JKD instructors in the Philippines

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    Jeet Kune Do Combatives - Angeles City, Philippines
    website: Jeet Kune Do Combatives - JKD Philippines
    Sifu John Thompson, Teaching in the Philippines since 2012
    Teaching JKD since 1993
    JKD Seminars with Bruce Lee Students - Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsell, Jesse Glover
    Certifications: Gary Dill of SDS JKD , Senior Instructor ( formerly)
    W. Hock Hochheim - Full JKD Instructor ( Active)
    Other JKD Instructors: Eric Piper, Kalamazoo, Michigan
    Eugene Amada, Chicago Illinois
    Ron Balicki , Chicago Illinois

    Black Belts:
    3rd Dan Kempo-Jujitsu (Hockheim method)
    3rd Dan SFC Combatives/JKD (Hockheim method)
    2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do - GM Donald Moore & GM John Pellegrini
    1st Dan Combat Hapkido - John Pellegrini

    Arnis and Kali:
    Advanced Instructor under Grandmaster Remy Presas
    Advanced Instructor under Grandmaster Hock Hockheim
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    Does Hock Hockheim teach JKD?

    Also doesn't Gary dill recognise prior training online for a fee, JKD Cross Certification

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