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    "Rizal taught his students reading, writing, math, Spanish and English; he taught them how to design and make projects big and small; he taught them how to farm, work with their hands, conduct business with honor; he taught them how to thrive in nature through regular treks into the hills behind his estate and in the waters nearby; he taught them the scientific method, collecting and cataloguing specimens, while coming up with hypotheses; Rizal also taught his students eskrima (fencing)."

    I just read this article, posted on my buddy's fb page, thought I'd share it here.

    Did Rizal really practice FMA? If so, which? I know he went to Spain and in his youth, he was taught by Spanish friars, did they teach him fencing? Did he further his education somehow while in exile in Dapitan?

    This is very interesting. Looking forward to your take on this!
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    The evidence (photos, stories, etc) seem to indicate that he practiced European fencing, not FMA.

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