Is 5G Harmful?

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    I should correct myself a bit. Intrinsic value is measurable in a sense. But it is innumerable like on a continuum. I can't really put a number on how much I love my wife like I can define a circle or what a good car is, which are systemic and extrinsic values respectively. But whatever that number is my wife is worth intrinsically, it clearly outweighs both the others.
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    I don't see this study saying that it's the healthcare industry or the health insurance industry's problem. It's the drug companies are reaping billions at the expense of everyone but the wealthy who don't need insurance, because what is "affordable" anyway? That's a subjective question, what two people can afford can be totally different...but any insurance plan should still be able to cover the costs. There are just two classes of people with medical issues: they have so much money insurance doesn't matter, or they have to budget their healthcare because they have limited means.

    The study states US pharmaco companies tripling critical drug costs, so therefore the un and under insured take the biggest hit. The insurance industry isn't really to blame for the cost of drugs, it's their job to pay and if they can only pay so much, it's not that you have bad coverage, it's that what you need to buy costs more than your insurance covers. That's why when I said "point my blamey finger at pharmaco", I meant Big Pharma, in other words the drug companies specifically. Not insurance companies, doctors, nurses, caregivers, etc at all. And not all drug companies either, some like Bayer and Johnson and Johnson have I think held ethical policies, which is why both are right up front with patient rights. I believe they for the most part medical professionals act in good faith, trying to help people.

    It's the ones hiking important meds 5000% that are the elephant in the room. And, they don't always act inside the confines of commonwealth laws, because if you want to see an evil man that brings together everything we discussed from ethical values, morals, to cruel drug price hikes? Here you go, sorry, just try not to vurp in your mouth. Yet another example of the evil capacity of systemic disvalue: one man reduces an HIV/AIDS victim's infinite intrinsic worth to a dollar figure. Transposition from the continuum to just a number!!! But the regulated capitalist system he attempted it in led to his arrest, trial, and what most people would consider a moral and ethical justice.

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    Fun fact that ties into 5G. The man pictured above was transferred between prisons a few months back because they caught him running his drug company from prison. This was after he was convicted. However, like I said, justice prevailed because the federal penn he was removed from led to his stay in Fort Dix, New Jersey, by way of Metro Detention Center Brooklyn. This guy isn't going to be smiling after his 7 year sentence is up.

    "NO-G for you!" as the Soup Nazi might have said.
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    So the way a healthcare system is structured affects the prices in said healthcare system. In the UK, the socialised bit (everyone can go private too if they wish) uses the evidence base to see if a liscensed drug cost effective, and then negotiates with the drug companies to bring the price down it systemically tries to treat the greatest amount of people with the most effective medication, and in the most part it works, but does take a year or two to get new treatments because the evidence base isn't their yet, and the drug companies drag their feet.

    In the US this doesn't happen, each hospital/Dr etc can charge what they like, nobody publishes they're prices, and patients don't know before hand what these prices will be, so it doesn't really operate like any other market.
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    Yeah I will always prefer the UK way. The NHS does a great job and apparently, it's pretty on-par with the US in terms of over'all quality. Of course that means that if you go private here you get waaaaay better treatment and at a much lower price.

    Also the NHS is not free, we all pay for it.
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    The elephant in the room would be the representatives and senators who take money from the pharmaceutical industry and allow them to hike prices way over market values.

    The drugs companies blame the insurers for demanding billions in rebates for using their drugs. Most insurers use these rebates to lower average plan prices, so you end up with the sick subsiding the healthy in order to maximise profits.

    Then you have what should be outrageous to the small government, free market types: the CDC uses public money to research drugs, then licenses get handed over to pharmaceutical companies and no money is ever returned to the public purse from the profits. Other countries' publicly funded labs do not work this way; they see a return on the public investment by sharing in drug profits or selling licenses.

    It's socialism for corporations and capitalism for everyone else.
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    If anyone doesn't know how the American system works, this may help..

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    Interesting, I've never heard of this show. I don't get a lot of time to watch TV (or Youtube videos for that matter), I'm more of a music and reading books guy, but I'll have to check out more of the episodes. I like Mythbuster type shows and was a huge fan of that show, but I feel the format is ripe for all sorts of things. The comedy duo Penn and Teller did a similar show years back on cable that was similar, if not a bit more gonzo style. But in the age of Internet fakery, videos like this are kind of important. Without them, Youtube would be nothing but fake videos about Sandy Hook massacre, Aliens, Faked Moon Landing, and all that stuff I can't stand.

    Soon it'll be "5 Kill Grid" stuff. Have you seen this yet? 5G isn't just more speed, it's so the government can blind, vaccinate, sterilize or murder people. And here I thought 4G was just making my kids into deaf zombies!

    This video has 26,000 up votes and only 1,500 down votes. This video is evil, even if the guy making it is sincere, someone somewhere has intentionally messed with his head.

    Urgent! Forbidden information,a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations.
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