice. Two of my classmates and I get together once a week to focus on this. Others are welcome to join us, but it is usually just us three.

    When I mention stance training that has two sides, like a crane stance, my time is for both sides. Unless I specify otherwise.

    Also, I think I am going to write down important thoughts - teachings - not just keep a physical log. Hey, I just started this. Not sure what form it will take!
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  2. aaradia

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    Friday, February 13, 2015

    6:30 Stretching/ Warm up

    7:00 - TCC solo practice - Fan Forms and Buddha Palm.

    7:30 - 3 rounds of slow motion kicks each side. Put down foot once on Right side.
    Stance training
    Horse- 1 minute
    Bow- 40 seconds
    Crane - 30 seconds
    Cross step - 35 seconds - I think - give or take 5 seconds

    7:40ish - Pattern push hands/ Da Lu practice session

    8:35 ish - CLF -working on new form/ Pa Kwa Butterfly Knives (I am focusing on my TCC for my next test, but I need to know this form for the upcoming tournament.)

    9:00- School Closes

    Was talking with a fellow student at closing. We were discussing stress and anxieties related to both of us having upcoming tests. We talked about the dichotomy that tests both mean everything and nothing. Like the Yin Yang symbol - the little dot represents the other side in the larger picture. There is a bit of the sash meaning everything in the fact that it means nothing and vise versa. Sashes are important and ultimately not. And both are equally true even though it seems like that can't be.
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    I'm sure that you have your stuff all planned out but if you might like some interesting vid to listen to re strengthening your kicks, here's a nice little one from Superfoot himself!!

    [ame=""]Superfoot Wallace training for high kicks with a chair - YouTube[/ame]

    :' D

    It's always hard to focus on basics since they are so... well ''basic'' but great to have a strong foundation to support whatever else you do. Sounds like you are well organised so far!

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    Best of luck with your training log - probably seems a weird thing to say, but it made sense in my head :p.
  5. Dan Bian

    Dan Bian Neither Dan, nor Brian

    Good work!
    I look forward to reading about your progress :)
  6. aaradia

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    I NEVER mind advice on working towards a goal. Planned out yes, always room to make changes and additions - also yes!

    and my Sifu is a fan of superfoot, has referred to him before in class. So I am sure he would like any suggestion tied to him.

    Thanks everyone!
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  7. aaradia

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    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    11:00 - Sparring Class

    12:10 ish Moving step practice with fellow student,

    1:00 - feeling sluggish - lazily did not start TCC formatting like I should until later. Chatted with fellow students.

    1:30- late start on running through TCC test format. Formatting in my schools is running through the forms (CLF- also kicks and techniques) as if you were being tested. Although I do take time out to re do something if I messed it up too badly. Didn't get through all of it due to late start.

    In CLF, we simulate the sparring part by doing shadow boxing or a bag workout when formatting. Can't really simulate Push hands and some two person stuff for TCC. However, I consider my moving step practice earlier to make up for this.

    3:00 School closes.

    Feeling particularly drained and tired. I think I need to look into better nutrition to keep up the pace for testing (and just in general). Gonna look through MAP threads on juicing.

    Failed to do stance training and slow motion kicks. After a bit of recuperation, I have some lawn work to do. I will try and do this training afterwards, unless I still feel this drained.
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  9. aaradia

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    LOL! It works for Anderson Silva. Well, maybe not since he got caught..........

    Seriously, I need to lose weight and I need to get some better nutrition. Drinking some greens juices and smoothies with protein maybe as one meal a day is something I have been thinking about.

    I am going to look though and see if MAP has some threads on it. If not, I will probably start one.
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    LOL, nutrition shakes - oh, okay. I though I was seeing things there for a bit :)
  11. aaradia

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    Sunday, February 15, 2015

    Note: On Sunday, My particular school is closed, although other locations are open. Although I can go to other locations, I usually don't want to drive that far. So I go to my local 24 hour fitness gym. Advantage is they have an aerobic room I can use at that time and see my positions from all 4 directions. There are mirrors on three directions and the front full window acts as a mirror after dark at the 4th side. Disadvantage is I can't really bring most weapons.

