Is Karate any good?

Discussion in 'Karate' started by Bruce_Lee93, Apr 22, 2010.

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    I like to think he would realise that I wasn't being entirely serious.
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    actually just to put this out there, there are a few people who went from karate to MMA not just lyoto. One of the all time greats ( in wins and the fact that he is so punch addled now its funny) Bas rutten was a karateka. And there are few others, especially the ones comming from K1 to MMA.
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    Leon Walters
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    Nah. Bas has always been like that. I don't think as a fighter that he even got hit that much anyway.
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    Chuck Liddell is always the first person I mention when I talk about karate to MMA. And like Machida (and unlike GSP), you can still really see the karate influence in his stand-up game. It's not just a line on his resume; it's how he fights.
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    This is an age old question that can only be answered this way..... it all depends on the fighter. I used to do tae kwon do which is the most incomplet art you can find, not burning the art, but its 90% kicks, when you are close contact you cant do much can you.

    I did both, karate, shotokan , kyokushin and boxing. What really helps in boxing is that you spar so much and the conditoning. You learn tons of faints and moves that you dont in karate.

    But in boxing you cant kick right, and the boxer needs to get pertty close to hit you, so here comes the good old side kick and mae geri.

    It all depends on the fighter, and how aggressif he is. No matter the style.

    Another age old question is MMA is better then .... name the art.

    At some point people need to practice an art that they love, I did karate for 3 years total shotokan and kyokushin, a year and a half each, then i did 7 years of TKD.

    I knew very well that Kyokushin was much better then TKD in a street fight or to defend myself, the conditioning was also better, but TKD was so much fun to practice with the sparring each class and the cool kicks like in the movies, that i stuck with it for so long, plus the competitions.

    Now i am older and want to go train in a complet art so i choose to go back to shotokan.
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    Only if the Instructor teaches it wrong :)

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    Sorry but your comment is more like a political comment because there is yes or no answer. i have asked many people around me and most of them are in MMA and according to them karate most importantly kyokushin kai karate is a kickass martialarts style moves are not flashy and good looking but they are enough to knock your opponet down.
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    Shimabuku Tatsuo of Okinawa has a saying, "All bottles are good, they all serve a purpose."

    If you are getting what you want from it, then continue, if not, then stop.

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