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  1. YODA

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    JKD an art? ---- Nope.

    JKD a style? ---- Nope.

    Jun Fan Gung Fu is both.

    JKD is a process. An individual process. A process using his philosophy and using his physical art (Jun Fan Gung Fu) as a starting point, a "hub to the wheel" .

    LOL! Chew on that one a while :D
  2. pesilat

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    Ooh ... succinct.

    Well put, Yoda. I tend to be a bit verbose at times :)

  3. pgm316

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    lol i shall chew for a while

    so the techniques are jun fan and the principles JKD.....

    thanks Yoda
  4. johndoch

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    Yoda you say that JKD is the process of using bruce lee's philosophy and physical art with Jun Fan Gung Fu at the centre of the hub. I agree with what you say but imho if Bruce Lee was training someone in JKD he would concentrate on what worked for the student. I believe he would still teach Jun fan kung fu (g) in order to give the student an understanding of the techniques but would still maintain that the student still searches for what works for the individual.

    In essence the hub of JKD may become boxing, or any other MA but that does not make it any less JKD.

    I also think that the greed thats associated with the marketing of Bruces name is a slander to one of this centuries greatest cultural ambassadors and the whole idea of people claiming lineage is pretty sad. Surely the idea of JKD is to become an individual artist with your own ideas and respect other artists that are on their own paths.
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    my head hurts!
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    No- CRAIG'S head hurts :D

    Sorry folks "In" joke :D
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    Yeah - he trained last night.

    He's alive & training hard for his revenge - Muhahahhaaaaaaaa........
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    is the darketh side
    in him?
  10. Bruce Lee

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    So what you guys are saying is that JkD is like another name for Jun Fan Kung fu but taught in a different way right?I'm a little bit confused and I'm not sure after reading those post giving me a headache.
  11. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter


    JFGF = The physical art he taught

    JKD = The PROCESS of self discovery & personal expression using his concepts & philosopy. A process that involves using JFGF as ONE of the areas of exploration.
  12. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    You must be real sick of explaining JKD/JFGF. Its like explaining the off side to someone thats never watched football! :D

    I think JKD is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman!
  13. Cain

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    I am off to find a class :D

  14. Bruce Lee

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    Thanks for answering my question.
    Now I'm not that confused anymore.
  15. dredleviathan

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    I'm not really surpirsed that there is so much confusion surrounding JKD / JFGF. Most of what any of us can read about JKD is cobbled together from notes that Bruce Lee made himself and had in no way ordered or systematically put together before his untimely death. If indeed he ever intended to...

    These notes are then added to by the memories, notes and personal expereinces of BL's students. Those who were students then become teachers, new students add new experiences and thoughts/interpretations and you end up in the mess there is today...

    I train in a JKD school with two full instructors under Dan Inosanto (Bob Breen and Terry Barnet). There are also numerous other instructors at various other levels... I often wonder if they are really teaching the same stuff. After much confusion and head scratching I think I'm beginning to see that the principles are the same even if the actions don't look the same.

    Once in a while I try to get my head around JKD or try to order my notes on JFGF and it usually ends in a pile of paper, a miggraine and a loss of training time. Each time I end in this mess I swear to stop worrying about the semantics and to get on with the training... if only I would listen to myself!

    As for the discussion about whether a core curriculum breaks the principles of JKD... well I just don't see the big problem. You need a structure from which to begin your experimentation otherwise you just end up with a collection of random techniques. Nobody has ever said that JKD is just about collecting techniques from various styles in the hope that you finally find the right blend for yourself. If you take physics as an analogy you wouldn't for instance start a student off with quantum theory without first giving them a basis for understadning it would you?

    Like it or not the minute that BL came up with JKD tag he started to define a particular way of training. Once you name a concept you start to add definition to it... I'm trying desperately to remember my undergrad psychology here but I seem to remember something about how children learn at such an accelerated rate when they are young. Something to do with the gradual definition of concepts until the label takes over from the concept. The example I remember is how kids learn a name such as "dog" and apply it to a bunch of inappropriate animals because they fit their ill-defined concept of what a dog is (i.e. furry with four legs). Through a process of experimentation the child adds to its concept of a dog and then is clearly abel to deifine it as being very different from say a cat. At this point the label comes to define the concept. When an adult uses the word "dog" he no longer has to run through the list of attributes that make up the concept of a dog the label is sufficient.
  16. dredleviathan

    dredleviathan New Member

    I was also just wondering what you guys think about the term "traditional" when applied to martial arts? I get the same feeling when I hear JKD, traditional or street for instance. The feeling that someone is trying to distance themselves from all the other people training in a similar style and make themselves a bit special...

    I don't know. If you train in traditional Wing Chun then fair enough there is a curriculum to learn and then no doubt your reach a stage at which you start to mold your own ideas. However if your learn a traditional Wing Chun but supplement it with some escrima, a bit of BJJ etc etc is the net result at the end still that you are a student of traditional Wing Chun? Surely (assuming that you learn somethign from the additional training) what you end up with is WC+?

    I'm sure I had a point but it escapes me... oh well.
  17. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee New Member

    Jeet Kune Do is a martial arts in one of his intrerviews Bruce Lee said that Jeet Kune Do is a martial arts.Then how come you guys say that it is a process?Why is it also listed in the styles section?For some reason I say it is a martial arts.In his last movie game of death the back cover says that Bruce lee created his own martial arts with minumum movement and ..........something else.
    So I think Jeet Kune Do is a type of Martial arts fore now.Besides it seems like wing chun is like Jeet kune do in a different way.I know you guys probaly dont agree with me though but this is my opionion.
  18. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Not being a JF/JKD man, myself, I'll leave the detailed responses to some of the others.

    But I would like to quickly make this point, Bruce.

    You're more than welcome to your opinion. But think about this for a second. You have no formal training in any martial arts.

    You're arguing with people who've been training in the martial arts for a long time (don't know specific tenures, but I know at least a few of the people around here, including me, have been at MA for over 20 years). And some of them (not me) have been doing JF/JKD for a long time as well.

    Now, none of us would ever seriously claim to have all the answers. We're just as human and fallible as the next guy. But it won't do you any good to dismiss the responses you get here out of hand based on your peripheral and rudimentary knowledge.

    You've read a few books and (I assume) done some training on your own. On this forum, often, you're conversing with people who've done in-depth research with books, magazines, and video, as well as one-on-one time with people who actually trained with Bruce Lee. On top of which, they've been actively studying and training with qualified people for years.

    I'm not saying that your opinion is invalid, but before you dismiss the opinions you're getting here, you might want to set your opinions and prejudices aside and really pay attention to the feedback you're getting.

  19. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee New Member

    I'm not arguing but that was just my opionion for NOW.

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