    So, this is the day I focus on TCC hand forms.

    7:18 P.M. - stretching and warm up

    7:50- TCC Hand Forms
    Mixed in between various forms.............

    3 rounds of slow motion kicks on each side. Put foot down on left side once. Had a bad start on right side and just started over. Did ok on the restart.

    Stance training
    -Horse stance = 45 seconds
    -Golden rooster stands on one leg (TCC Crane) = 35 seconds
    -Snake creeps low (or semi high in my case:-() in backmost position=30 seconds
    -TCC Bow Stance 45 seconds

    9:00 - Place closes
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  13. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Lol! I know! Right?

    They aren't open 24 hours ANY day of the week! When they posted the new reduced hours, I suggested they really needed to change their name.

    The worker responded with some lame excuse along the lines of (paraphrasing) "it's about helping you live a fit lifestyle 24 hours."

    Yeah, right. That isn't how it was advertised when they bought out/ or changed their name from "Family Fitness Centers." It was advertised as being open 24 hours.

    They should go back to that old name or pick something else!
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    Surely, you're joking! lol. I almost signed up with them thinking them open "24 hours" - as the name implies. I decided to build a gym in our basement instead. Good thing I did.

    That is definitely misleading
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  16. aaradia

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    Right company, wrong location. It is still pretty darn close to me though. Some locations still might be 24 hours. The one you show is a "sport" location meaning they have extra stuff and probably kept the hours, but I would have to upgrade my membership.

    I got my membership when they were "Family Fitness Centers" through a special deal with my work. I only pay $15.00 a month. It never goes up. Had it for almost 20 years. I nowadays mostly use it on Sundays because my school is closed and have used it for rehabbing some injuries. It's cheap and the hours work ok for me. I wish they were open a bit later on Sat and Sunday, but it basically works.

    It is misleading though. They really do need to change their name as not all locations are 24 hours any longer.

    And no, Belltoller, I am not joking.
  17. aaradia

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    Monday, February 16, 2015

    Well, today was a little off from my normal schedule. I am usually good about focusing on training over socialization, but a few talking things came up that were more important. As long as it doesn't become a habit, ehh - it happens once in a while.

    5:40 - Stretching and warm up

    6+:05ish My instructor was out back with most of her students. She was setting up schedules to practice 2 person stuff for the upcoming tournament. So, I have a regular person to practice with for the time being. Which is great, because I have been struggling to get in regular practice since my two person partner for several years quit the school recently. Two person stuff is at advanced levels, and there aren't many people that know the form I do at this level.

    This one
    [ame=""]2 Person Staff Set - Choy Li Fut - YouTube[/ame]

    6:15ish- Practice TCC 40 form. I had an issue practicing it yesterday, which seemed to be ok today. (I will probably start a thread on the issue I was having.)

    6:30 - Stick Fighting Class (YAY! One of my favorite things!)

    7:00 - 7:45ish? Private lessons. Which normally would go on until 8:00. But I was someone's stick fighting partner for their test. This person is one of my favorite fellow students, so I asked my instructor if I could watch her sash presentation ceremony after that to congratulate and support her.

    7:45ish to 8:00 ish. Stick fighting during someone's test and then waited and then watched sash presentation ceremony. (The ceremony only takes a couple of minutes, but we waited while Tai Sifu and the instructor talk after the test in private and before the ceremony.)

    8:00 to 8:35 talked to a fellow student and an instructor. I don't go into my private conversations on the Internet, but they were conversations worth interrupting my training for.

    Slow Motion Kicks - 3 rounds on each side - did not put foot down on either side!

    Stance Training
    -Horse = 45 seconds
    -Cat = 30 seconds
    -Bow = 45 seconds
    -Crane = 30 seconds
    -Cross step = 30 seconds

    8:50ish to 9:15 - CLF Tournament practice of hand and weapon form. Having issues here. Memorizing new forms, but not having enough time to really get ready for tournament with them due to focusing on upcoming TCC test.

