Intercepting Fist Organisation (IFO) JKD Club under Sifu Tommy Carruthers Opening in Newcastle!!

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by IFOJEETKUNEDO, Dec 1, 2017.

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    That bit above where YOU said JKD was in a mess. That the IFO can sort out someday. Remember writing that? It's right there.
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    Yeah this tune has been played before with a better orchestra....
  3. Hannibal

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    No I think you have spouted enough self serving cliches for now
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    Well I just mean, in other arts, normally there is a lineage. So like, who taught Mr. Caruthers and who taught that guy etc?

    Cheers in advance!


    I said another time Simon NOT never. But I fail to see how me not wanting to talk about it right at this second qualifies as 'the start of the mess'!


    I get you now, Sifu Tommy was taught a number of key people including the late Jessie Glover, Bruce's first student, the late Ted Wong, another of his first students, Leo Fong, and Howard Williams to name afew...Sifu Tommy is therefore 2nd generation if you dont count Bruce which I believe you dont but could be wrong. Hope that helps :)
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    Actually if you look at what Ive said none of it has been 'self-serving' in the slightest. I am merely addressing peoples questions and points!
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    I did look - its the same tired nonsense that has been trotted out for years so they can swoop in and claim self-professed authority and rigidity depsite the fact it goes against everything Sijo stood for

    So yes it is entirely self serving....and all dealt with succinctly many times before
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    Im not sure who are what you mean by 'they can swoop in and claim self professed authority' but that has absolutely no relevance at all, not 1 iota to anything that I have said.

    To rewind, I put this post on to inform people I was opening up a club in Newcastle so people interested in learning JKD could get involved and experience the amazing art and scientific street self defence system it is. I was not boasting or bragging about it but as someone who had been involved in the art for over 20 years as a student and a teacher I think that qualifies me as someone who knows is 'experienced'. I am not looking for self gain I am looking, as is the IFO to show as many people as I can the true art and what it stands for so THEY, have something tangible they can rely on should the worst happen. This is what Sijo Bruce wanted from his art and legacy and this is what I have done and what I will continue to do. TO HELP PEOPLE NOT MYSELF.
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    IFOJEETKUNEDO, what is your take on the self defence aspect of the art?

    How do you split between de-escalation, the law and the physical aspects of SD (self defence).

    I'm also interested in the term "scientific street self defence", as opposed to just self defence.


    Do whatever you can not to fight, but if you have to you fight for real and end it as fast as possible with the least amount of effort as possible (economy of motion) in the minimum number of moves as possible (simplicity), hope noone saw you and run like hell in nut shell :)
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    So... everyone elses understanding or take on it but yours is wrong?
    Doesn't sound trustworthy at all or like the statement of someone I'd like to train at, honestly.


    No thats not at all what I am saying you miss read me mate. What I am saying is depending on who you speak you often get a different take on what JKD is. But if you look at what Bruce actually wrote down, and drew, its all there, its simple. If you follow the concepts that its built on you cant really go wrong, but somehow people have. Sifu Tommy has managed to piece together all the scattered parts and pieces to get back to a fully functional, no holds barred unarmed fighting system that is way ahead of its time, even now....40 plus years on
  14. Latikos

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    Aside from the fact that times change and therefore most arts adapt to that, how can you be so sure, that it's only the others that went wrong and not you Tommy Caruthers?

    Don't get me wrong, I hardly know anything about JKD, but I noticed that Tommy Caruther "fans" often seem to think that he is the only one doing things correctly and the JKD-world, whereas no one else has no clue whatsoever.

    So without even having ever seen or talked to him, at times I already roll my eyes, when I hear his name, because of that attitude of his "fans"/ students and what not.
    Because usually it's just: He did it all correct and no one else has any idea of it. At all.
  15. Hannibal

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    "I'm not saying we are better than anyone else, just that they are all doing it completely could you even think I was criticizing...absolutely not...even though no one but Tommy Boy and his merry band like me are doing it right"
  16. Simon

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    You've not mentioned different types of aggressor, scenario training, the law or what to say and do post event.

    This does seem more like a system that is trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

    It also seems like a system based on the ability to fight, but I'd argue SD is 90% non physical.
  17. Latikos

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    If I wouldn't know it better, I would consider you being member of another forum in another language, because that's pretty much like one of them is arguing. :D

    Reason for the edit: Even my eyes got cancer due to the typo, I corrected.
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    Arooooga! Arooooga!

    Sorry, that's the cliché claxon going off.

    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on specifics.

    As an example, given the near omnipresence of cameras in modern life, let alone actual people, I'd suggest that any training that requires you to "hope no one saw you" is deeply flawed.
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    Yep always looks to me like someone has seen too much enter the dragon
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    There is no such thing as too much Enter the Dragon!!!!
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