Is Choi Kwang Do still mocked by other arts?

Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by Choiben, Oct 22, 2013.

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    I think you were talking to a moron. It has never been part of the CKD curriculum, or practices, to block fist strikes with your feet.

    Not that I support the claims that CKD advertising makes, or even the overall standards nationwide (despite being a member), but that just sounds like nonsense made up to provoke exactly the reaction you had.
  2. gumble

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    After studying Jiu Jitsu for a number of years I wanted to try something different. There was a CKD place close to me so went to check it out. After going for only a few months they offered me a blue belt saying that i had picked it up quickly due to my previous experience. Any place that is prepared to fast track students should be avoided! Needless to say i never went back lol.
  3. aaradia

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    There is a difference between fastracking a student and a student going through a system quicker because past experience crosses over.

    Some things do cross over and help you in other styles. We have a beginning student right now. But he isn't a beginning MAist. First off, he was a VERY high level TKD practitioner. And seeing his stuff, I believe it. Also, he isn't the one who told me, so it isn't him bragging. He also has experience in wrestling and MMA. He has the discipline and practice ethic of a serious MAist.

    His kicks are unbelievably good. His sparring is top notch. He has great power, footwork, timing. He already has a lot of things beginners don't. He just needs to learn some things specific to CLF. He needs to learn relaxed power CLF style. His punches are not as fluid as his kicks. But he is catching on to these things quickly.Basically, he isn't learning from scratch, he is tweaking things to fit a specific style.

    But I expect his past experience will help him go up in sashes much quicker than your average beginner. He isn't being fastracked. He just has experience that is helping him.
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    Regarding quality, I was delighted to read the below. Automatically passing a grading seems to be either a thing of the past, or restricted to certain schools.

    1st March 2014 - No.3

    It has become apparent that a number of students are NOT practicing. Class is not where you practice, this is done at home. Class is where you are taught your curriculum assignments, where you are given additional training tips & information. This information is only useful if you go home and act ie PRACTICE using it. 6 students are being retested from February’s grading list. Do NOT put yourself forward unless you have practiced. The grading list is merely a guide to your eligibility, NOT a guarantee.

    Good news indeed. But not cause to give a free plug for this school.
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    It's definitely good to see students actually failing, but this has been far too long coming to change everything at once. The fact that 30 students are in "this month's" black belt grading should say absolutely everything needed about the style's grading difficulty...

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