Is MMA in danger of becoming a 'style'?

Discussion in 'MMA' started by DougJitsu, Jan 6, 2006.

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    Off topic, but how can you critisize someone for having an opinion just because he hasn't fought, if you haven't either. You can't have it both ways. Either discuss sensibly and allow everyone else their opinion without saying "you can't say that because you've never fought" or shut up and put up yourself.

    I think whatever your opinion of Joe Rogan personally, he is the best thing that could have happened to the UFC as he has helped bring the sport a new burst of popularity and respectability. He is a face/presenter that the general public can recognise and associate with a less barbaric impression!

    That's a strange comment to make and totally out of context with the rest of your post! It's nothing to do with this conversation either.

    In fact how does any of this add to whether MMA is a style?
  2. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    I agree, the fights I've been watching do seem to resemble a mix of BJJ & MT. Its nothing like the early fights which were truly mixed and a real clash of styles.

    If MMA has matured into a style, is it right to follow what the professionals do? ie we don't train something because it wouldn't work against Chuch Liddel.... Assuming you're never going to be a professional fighter yourself?
  3. Timmy Boy

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    What with the straight blast gym and all, I don't think many people will be too bothered by this.
  4. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    I think I should add to this that flashy crowd-pleasing techniques are the exception rather than the rule in MMA. The flashy kicks are only pulled off by the really good kickers, and the powerbombs etc are only done by those with enormous strength. Most of the techniques are basic punches, elbows, knees, low kicks and takedowns.
  5. Garibaldi

    Garibaldi Valued Member

    Although, I would say that the "flashy" techniques will become more prominent.

    Flashy kicks are becoming more prevalent as people introduce them into their training because they see them used by the good kickers. And people know how to defend the standard punches elbows knees etc so they need something different.

    Same with takedowns, how many more people are introducing judo into their training since Karo Parisyan showed it could be used rather than just wrestling takedowns?

    That's how traditional styles developed, by incorporating lessons learned from live application, and how the style of MMA is developing.
  6. Thomas

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    On a bit of a tangent (and I figured it would be better to revivie a thread than start a new one), watching the UFC 58 PPV last night I thought they introduced Nate "The Great" Marquart as having a 7th dan in MMA!!!! I did a little search and found that my ears deceived me a bit. In his words:

    Anyone ever hear of this style? Do you think more and more MMA systems will look to a belt system?
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  7. dimmak

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    If MMA become one single style, which it kind of is(MT/BJJ), then it wouldnt be a danger. No one from any MA can claim that MMA stlyes(MT,BJJ,Wrestling,BXG) would not be effective on the street. How do they know that any othe MA would be too? Ofcoarse there is more to street fighhting than modern MMA combat, but one practicing/training in MMA styles will have just one aspect of streetfighting/attackings covered.
  8. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    I did a quick google search and came up with some interesting finds:

    MMA black belt club (
    Black belts (

    Black belt program (MMA) (

    Hanger4 black belts (MMA) (

    "OC Dojo and The Shark Tank will also offer an intensive BLACK BELT PROGRAM. The program, which focuses on achieving proficiency in all areas, will take an incentive-oriented approach toward achieving your MMA Black Belt in an accelerated fashion. " (

    What do you think? Trend, fad, McDojos, or just a good way of fitting a currriuclum to an accepted system like belts to make it more palatable to more people?
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  9. Skrom

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    that pretty much says it all i think. this isn't mma, it's just more of that pansy crap that caters to people who want to get in shape but can't bring themselves to go to the gym and work out, and people who want to learn to fight without fighting. it was only a matter of time before places like this started popping up.
  10. TheUnnecessaryEvil

    TheUnnecessaryEvil Banned Banned

    Not anytime soon.

    The only thing that's really consistent in MMA is Muay Thai and BJJ. Everything else is up to the individual fighter.
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    Thought you were banned?
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    Nah man
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    Mod note: Just a general note for knowledge of how MAP works. Bans can and are issued for varying amounts of time. From our TOS........
    (Which can be found by clicking on the bottom right hand corner of every page.;))

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    Thanks for the clarification @aaradia

    See he got banned again haha
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    It could be argued that MMA was created as a style of MA based on the Gracey family style of fighting. There is a interview with bill superfoot Wallace about his being a commentator for the first (I think it was UFC) televised bouts. that could be said to back this up.
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  16. Tom bayley

    Tom bayley Valued Member

    Is their something wrong with issuing belts in MMA ?

    Both gradings and Belts have their pros and their cons. I am not a big fan personally but I have the luxury of teaching not for profit. They are an essential part of the income of many professional instructors. They are also provide motivation and reward for many students.

    If the business model works and it allows honest coaches/ instructors to earn a living passing on valid knowledge what is wrong with adopting it?

    If belts keep students motivated and give them a reward for their efforts, what's wrong with that?

    In addition BJJ already uses belts in its training syllabuses and it has been noted that MMA has a strong BJJ base.
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  17. bassai

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    I think the only real problem would be nailing down a concrete definition of MMA.
    I get your point about it originally being based off the Gracie family style of fighting , but in the following years it’s evolved to incorporate different arts and styles depending on the practitioner some favour Judo over BJJ for example.
    It could be used as an “in house” system by individual gyms/clubs but I don’t think you could ever get a consensus on what , say , a purple belt in MMA means across the spectrum.
  18. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Initially I was thinking about this and how it would be hard to define as a style, because it is formed eclectically from styles of the region that the club's are based.
    There is an evolution which can make it hard to define as a style, however we see the same in other martial arts from karate, boxing, BJJ, and too many others to mention, whilst I have the patience to type, have been an evolving style.
    It seems that the definition of "MMA" is still very young, but it is indeed a style in its own.
    No other style will have drills you punch whilst in the guard in the same way, or striking from various ground positions, or striking as a setup to takedown.

    @Tom bayley I recall Bob Wallace talking about the Gracie family style. MMA has evolved from that.

    If it is put into a grading system by some clubs, I don't have an issue with that, not my thing, but as a younger person it would have appealed to me.

    It may be another 20 years before we see it accepted or defined moreso as a style, but at this stage I definitely view it as a style.
  19. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    No, but I think if you grade in 'MMA', then there needs to be some sort of connection with competition and the sport. Too often, 'MMA' is used as a buzz word to attract people into schools/programs that have no connection to MMA competition. Too many TMA schools have jumped on the bandwagon to call themselves 'the original mixed martial arts' to bet on the recognition of the term but aren't really following the 'style' of MMA.

    Now, I don't mean that someone would have to compete in tournaments, but I could see an MMA style format required for promotion... even if it's along the lines of BJJ where you might get promoted to the next level when you can defeat most of the other students at this level. But... if you are training in MMA, but are not practicing/sparring/fighting/competing under typical MMA rules, then is it really 'MMA'?

    What would the expectation of an 'instructor' be? Would they need to have competed in some sort of MMA at some point or can they be a coach that knows the system but has never competed?

    Now, people can argue that any mixing of styles and arts can be 'mixed martial arts', but I would argue that the term has become pretty well accepted as referring to a specific set of skills practiced under a specific set of guidelines/rules.
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  20. Mitch

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    If you're teaching people to compete under MMA rules, surely you're teaching MMA?

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