    School closes at 9:00. But the instructors have a training session with our Sifu afterwards in the big room on this night. Sifu doesn't mind if I stay and practice in one of the other rooms.
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    Nice log. Fun to read, interesting chronology of your time and a very good picture of where your head is at the time.

    Keep it up - even the bad sessions and days - probably more important then as the good ones.
  19. aaradia

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    Tuesday, February 17, 2015 & Wednesday, February 18, 2015 I work a later shift these two days. It really isn't conducive to training. So these are usually my two days off.

    Thursday, February 19, 2015
    6:30 - Join last half of TCC class. (Work schedule changed last year so I miss the first half of class now. :mad: Tai Sifu lets me come in for the last half.

    In class we did (in addition to other things)..............

    Slow motion kicks- Heel kick - 10 on each side (we do put our toes down lightly between kicks with these)

    Stance training
    Cat = 1 minute
    Golden Rooster stands on one leg (TCC Crane) = 1 minute
    Dog (GM humor- this is what he jokingly calls the stance for "play the fiddle") = 1 minute

    Thoughts- I didn't know how long the stances were until asking Sifu afterwards. He didn't tell us in class. I note that I held these stances longer than I have been on my own. Which tells me I have been selling myself short in what I can do. I thought I was pushing myself hard, but i see I can do better. However, with a problem knee, I have to be careful too. So I am going to up my time some, but slowly and carefully. I DON'T want to injure myself when I am possibly less than a month away from a BIG test.

    7:00 Tai-Sifu Class.(CLF) Amongst other things we did...............

    Slow Motion Kicks- 5 on each side Put foot down one time on Right side, and 3 times on left side.

    Thoughts - Thing is, I think the putting my leg down 3 times on the left side was more mental than physical. I am starting to feel a difference in my slow motion kicks. Legs are a bit stronger and balance getting better. I have put my leg down before and thought I just lost balance (like I did tonight on the Right side) but at least two of those times on the left- I think I could have focused better, tried harder, and not put it down. So, again the theme tonight seems to be I am capable of doing better and pushing myself a bit harder.

    8:00- spent a couple of minutes talking to Sifu about clarification on circle step moving pattern footwork and the progress of my fellow student who is back practicing after literally breaking her neck! (She is even doing push hands!:happy: Awesome!)

    8:10 More stance training on my own.

    Cross = 35 seconds
    Horse = 1 minute
    Bow = 45 seconds
    Slanted Horse = 30 seconds

    And TCC 40 form

    8:35ish CLF Two person form practice with Mr. W. This is our usual practice time in the week. Golden Leopard Vs. Tiger. Per a review a couple of months ago by my instructor, we are focusing on proper distance, angle of our Sow Chui, Straight back during certain moves (him), no sloppy guard hand (me), and a couple of other things, but especially improving proper distance.

    Now, Mr. W is a great guy, very dedicated, very positive, one of my favorite fellow students. But in the past he has not been, well self critical enough for what I am used to when training. I would say "this felt off" and he would say "I thought it was fine." He would work on my suggestion, he was open to it, he just wasn't very self critical. For my tastes, he was too quick to say he thought our form was going well, when I felt it needed more work. Now I have practiced this form for a couple of years longer than he has - with a really advanced partner before. Our form isn't great yet.

    What was awesome tonight was I said "what did you think" after we went through it and he said a couple of things he thought needed improving. We worked with it, asked some instructors for help, and I am doing two moves better and more properly now, and the form is better for us working on these points! I love that he is such a positive guy, but I am glad he is also developing a more critical eye to our form! Really glad! It makes me very happy!

    9:00 - school closes

    With my realizations and my partners input, I feel tonight was a very productive night of practice! (But it makes for a wordy post.)
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    Thanks Belltoller, Weird thing is, Even though it is the WORLD WIDE web, I really didn't think anyone would be reading this. I think it is a good thing for my training to track things like this though.

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