Jack Slack on Tyson vs. Ali

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Combat Sports, Nov 28, 2015.

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    How about you tell us what you liked about it and what you think about it in a little more detail? :)
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    Someone took the time to break down the two fighter's styles in a way that was clear and concise instead of shooting from the hip.
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    There is no need. It's Jack Slack.

    I read it a few days ago, and he didn't offer an actual conclusion. Just that speculation will ways be there and nobody will ever know. I liked him breaking down exactly when their "prime eras" were.
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    An extraordinary look at the styles of each boxer within the cultural context of each era of boxing moreso than a 'who-would-best-who'.

    He does - though it necessarily understated and a bit hidden, as it is:

    He suggests that the young Cassius Clay - what we consider the prime Ali at his most athletic - the dancing butterfly would be more susceptible to being figured out by Tyson than the older, more wizened Ali, who'd made adjustments to his clinching style to compensate for his slowing speed as he grew older - this is where Tyson would've found trouble.

    Great article.

    I would love to see a similar article exploring one element in Tyson's fighting style. You and I can deliver a right hook to the ribs followed by a right upper-cut. Our results will undoubtedly vary greatly from results achieved by Mike.

    An equally deep analysis on the reasons why (given equalised weight, muscle mass, etc.,) - the combination of reasons - would be a great read, as well.
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  6. Sonshu

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    I think at their primes Tyson would have destroyed Ali.

    His devastation, power and aggression would have been too much. Foreman had big shots but he was a slower fighter and more predictable.

    Tyson would have just swarmed Ali. Yes it would have taken a few rounds maybe but it could have been over in 1 or 2.

    Tyson was pretty special when he was at his peak. Ali was a huge draw and did a lot for the sport and many other things, much more than Mike has done so far but on pure 1 vs 1 for me it has to be Tyson at their respective peaks.
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    I would love to have seen the mental games they play with each other leading up to that fight too.
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    Maybe so, but we are a discussion forum and as you created the thread it's your job to lead the discussion.

    So what are your thoughts?
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    Great match

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