Is Boxing a Martial Art?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Dirk Dagger, Feb 5, 2004.

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  1. Munky_Boxer

    Munky_Boxer Banned Banned

    Can't you westeners take a flipping joke?
  2. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    By definition a joke needs to be funny

    Now you are posting more than three letters, are you open to debate? If so, off you go I am listening....
  3. Munky_Boxer

    Munky_Boxer Banned Banned

    Well good because here's my view (again)

    Boxing is not a martial art and I don't care what you say, it isn't full stop. I am entitled to have an opinion as you all are.
  4. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Yes you are, but as I stated in my PM to you, could you please back it up with some ideas. You see, by your rationale you would have Kickboxing and Muay Thai as being purely sports as well.

    Care to comment?

  5. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Sure you are entitled to an opinion.

    You are also entitle to post it within the rules you agreed to when you signed up for this forum.

    Lose the flippant and immature attitude or find another website to play on.
  6. Munky_Boxer

    Munky_Boxer Banned Banned

    by your rationale you would have Kickboxing and Muay Thai as being purely sports as well.

    Yes, they are nothing but sport.
  7. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    HOW can you say that?

    HOW indeed :D
  8. spacepimp

    spacepimp Valued Member


    so according to you what is a martial art, and what qualifies it as such.
  9. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    He may take a while to respond - he's relaxing in the MAP sin bin for crimes against intelligence on other threads.
  10. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Cheers Dave ;)

    So, boxing = MA yes!?!

    I think everyone is pretty much in agreement.
  11. Guy Mendiola

    Guy Mendiola New Member

    If it wasn't a martial art then Boxing would've never existed.
  12. Colin Linz

    Colin Linz Valued Member

    Martial Art is really hard to define, in the west we throw everything in together and lump it Martial Arts. Often you will see Budo translated as martial art, but under our concept this inaccurate. In Japan there are Budo, Bujutsu, Bugei and kakutogi. Boxing would fit in the Kakutogi area as it is a sport type martial art. I like these descriptions because they offer more information. For example when we say that boxing is a martial art are saying that it studies some sort of philosophical code, as well as self defence. Or are we saying that it is a good circus trick like the Bugei practitioners would do when they are bending spears on their throats, or breaking bricks in the market place. Or perhaps it is just a fighting method like Bujutsu.
  13. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    i was from the old school school and by the very definition, budo is the way of the combat warrior. budo is the act of "battle" in everyday life. that is in fact combative in tranquil in nature.

    to say that boxing belongs to sport or kakutogi is merely saying that you've never been exposed to boxing outside of the sport context. i assure you, that if you've ever crossed a boxer outside of the ring, you will know that it is budo.

    try it. go to a boxing gym. tell any boxer there that looks like he's about your size that you don't think it'll work outside sport rules. then take off your watch and glasses.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2004
  14. Colin Linz

    Colin Linz Valued Member

    The literal meaning of budo is “to stop two spears”. In Japan this is interpreted as a way of ending conflict, how the conflict is brought to an end is not the issue. When describing a pure street form of fighting it would be more apt to use bujutsu; however once its sport its Kakutogi.

    I am reasonably comfortable with my understanding of boxing as I used to do it when I was younger, much younger. No doubt it has changed a bit since then. The art that I did before Shorinji Kempo was instructed by a guy who owned a security business, some of his guys were boxers so he used to get them to come down and play with us for the added experience.
  15. Colin Linz

    Colin Linz Valued Member

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that to be budo there has to be some ethical philosophy involved in the art, this is what separates bujutsu from budo
  16. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    [fundamentalist mode]
    Actually, boxing isn't just a martial art- it involves a whole field of study. You could fight with karate hands and not get disgualified. This in fact eleveates it from a mere art to being a scientific discipline.
    [/fundamentalist mode]
  17. KungFuMaster

    KungFuMaster New Member

    I don't think boxing is a martial art because theres doesn't seem to be much "art" in it. :)
  18. Guy Mendiola

    Guy Mendiola New Member

    The Sweet Science of Fisticuffs(Boxing) is a martial art, it's a form of way to defend yourself so then it is a martial art.
  19. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    What does that mean though? I mean, it's your opinion, and that's fine. But how does it not have any art in it? What would constitute art? Something that was aesthetically pleasing? Something more creative?
  20. KungFuMaster

    KungFuMaster New Member

    Well, I might not understand the exactly meaning of a martial art, but I know what I like, not that I don't like boxing, but to put it in perspective, Kung fu is like painting with a brush with vibrant colours, whereas boxing is like stabbing the paper to bits. Get what i'm saying? :confused:
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