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    Jeet Kune Do stressed the abandonment of static traditions and the search for the personal expression of one's individual martial potential, freed from the constraints of any single style or fighting system.
    The martial artist should be free, to find what works best for his individual needs and abilities rather than trying to force him into an unyielding mold cast from hundreds or even thousands of years of tradition.
    Rather than "using no way as way" some seek to use Bruce Lee's way as their way. Some teach JKD perfectly preserved and completely unchanged from what Bruce Lee taught a quarter-century ago!
    Find your own way - your "personal" JKD!
    Don't waste time and energy trying to use what works for Bruce Lee. Instead find what works for you.
    It's not "Insist what you believe to be true is the only truth, without exception."
    A true practitioner necessitates a certain amount of independence.
    Find what works best for you and utilize it as effectively as possible.
    JKD teaches us how to tap into your own power center and to use yourself to your fullest and to continue to grow, to continue to integrate and to continue to bring about change in your life.
    The goal of JKD should be the utilization of the teachings as a guide to release the practitioner's own ultimate potential wisdom, skill and ability.
    JKD is alive and growing.
    It's all about opening new avenues to fix whatever a martial artist felt wasn't working for him. To say that someone else has to fight your way is completely the opposite of Jeet Kune Do's philosophy.
    JKD is a vehicle use for self-discovery.
    JKD is a process, not a product. It is the individual's experience and growth that "is" JKD; that's what gives it life.
    It's all about "self-preservation" and "best options" in combat.
    It's not all philosophical; when practiced intelligently it produces results.
    There is just totality in combat or there isn't.
    Fight in all ranges (kicking, punching, trapping and grappling), and with sticks and knives. Learn to flow in and out of all these ranges

    Hmmmm......Any comments on these????? what's your reaction
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    Comments? I think it's pretty much correct.

    Where did you copy & paste it from?
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    He He.....Good question. These are Excerpted from Martial Arts Legends Presents: Jeet Kune Do - March 2000 I coppied them from this site which is a pertty cool site on JKD by the way. Sorry I didn't list it earlier. He He....I lose focus when I go on my posting rampage:D
    Anyway, I just wanted to share these philosopies and concepts with MP because I want people to understand what JKD is all about. There have been a lot of negativeity flowing around about it at once, and I wanted to share this and see what you all think about it;)
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    LOL! - Yeah, it's a pretty interesting website - hosted by people with little or no training in JKD and who's website information is in the main copied (without permission) from existing JKD websites! :D

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