Internal power in karate

Discussion in 'Karate' started by davidp123, Jun 28, 2013.

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    I gave an answer, I thought.
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    It's all kicking off!!!1!1!! :D

    It's an interesting thread guys, let's get back to it eh? :)

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    There are too many folk with the word Wado in their name

    David - apologies if I came over abrupt.

    I’m about to eat my dinner, however I will try to reply more completely afterward.

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    Yes, you'll find these things in karate. My style (****o-ryu) borrows heavily from the "soft" techniques of kung-fu, so it could be called "hard"/"external" and "soft"/"internal" at once. Really, like others have said, the internal/external labels are pretty arbitrary and ill-defined.
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    No bother Gary,i didn't see the detail of your original post,i was just wondering if the Nairiki no Gyo etc are still practiced in the Wado system independently of the karate kata and kihon.
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    Damn confusing.

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    Can't beat them... join em. :Angel:
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    Hey! Who did my avatar?

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    Actually - another way to say Wado is "Wa-no Michi"
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    Been nice knowing you guys. I expect next time you see me I will appear slightly differently.
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    Brilliant, just brilliant!
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    interesting clip

    [ame=""]Punch in Taijiquan - YouTube[/ame]
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    Standard party trick. In this case the absolutely terrible form of the attacker collapses itself making the "push off" appear more impressive. I would venture that his wrist hurt too and made him jump right back
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    I feel that you are being a over critical of the video. The video seams to be a slowed down fairly unscripted introduction to some of the underlying principles of how to unbalance an opponent. This does not necessarily indicate that the instructor didn't know how to apply things under pressure.

    In fact looking back at it now I notice that it is titled “fighting concepts from the tie chi form”. I don’t think it claims to demonstrate fighting technique.

    I really disagree about this point. In many arts that combine boxing, grappling, and throwing, unbalancing the opponent is a vital part of neutralising their ability both to strike and evade while presenting opportunities to strike, grapple, or throw.
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    Interesting in the sense that Chen Zhoughua only applies seemingly minimal movment in applying his punch.
  18. davidp123

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    [ame=""]Master Chen Xiaowang - YouTube[/ame]
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    I thought Chen received the punch?

    Just to be sure we're talking about the same thing.

    What he delivers at the end is hardly a punch. Nor is what he receives, and watching his movement before it speaks volumes.

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