Instructions in Bayonet Fighting - War Office, Great Britain 1907

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    I have republished Instructions in Bayonet Fighting, 1907.

    As always, the download is free:

    In 1907, the War Office of Great Britain authored a new Bayonet training manual. Intended to update the Bayonet training section of the 1905 Training Manual, this short text lays out a course for training raw recruits in the use of the Bayonet affixed to the, then standard, Lee-Enfield bolt action repeating rifle.

    Measuring as much as 53" long with bayonet affixed, and tipping the scales at a bone crushing 8.8 lbs., half spear, half club, the rifle with bayonet made a truly dangerous melee weapon; and the British soldiers were expected to become familiar with it.

    To that end, the manual lays out a regiment of 17 lessons consisting of drills lasting an hour a day over the course of twelve days leading eventually to "Assaulting" or "Loose Play."​

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Downloading now and will look over it when I get back from class! :cool:

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