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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Simon, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. qazaqwe

    qazaqwe Valued Member

    Yeah, but if the dude who showed up to fight Money turns up, things could be kind of tedious from the jump, granted, if the dude who rocked up to fight Algieri turns up to fight the dude who fought Floyd, they deserve each other.
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  2. belltoller

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  3. qazaqwe

    qazaqwe Valued Member

    I was asking myself the same question.
  4. puma

    puma Valued Member

    Pacquiao was fighting Mayweather though. I'm sure if he was fighting anyone else he would have looked good. Look at Alvarez in his fight with Floyd to what he has done since. Everyone has an off night against Floyd. Funny that. And all it would take against Khan is the left hand he hit Mayweather with in rd 4. I'm sure he would find one somewhere in the first few rounds with Khan.

    Did anyone else think Khan looked a lot slower than usual Friday?
  5. qazaqwe

    qazaqwe Valued Member

    Yeah, he pretty much boxed himself out of a Floyd fight as far as i can tell, and while i do realize Pac was fighting Floyd, his complete inability to even try to pursue the weird angles he's known for seemed to trouble him more than the pace May was setting, If he's going to just come forward at Khan, i give Khan enough credit to box him up.
  6. puma

    puma Valued Member

    When the camera went behind Floyd, you could see him doing little movements, sometimes of feet, sometimes of upper body, sometimes both, just as Pacquiao was about to launch an attack. You could see Pacquiao work his way ready to throw, and then it was almost as if Mayweather was saying, "Seen it already mate," before he could actually get his punches off. You could see Pacquiao stop because the target wasn't the same. If he continued his attack he wasn't going to hit the target, but he would get countered. No one has done that to him before. Khan isn't that intelligent. And if he is struggling against Algieri, then I don't know why he thinks he'd trouble Floyd. Is Khan on drugs?
  7. qazaqwe

    qazaqwe Valued Member

    I guess, but he still kept trying to press for angles in the face of danger before, look at all the Marquez fights, i mean, sure he might have been legit injured so he didn't feel confident in trying to use his right as much as he's become accustomed to over the years, but as it stands, you press forward and only forward against a guy who is aiming to overwhelm you with the sheer volume of shots khan throws, your going to be on the losing end of a decision, especially when your as easy to tie up as Manny.
  8. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    I agree with qazaqwe.
    Manny wasn't his usual self in that aspect. Hell, he wasn't the usual Manny in any way and I think it's more likely due to Marquez's KO than Mayweather's ring generalship, because he hasn't been his self after that.

    Mayweather wasn't impressive either. As he always does he just did enough to win and he got hit a lot more than we at first thought and he was even cornered by Pacman at some point. It wasn't what you'd call a dominant performance.

    His fight with Alvarez was along the same lines. Alvarez did against him a lot better than most people think. Floyd just has a way to look like he scores more than he does. Many of the jabs he used to win rounds on that bout were glancing off to Alvarez's gloves for example.

    Another example is how by bending deep on his waist and then get away, every time Pacman had him on the ropes prevented us to have a clear look whether Manny's shots were landing or not. In the slowmotion replay Pacquiao looks like landing a good percentage of them almost every time.
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  9. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Yeah, funny that. I'd noticed it as well. I thought maybe he'd slowed down on purpose, erroneously thinking he might scare-off Mayweather if he was too fast, lol.

    In his own mind, lulz.

    I don't know what to think. But agree if he struggled against Chris ( and I thought the fight was tighter than claimed ) the thought of him holding against Mayweather is preposterous.

    Though neither Algieri nor Khan are B52's, are they?

    Funny, when I revisit Mayweather fights, I usually am more convinced that Mayweather did better than was originally believed. I thinking in particular about the Maidana (I) fight where, when one goes back and slow-mo's from different angles, one can clearly see Maidana is not landing much a 'tall, but from a distance, it looks as if Floyd is getting swamped.

    Granted Mayweather was nailed a couple of times in the Pacquiao bout but when you compare it to what Manny usually does against an opponent, BM or AM* , its literally nothing.

    * Before Marquez, After Marquez
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  10. puma

    puma Valued Member

    Being KO'd by Marquez didn't seem to have an impact on his bout with Algieri, which everyone seemed to be impressed by. And seeing Khan's recent struggle with him, Pacquiao's win looks pretty good. It's funny how no one seems themselves against Floyd. He maybe bribes them do you think? And if Floyd isn't impressive, then there isn't much hope for the rest of us humanoids!

    For what it's worth, I had Floyd winning every round against Alvarez. So I don't see that as "just doing enough", and to be honest didn't understand the point.

    On Khan, I have heard his excuse is that he may of overtrained. I would suggest he stops talking doggy-poo and gets back in the gym and trains more - especially on skill and tactics. If he wasn't too busy sending girls pictures of his little winkle, then maybe he could find time to ask his trainer and Andre Ward to work on his defense. Ward being somewhat of a specialists in the subject, and being part of the same team. Just a thought.
  11. Bluesoup

    Bluesoup Valued Member

    Alvarez actually looked entirely himself against Floyd. Everyone bought into the "red-headed rhino" version of Alvarez, but he's not a slugger in reality.

    The way he fought Floyd is how he wanted to fight Floyd. Standing at mid-range exhibiting both offensive and defensive skills. Unfortunately for him, Floyd was just a lot better at doing that because of his speed. And because spectators prefer seeing a fight like that at mid-range, Floyd looked great because he was winning such a fight. Floyd was able to display his offense. This is why I think people undermine Alvarez's performance that night, because he brought the best out of Floyd and still managed to stay in the fight. It really wasn't as lop-sided as people make it out be. I pretty much had Floyd winning every round as well, but there were many close rounds in my book.
  12. Madao13

    Madao13 Valued Member

    Puma, you are not alone. I thought the same when I first watched it. But then I was intrigued by this thread in sherdog and watched it again and I saw a totally different fight. Of course Canelo didn't win, but he did very well. It made it a difficult fight for the veteran Mayweather.

    As for what I meant by Floyd is just doing enough, I already explained it.
    He doesn't go much on the offensive although he has good offensive skills.
    He makes his opponent miss and he is happy with just landing more. His flashy style also helps look even better and his opponents worse than they are like I said above. If you check the link I post you'll understand better what I mean.

    PS: Paqcuiao looked good against Algieri but 5 years ago he would have KOed him.

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