Is Boxing a Martial Art?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Dirk Dagger, Feb 5, 2004.

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  1. cqc156

    cqc156 New Member

    Boxing is a sport period!very seldom do boxers get into street fights because they have to protect their hands. Their hands is their investment and livilyhood.
  2. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    so it's a sport designed for fighting?
    then it's a martial art.
  3. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    How often do other types of martial artists get into street fights?

    I'm thinking a knife in the kidneys might put a cramp in my livelihood as well.
  4. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    really? wow! so i suppose all those street fights that involved boxers were flukes huh? so many of them too. besides, not all boxers are professionals. i'm a boxer and i've been in fights. i'm not protecting my hands unnecessarily. besides, i've seen other so called martial artists that refuse to fight because they might injure themselves and not compete in the next tae kwon do or karatedo tournament.

    like ap owen said, a knife in the kidney or the throat would put a crimp in your style.
  5. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    The point we have to grasp, surely, is that we are FED UP TO THE MEDULLA OBLONGATA* of childish morons who want to make a distinction between 'combat sports' and 'martial arts'- the same kind of absolute scum to whom anything 'western' is always 'primitive' (compare boxing to karate. Which one is more complex and sophisticated?). Not all boxers go down the road of being proffessional fighters. Many gangsters, such as the krays or so I hear, trained as boxers in their youth.

    *What does this mean?
  6. Fallacio

    Fallacio New Member

    Sweet Science of Fisticuffs. Groovy.

    It's cool to see a bunch of folks who acknowledge boxing's worth, as it seems like a lot of the more exotic guys are quick to discount it. But as life has taught me, people who talk poorly about boxing have not faced a skilled proponent of the Sweet Science.

    Most people have no experience with boxing outside of famous heavyweights, and they play a very different game than textbook pugilism. I've always seen a good boxer as being quick, efficient and effective; no movement without purpose and every one leading into a possibility for any of the others to come out.

    A boxer has a handful of punches, but he can apply each one from such a startling range of positions and situations that would surprise most. And (as has already been noted extensively) the limited range of techniques means that he spends A LOT of time perfecting them. Every step, parry, slip, and punch should lead into the next, and in the right hands I guess it would turn into something like chess. Seems like a lot of guys would rather lift weights and get big than hone their techniques, but that's just individual outlook.

    Boxing has no abstractions, but this is one of its biggest strengths. There's no dead weight, no gis or sashes or praying to the founders. Belts are for holding your pants up and beating your children, IMO, and I would much rather have a mastery of effective fundamentals than a limitless range of esoteric techniques -- an oversimplification, but we've all got preferences.

    Keep It Simple Stupid has always served me well, and I'll happily ride the coattails of all the good folks who've observed that someone who dismisses boxing as a true fighting art has just never gone toe to toe with a boxer.

    In conclusion, boxing certainly does not have the wide range of techniques required in an art expected to deal with kicks to the head, sword-wielding madmen and eight different opponents at once, but its simplicity (when properly trained) allows it to be adapted quite quickly to any situation. And, again, I don't know how often your average Joe Sixpack, confronted "on the street" by whatever lowlife, will have to deal with kicks to the head, sword-wielding madmen or eight different opponents at once.

    It doesn't occupy the same position as 17th century iaijutsu, but it was never meant to. Even if you really like oranges, an apple is an apple and a good apple shouldn't be criticized for not being a good orange, right?

    Thanks for the soapbox.
  7. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Welcome to MAP Fallacio - you speak sense :D
  8. OBCT

    OBCT New Member

    Isn't gracie doing an MA called BJJ ? thats a MA is it not ? And isn't UFC pay per view ?
  9. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    i can't believe this thing is still alive!

    ***goes and bangs head against the wall***
  10. Guy Mendiola

    Guy Mendiola New Member

    You'll have to know there's two sides of Boxing the competitione side which is the sport and the martial side which is the martial art, it's just like some martial arts having the sport side and the martial side.
  11. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    Welcome fallacio. I see you rock :)
    now can this thread die?
  12. binski20

    binski20 Valued Member

    I've been steering clear of this for now, but I just wanted to say this. Your saying boxers choose to avoid street fights to protect their hands. If they have the choice, why would anyone get into it??????????? Seems pretty stupid to me. Your creating a situation with the choice to choose to fight or not to fight, then adding a reason to discredit boxers in the bogus situation.
  13. funkymonk

    funkymonk Valued Member

    I used to box about 17 years ago and wish i'd kept it up but i was too interested in alchohol and women to keep up the training , which involved stuff like 5 mile runs carrying light weights in your hands for stamina training. Saying that since i've been learning taekwondo my punches have definitaley got stronger.
  14. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    people! before you post anything new, read the 3 pages of post. all of it. i believe that this has been discussed as far as it could go. please let this thread die.
  15. OBCT

    OBCT New Member

    Ha Ha Ha, What a twisted read. Yes please let it die a miserable, lowly, painful death. This thread is dead.
  16. savage

    savage New Member

    i say yes boxing is a martial art
    its an art
    and martial means fightin, combat, or war
    so it could be called a combatative art or martial art in this case :cool:
  17. cybermonk

    cybermonk New Member

    Maybe someone should lock this thread already. But while we are at asking pointless questions I will take the opportunity to introduce some questions of my own :D

    1) Are kung fu systems martial arts?
    2) Are karate systems martial arts?
    3) Are MT systems martial arts?
    4) What about Jujitsu, is that a martial art?
    5) Judo, could that be a martial art?
    6) Aikido, martial art?
    7) *Add any other martial art here and proceed to randomly question whether its a martial art or not*
  18. alex_000

    alex_000 You talking to me?

    7 is not a martial art :D
  19. OBCT

    OBCT New Member

    I hear origami's secret paper slash techniques are vicous. and the masters use metal sheet the call it 'iron fold'. Great in combat, and very arty. so i say its a martial art.
  20. fonzerelli_79

    fonzerelli_79 Valued Member

    short and sweet and in my eyes correct:)
    anything that teaches you how to attack and defend yourself is a martial art
    i do twk but have a helluva lot of respect for boxers. You can always tell at sparring whos did boxing before and who hasnt

    boxing is an art just like karate, ju jitsu or akido
    just my 2 pennies :)
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