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    I have been training in various martial arts boxing/Judo/Kung Fu(Kam Lau system), Wsetern kick boxing/Muay Thai/Kuk sool won for the past 30 odd years.
    For the past few years my training has been totally focused on the fitness and striking side and I have realised how much I miss the more traditional side of practising patterns etc and aim to rekindle my love of this area - in particular the Chinese patterns/forms I learned like Ping Kuen and the 3 animal forms we used (Snake, Tiger, Crane)
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    Welcome to MAP. :hat:

    Is the Ping Kuen form from the Kam Lau system? Choy Li Fut has a Ping Kuen form. It wouldn't be the first time I have heard of different styles having different forms with the same name.
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    Welcome man. Enjoy MAP :D
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    Hi guys

    first time in this forum! I hope you are all well.
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    It is pretty much the same as this variant, only with slightly more emphasis on the focus of the strikes.[/

    Thank you for the welcome everybody. Seems like a friendly place:)
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    Ah, it was the CLF form you learned, as what you posted is labeled is CLF Ping Kuen. Ok, just curious. Does Kam Lau mix in CLF forms regularly? Is it a derived from Choy Li Fut as one of its influences? Or did you learn it somewhere else? Did you study CLF? :hat:

    I'm just curious, as you didn't list CLF in your history of training.:confused: You piqued my interest with that since that is one of my styles. :)

    Also, if you can't find a school in Kam Lau, it seems like CLF would be a possibility to pursue. Certainly CLF has enough forms to meet that requirement of yours. And you already know at least one CLF form.
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