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  1. Beefy1957

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    New to this forum my brother is the late Jeff Douglas died almost 40yrs ago October 1976 lived in Birmingham.
    Does anybody know of him any pictures stories be much appreciated
  2. A. D

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    Hi, yes i remember jeff douglas, we are of the same age, we both went to Prince Albert Primary School in Birmingham Aston,
    I remember him being much taller that the other boys in the school, the thing i admired about jeff was
    his paintings he was very talented I remember seeing his paintings on the wall and wishing I could paint like
    that, he was light years ahead of everyone else at art. I heard about his death on the radio, a freak accident during
    tournament competition i recall. I am sure if he had lived he would have become a professional kick boxer
    with the possibilities of going into movies because back then martial combat movies was very very popular
    I think its was a million to one chance of reading your message i can only say i am delighted to have been able to reply,
    all best.
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